The First 48: Missing Persons

Thursday 10:00 PM on A&E Premiered Jun 02, 2011 In Season


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  • Season 2
    • The Good Mother
      Episode 8
      Missing persons detectives Pam Childs and John Smith catch the case of Nellie Litvinova, who disappeared a few hours after her daughter brought her home from a doctor s appointment. The doctor had given Nellie an injection of pain medication for her broken wrist. Nellie s daughter, Olga, fears her mother may have become confused and wandered off. Her identification and money are still in her bedroom--the only things missing from the 74-year-old s home are her bus and train passes. An expansive citywide search ensues as detectives canvass buses, trains, churches and hospitals, but fail to turn up any sign of the missing woman. With Nellie s life hanging in the balance, detectives Joe Struck and Pat Riley join the hunt.moreless
    • 1/31/13
      Detective Pam Childs responds to the disappearance of Maria Miranda reported by Hector, the missing woman s boyfriend and the father of her infant child. Hector explains he received a phone call from Maria in which she complained of being tired and threatened to kill herself, as well as her two children. Childs needs help and recruits Detective Selles Morris and the CPD intelligence unit. The intelligence unit traces that phone call, and discovers it was made from an Arizona phone number. Next, Detective Jason Pulappally and Sgt. Gabby Shemash respond to Tarvarus Wright s disappearance. They learn that although he comes from a dedicated two-parent household, Tarvarus has fallen under the sway of a neighbor named Bruce, aka "Blue," a member of the Black Gangsters street gang. Based on his long criminal history and past convictions, Blue is considered armed and dangerous.moreless
    • Family Matters
      Episode 6
      Jeff Coleman and Bill Joyner tackle the curious case of Maurice "JacJac" Blandin. Before it s over, the investigation will immerse the detectives in a unique subculture of Chicago s black gay males; a world in which hundreds of young men organize themselves into "families" with surnames like "Corleone" and "Roman." The circumstances of JacJac s disappearance are not uncommon--a lover s quarrel led JacJac to bolt in the middle of the night. But things turned desperate this morning, when JacJac left a disturbing voice mail message for his lover, threatening to end his life at Navy Pier.moreless
    • 1/17/13
      For Detectives Ayanna Corbin and Mike Cochran, this case starts off on the wrong foot. Barbara Naklicki holds off a full two days before reporting the disappearance of her husband, Ed, under the mistaken belief that she needed to wait that long before filing a report. Yesterday would have marked their second wedding anniversary. Consequently, their first clue is a dire one: Ed s work van has been found in a forest preserve on the city s edge. His sack lunch is still sitting in the passenger seat. Next, Detective Bob Berent gets a strange phone call from a hotel on Michigan Avenue, Chicago s main shopping drag. The hotel reports a guest took a room three nights ago--and vanished. Berent searches suitcases and finds clothes, a computer and a cell phone. Next, Berent checks the hotel s surveillance video--and spots the guest exiting the hotel. Berent tracks down and interviews her younger brother, then brings in patrol cars to sweep the downtown area.moreless
    • Detective Joe Gentile jumps on the case of 21-year-old Kierra, a college student and aspiring model. Her family says Kierra got into a blue car in front of their house just before she vanished. They also tell Gentile that she recently met a man online named "Alonzo," who claimed he could help her modeling career. Gentile fears Alonzo may be an online predator, and has kidnapped Kierra. When Gentile reaches out to Alonzo on Facebook to request his help, Alonzo cuts off all contact. Things turn stranger when Kierra's sister tells Gentile she has consulted a spiritual advisor who says Kierra is locked in a box in Mississippi and has 48 hours to live. Desperate for any scrap of information, Gentile questions the psychic, but the interview is fruitless. Gentile finally catches a break, tracing a credit card transaction on Kierra's credit card to a gas station just outside Chicago.moreless
    • In the Wind
      Episode 3
      Sgt. Jeffrey Coleman has seen a lot of missing persons cases in his career, but something about Latashia's disappearance makes his heart sink. On her way to a convenience store, Latashia simply vanished. On the surface, the dental student had everything going for her: A loving husband and three beautiful children. But Coleman and his partner, Bill Joyner, discover cracks beneath the surface. Latashia's mother accuses her son-in-law of abuse. Detectives bring him in, but he passes a lie detector test and is genuinely distraught. Detectives shift their focus to Latashia's mother, but she also passes a polygraph test. Canine units pick up Latashia's scent in a wooded area near her house, but the trail simply ends. There are now two distinct versions of Latashia's last day; Sgt. Coleman says the truth lies somewhere in the middle.moreless
    • When a young woman and her babies vanish, detectives discover that a second woman and her baby are missing, too, and one man may be responsible for both disappearances. Detectives Lorna Conley, Nannette Ansley, and Pam Childs must use all their skills to solve the double kidnapping.
  • Season 1