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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Housing Dignity
      Housing Dignity
      Episode 10
      Teams have now been combined into one and candidates compete as individuals. This week, they have to organize an "open day" to raise awareness and funds for a home of the National Council of Senior Citizens' Organisations of Malaysia (NASCOM). The worst performer for the task will be terminated.
    • Aqua Roadshow
      Aqua Roadshow
      Episode 9
      Teams have to raise awareness as well as sell Pensonic's pure water system. They have to produce a roadshow as a platform for the task in order to promote the water filtration system. The most effective roadshow will ensure success to the next round.
    • Cholesterol Education
      Teams have to produce an infomercial to highlight the benefits of Nestlé Omega Plus. An infomercial is a longer version of a commercial and often contains more information than a standard commercial. The team that produces the best infomercial wins the task.
    • Charity Fit
      Charity Fit
      Episode 7
      Teams have to raise funds for a charity event for Fitness First called Miracle 08, which is in aid of two charities, Mercy Malaysia and Kirtash. Teams have to sell coupons for the Fitness First event to be held at a major shopping center in town. The team that sells the most tickets wins.moreless
    • Destination Branding
      Asia's largest budget airline Air Asia has a new destination - Banda Aceh in Indonesia. Hit by the Boxing Day tsunami in 2004, the destination suffers from a perception problem. Teams have to educate, excite and convince people to consider Banda Aceh as a destination for their holidays. The team that runs the most effective destination branding event wins the challenge.moreless
    • Brand Reputation
      Brand Reputation
      Episode 5
      Teams have to organize a brand public relations exercise for one of the clients of Brand Mercatus, Peter Pek's company. The client is the Bubba Gump Shrimp Company, a restaurant chain inspired by the movie Forrest Gump. Teams have to introduce the chain to the media, so the event must include a media food tasting session. The team that organizes the most effective event wins the challenge.moreless
    • Plastic Cash
      Plastic Cash
      Episode 4
      Teams have to sign-up new members for the Tune Card, a prepaid Visa card issued by Tengku Zafrul's company, Tune Money. Teams are given space to set-up their booths at a university college. The team with the highest number of signs-ups wins the challenge. Will Annop turn up? Will the team leaders be able to rally their teams together? Will the imbalance of the numbers in the teams affect the outcome?moreless
    • Power Tour of Healthy
      The teams travel out of town to Taiping. They have to organize an interesting and informative tour of the Spritzer natural mineral water plant, the largest of its kind in the country. They need to highlight the benefits of mineral water vs ordinary drinking water. Anoop appears in a wheelchair. Chan Boon Yong is overseas. With so much drama, which team will pull it together to win this challenge?moreless
    • Stage fright or stage flight?
      The teams have to organize a seminar to promote the opportunity for English speaking entrepreneurs to become business partners for Easy Pha-max, the world's largest online herbal center. They have to organize a seminar that is engaging, inspiring and encouraging. The team who organizes the most effective and convincing presentation wins the challenge.moreless
    • Champagne and Carats
      Season 2 sees the return of Peter Pek and Chan Boon Yong as Corporate Leaders and Hosts of "The Firm". There are 14 candidates this time compared to 10 in the first season. Candidates are split into two teams – Equity under Peter Pek and Asset under Chan. Their first task is to package a weekend lunch promotion targeted at families for The C. Club, owned by Chan. They are to design the entire dining experience – from concept to menu, pricing to marketing. They also have to mane the restaurant during the lunch hour of the task. The team that creates the most satisfying lunch experience wins.moreless
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