The Firm

Season 1 Episode 2

Chapter Two

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jan 08, 2012 on NBC

Episode Recap

Mitch and Ray decide to see how serious Richard Williams is about taking out a contract on his son's killer by sending a wired Ray, playing the part of a hit man, to meet with him. That night, Mitch, Ray, Tammy, and Abby are discussing the case when Claire sees them and runs away. Mitch chases after her and finds out the she is convinced that hushed tones at night mean that they are going on the run again. Mitch calms her down promising her the family is in Washington for good and that they were only discussing a case.

The next morning, Ray meets Richard Williams. Despite Ray's pleas to let the justice system run its course, Mr. Williams is dead serious and wants Donnell killed with a knife, the same way he killed his son. Ray agrees to the job and Mr. Williams says he will be back with the $10,000 the next morning. On their way to Kinross & Clark's offices immediately after, Mitch and Abby discuss the case and she insists he go to the police.

At the law offices, Andrew Palmer takes them for a tour and to a reception where they are introduced to Mitch's prospective boss, Alex Clark. As they leave the party, Mitch describes the firm as a "bunch of control freaks and tax-fraud artists."

The next scene is on a college campus in Chicago, where a young man is asking a fellow student to join him for dinner. He is interrupted by a man who calls him over. The young man is Joey Morolto Jr., who is rumored to be taking over the family business from his late father. He reiterates that he does not want to discuss business while at school, yet he is told that Mitch McDeere has been found and is shown photos as proof. The man suggests to Joey that it is payback time for the man responsible for his father dying in jail.

Back in Washington, Tammy phones Mitch to come to the office as a lawyer has arrived to discuss the Sanderson case. Hoping for a settlement and some much needed cash, Mitch and Abby head to the office, only to discover that a new law firm has taken over the case on behalf of DC Tech, who made the faulty stent. They have no intention of settling and offer Mitch $800 – the cost of one hour of the firm's time – to make the case go away. Mitch talks with Abby and they agree to tell the law firm representative to leave as they will fight the case. After he leaves, Mitch tells Abby that he will need the resources of a large firm (e.g. Kinross & Clark) behind him to pursue the case.

He returns to Kinross & Clark and negotiates with Alex Clark. They end up agreeing that he'll form an association with the firm and head up the new Criminal Division. He will conduct meetings at the firm's offices while keeping his own office and staff. He also gives 50% of the Sanderson case to the firm.

The next day, Ray meets again with Mr. Williams, who has brought the money. Ray tries once more, without success, to talk him out of it. When Mr. Williams asks if they have a deal, he says no and Mitch walks in with the taped conversations. Mr. Williams begs him to not go to the police saying he made a huge mistake and is done. Mitch tells him he conspired to commit murder, which could mean 25 years in jail and that he can't just ignore it. He tells Mr. Williams that he should have thought about abandoning his family and he replies that he did it because they are all he thinks about.

Back at Superior Court, Judge Trott issues his decision on whether to try Donnell as a juvenile or an adult. After delivering a powerful speech about the crime, he says to the Williams family, "I've made my decision, and it is one of hope. Hope that Donnell Haywood will once be half the man your son already was." He declares that Donnell will be tried as a juvenile.

Mitch then walks over to the prosecutor, Diane Ruckeyser, and tells her he needs her help. They arrange a meeting with Richard Williams and his attorney and demand he sign a confession detailing how he tried to have Donnell murdered. Mr. Williams is shocked, but Diane tells him she'll file the confession in her bottom drawer as long as he meets with her once a week so she can make sure he never tries it again.

Mitch returns to his office to meet an angry Tammy and Ray, who just found out that joined a law firm without mentioning it to them. He tells them of the association arrangement, which helps them understand, but Tammy says they will discuss it further. Mitch then heads to the hospital to visit Mrs. Sanderson and her daughter Caroline, telling her that they will continue to fight, just like her mom is doing. Later, he and Abby attend Nathan's funeral where they are unknowingly targeted by a photographer.

Back at Kinross & Clark, Andrew Palmer is seen signing top-secret documents before attending a meeting with Alex and other lawyers from the firm. Alex announces the firm's new partner, Mitch McDeere, and the arrangement they have agreed to. She is asked if Mitch knows the real reason why they hired him and she says no, he thinks it's for half the Sanderson case. It turns out that their real interest in him is because of Sarah Holt, who Mitch was randomly assigned to defend before they knew anything about it. Alex says, "Let's be perfectly clear, if Mitch McDeere ever finds out the truth in this case, everyone in this room is going to prison." Then Alex's client arrives and turns out to be Martin, the man who jumped off the balcony at the beginning of the pilot episode.

The final scene is back in the hotel room where the pilot opened and we Mitch standing on the balcony as the door is broken down.