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  • We want Season 2!!

    We want Season 2! Bring this show back to its fans!
  • It's hard saying good bye to this show

    I loved this show! I was truly looking forward to seeing how this story evolved!
  • Que haya nueva temporada

    Por qu siempre sacan las buenas series.
  • Love The Firm

    Dear good people from NBC, why in the world would you cancel a show with suspense and intrigue, that kept us on the edge of our seats an episode after an episode? Did it not occur to you to change the night and/or the time slot of the show? Did you do enough to advertise it well? Did you make sure, in your advertising efforts, that you appealed to the intelligent public out there and were not concerned only with the 18-25 crowd, who don't know their head from their behind, even when they are not stoned? Seriously, The Firm is one of the best shows I have seen in the last 15 years and whatever your reasoning behind its cancellation, I cannot accept it, for there is no excuse - financial or otherwise, to cancel television of this caliber.

    Please, reconsider and you will be glad to have done so. Adequate advertising and a proper night/time slot would ensure skyrocketing ratings. I sincerely hope you come to your senses.
  • I loved this show!!

    Please bring it back.
  • This can't be

    Why would someone do is the best show ive come across my entire life. Its like a spell on me. You would even catch me watching it at 3am. Just bring it back. Please.
  • TRY OUT SEASON up the loose ends...

    TRY OUT SEASON up the loose ends.....

    such a good from the ..

    bring it back!
  • No way this show was cancelled

    This is an awesome show!! If there was a problem it would've been with advertising it. Bring it Back!!
  • What could be better than a show with intelligence, street smarts, young and old actors!

    I just finished watching all the shows I had on my dvr..It was like reading to me, I could not wait to get to the next episode to see what was happening...

    This was truly a great drama that kept you guessing and wanting to come back..

    Name another show that does that..Just one..
  • The worst decision ever

    I think NBC should make an exception sometimes like other networks, not every series have a nice rating the first season, the kind of people who is interested in series like this one are not in front of tv the whole day. The Firm is an amazing serie and most be back a least for and ending season, they made a reckless decision and all the people who watched is really upset with the network. I really hope they change their decision.
  • Pamelakay123

    I don't understand you people at NBC! What is wrong with you, this is a poor decision! You could have at least put this great show on another night to have more viewers! You people have no idea what a good show is do you. There are so called comedy series that are renewed season after season. There horrible, and make no sense! The Firm was such a good show and I can't believe you would have 22 episodes and drop it leaving all of us hanging!!! Please put the Firm back on, listen to us for once!
  • Cancellation of "The Firm"

    What in the world is wrong with NBC? This is an extremely well written, well acted, and exciting show!! Are you kidding me and all those that have watched this show? You are being outdone by ABC and alot of other network and cable companies, and then you cancell a great show like this??????????? It was one of only a few shows I even like or watch on NBC, and I will probably not give any credibility to your network with decisions like this. Chuck W

    Two excellent shows in a world filled with crappy realty; bring back The Firm and Harry's Law - are you insane?
  • The Firm Cancelled Are You Kidding Me

    This is a terrible decision. It is the best written show on TV. The characters are amazing, This is so typical of NBC. I am done supporting your network and the crazy decisions you make.
  • Come on NBC, give us back The Firm!!!!

    Please listen to your viewers. Why leave us hanging at episode #22. Finish what you started, it's the right thing to do!
  • How About Some Kind of Ending

    NBC will most likely continue to struggle if it continues to make mistakes like it did with The Firm....I can understand dropping a show becuase of low is a business decision....but I do not understand why they would air 22 episodes and then leave those of us who did watch the series....hanging! They chose to burn off all the episodes when they could have ended the show when the Noble Insurance case was closed (somewhere around episode 13).....I urge you to protest as I will NBC series will be on my watch list for the Fall.....I am not going to get disappointed again.....Other networks find ways to provide some ending to shows and when they decide to cut them, they do not continue to build the storyline like NBC did with The Firm......
  • Is The Firm really cancelled!?

    I am going to be sooooooo upset if this show is cancelled!!!!!! I have been searching and searching to find out when season two starts. Can anyone tell me, for sure if this show has been cancelled for sure?
  • Do Not Cancel The Firm - Best Show on TV 9.5

    God, how can you drag us along on this saga, keeping us on the edge of our seats each week and then CANCEL it. The characters are fantastic, the story line just keeps getting better and we want to know how it ends. BRING THIS SHOW BACK!
  • We Love The Firm

    10've got to be crazy! Everyone I know, loves NBC's The Firm. The major problem was a Saturday time slot where episodes did not always air. I was thrilled when NBC aired more episodes of The Firm during the summer and I got to watch a few more episodes. To be honest, most to the episodes were watched ON DEMAND because there was never a normal schedule. Please put this show back on. NBC.....RECONSIDER....PUT THE FIRM BACK ON TELEVISION!!!
  • Do NOT cancel The Firm

    The Firm is one of the best shows on NBC. Finally something worth watching. It always has a good plot and the characters are amazing. I have been so happy to have some good shows to watch like The Firm and Harry's Law. I am so tired of all those waste of time reality shows. Please do not cancel these shows. NBC, what are you thinking???
  • Reschedule The Firm

    I cannot believe you are canceling one of the best shows on TV. This is exactly the reason I have just about stopped watching the major networks and swithced to the History Channel, AMC, A&E and others. Nothin but trash on the major networks for the most part and then you cancel a good show like The Firm. Who in the heck makes these decisions? Amazing!!!!!!!
  • Best show in years.

    NBC handled the time slot horribly. Only because the show was so good did I hunt it down each week. Finale left the storyline open for another season, but NBC cancelled it. Ironically, NBC has a long list of unwatchable shows which they apparently deem a higher priority than The Firm. I can only hope another channel picks it up for another season.
  • One of the most suspenseful programs

    The Firm is one of a few excellent programs. It was extremely disappointing that NBC kept changing the time slot. No wonder that it lost some fans. It was challenging tracking the network's changing schedule for this great show. NBC has sure lost my devotion, as they cancel good shows like Harry's Law, and so many others while NBC continues to run crap.. It seems that watching movies will be the way to go as NBC does not have intelligent people running it.
  • Best Show Ever

    The Firm was one of NBC's high points this year, one of the best shows around. The Firm kept you in suspense; I could not wait each week for the next episode. Josh Lucus, as always was great, and Juliette Lewis was an excellent choice at the corky and eccentric Tammy. NBC executives are stupid idiots.

    NBC and the other 3 main networks are serious A-Holes. They cannot spot a hit show even if it jumped up and punched them in the nose. I am done with NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX - I will exclusively watch the cable networks, whose shows are usually better and they actually give the shows a chance and not cancel on every whim. Bye, bye NBC, good luck.
  • cancelled!!!

    great show again can't believe NBC cancelled it!! I think I will stop watching tv every time I find a show I like it gets cancelled. I liked the story line and all the actors. It was a good show.
  • NBC has NO CLUE what good TV is!

    NBC can Kiss my A** for cancelling this great show...that means..I will not watch NBC anymore...I am 100% certain there are many people like keep doing this and you'll end up having your whole network cancelled!!
  • the series the firm

    NBC SUCK!!!!!!!! We have been watching The Firm a sit on the edge series nail biting, now we watched the finale.... Stupid Stupid it was a great show what the hell is wrong with you people.. Most of the time you just have nothing but CRAP!!!! on your channels. I know I am only 1 person and you don't give a shit but I do .It was a great series so disappointment or what Asses .. Great shows where I work that is all people talk about can't wait until the next show and now CANCELLED.. You are well probably can't wrtie the word I want to use.. Little people like can't fight big companies like you but we don't like you right now.. You start off with good shows get people hooked then pull the rug out from underneath us ....YOU still SUCK!!!!!!
  • NBC is getting me tired cancelling the good shows.

    The show is great, good actors, story, total action. at the edge of my seat all the time and boom, cancelled. Then a bunch of none sense shows on the air.
  • What is NBC Doing To Their Programming?

    The Firm is another show that I actually enjoy watching. It is full of suspense and keeps me on the edge of my seat. I can't wait until the next week to see the next episode. Josh Lucas is a fantastic actor as is Julliette Lewis, Molly Parker and CKE. Yet it's another one of my favorite shows being cancelled by NBC . It's no wonder that in past years I never changed the channel, my TV was always setto NBC. Now it's mostly CBS and less and less NBC.


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