The First 48

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The First 48

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Murder...a cold blooded and unspeakable crime. Every day that passes people are murdered leaving behind loved ones. When an innocent life is lost, detectives from across the country jump into action. Law Enforcement agencies are racing against the clock to solve each case. Statistics prove that the chances of solving a case are literally cut in half if no significant leads are turned up in the first 48 hours. Dive into real life homicide investigations from across the country. Broadcast History: June 3, 2004 - May 29, 2008, Thursday 9:00 (CST) A&E July 1, 2008 - December 9, 2008 Tuesday, 9:00 (CST) A&E January 1, 2009 - April 23, 2009, Thursday 9:00 (CST) A&E June 16, 2009 - ??, Tuesday, 8:00 (CST) A&E

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AIRED ON 3/7/2014

Season 14 : Episode 10

Carlos Castellanos

Carlos Castellanos

Det. Carlos Castellanos

Caroline Mason

Caroline Mason

Sgt. Carline Mason

JoAnn Kinney

JoAnn Kinney

Sgt. JoAnn Kinney

Joe Schillaci

Joe Schillaci

Sgt. Joe Schillaci

Kevin Ruggiero

Kevin Ruggiero

Det. Kevin Ruggiero

Tony Mullins (II)

Tony Mullins (II)

Sgt. Tony Mullins

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  • A good realty detective show

    I have watched for years. I like the format & I understand that they only show us bits & pieces of the investigation as there isn't time to show it all. That can at times make the detectives look less than bright. I wish they had updates on every case on their site but it's not too hard to look them up to find out the sentencing.
  • Not a bad show at all other than.....

    While I have enjoyed the show a lot over the years it still is a debacle about how long these detectives work on trying to figure out who killed someone. If somebody has been up for 18, 20, or whatever random number how is it they can show up at a crime scene and be an effective investigator ? Why should they be forced to start a new case knowing they are on empty, physically as well as mentally. Salaried employees are abused in this country. What a shame murderers go free or get off on technicalities because someone was walking dead tired.moreless
  • Shrug*

    love the show but the detectives on the show are umm kind of low-level to me... with the type of questions they asked i doubt these detectives can make these criminals confess without snitches... its real tv but maybe a bit too real.. its a far cry from movies n crime drama
  • luv the show

    I love the show to death but one thing that bothers me please officers not wearing seatbelts if that was us we would be in trouble so please have them wear their seatbelts there are no different than us
  • The Realest Show On TV!!

    I like cop shows and this is the one show to rule them all. The detectives stay grindin' til they find the perps, then they put the screws to their asses in a torturous way. I love the way they lie.

    I love how there's this ''stop snitchin'' BS and how it provides very little refuge for killers. Its good to see murderers get hit with everything in the book. Sentences of 60 to 120 years for knuckleheads who wanna live out gangster fairytales at our expense. I don't feel sorry for em. F*ck em and feed em beans.moreless

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