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  • nice show

    like it
  • Real Reality

    I love this show! I think it's great that a real reality show exposes the black community for the vile, disgusting, murdering monkeys they really are. All good white people should watch this program, and then arm themselves! Micheal Brown, and Trayvon Martin would have ended up on this show eventually!!
  • Crime is colorless

    48 Hours is one of the most race-biased shows I've seen. Watching this show you would think only black men commit crimes except for the handful of black cops they show when they are taking another black man down. The show plays into the stereotype that black-on-black crime is the only crime happening in America. BULL. Where I live, large numbers of white men make up the criminal justice system, convicted for notorious crimes - sex crimes against children, murder, serial killings. No. I am not defending any of those caught and convicted. I am demanding fair and balanced reporting. Crime is colorless.
  • A good realty detective show

    I have watched for years. I like the format & I understand that they only show us bits & pieces of the investigation as there isn't time to show it all. That can at times make the detectives look less than bright. I wish they had updates on every case on their site but it's not too hard to look them up to find out the sentencing.
  • Not a bad show at all other than.....

    While I have enjoyed the show a lot over the years it still is a debacle about how long these detectives work on trying to figure out who killed someone. If somebody has been up for 18, 20, or whatever random number how is it they can show up at a crime scene and be an effective investigator ? Why should they be forced to start a new case knowing they are on empty, physically as well as mentally. Salaried employees are abused in this country. What a shame murderers go free or get off on technicalities because someone was walking dead tired.
  • Shrug*

    love the show but the detectives on the show are umm kind of low-level to me... with the type of questions they asked i doubt these detectives can make these criminals confess without snitches... its real tv but maybe a bit too real.. its a far cry from movies n crime drama
  • luv the show

    I love the show to death but one thing that bothers me please officers not wearing seatbelts if that was us we would be in trouble so please have them wear their seatbelts there are no different than us
  • The Realest Show On TV!!

    I like cop shows and this is the one show to rule them all. The detectives stay grindin' til they find the perps, then they put the screws to their asses in a torturous way. I love the way they lie.

    I love how there's this ''stop snitchin'' BS and how it provides very little refuge for killers. Its good to see murderers get hit with everything in the book. Sentences of 60 to 120 years for knuckleheads who wanna live out gangster fairytales at our expense. I don't feel sorry for em. F*ck em and feed em beans.
  • Did he really have it his way?..

    On the episode Caught in the middle. The friend who drove the guys to the check cashing place said he was at burger king for 2 eats slow). They never went to burger king to see if they had survellience. They just went the check cashing place and landed nothing. I don't think the guy was in burger king for 2hours. The friend set those guys up. That's why he had guns and drugs in his in burger king would surely recognize a person in there store for 2 slow on this one then let the convicted felon go with guns and drugs c'mon . His ass up threaten him with max penalty until he feels the true reality of prison and start singing like a bird...
  • Great show

    Love it.
  • After the first 48

    The First 48 is a great show. I love it! Now they have come out with After The First 48. It just seems like a recap of The First 48 but tell you the sentence the offender gets at the end of the show. I really thought it would be better. At least I still have The First 48 to watch. After The First 48 won't be a must watch list for me.
  • I'm addicted to it!

    And I'm proud of it! This show is awesome to say the least. I love to see the obvious criminal lying to the detectives that they didn't do the crime when they obviously did it. Man, this show literally shows you that you can't trust some people. This show has really thought me about life and what can happen to you if you steal, rob, or even kill someone. You can be on death row and get executed. That'll be it for your life. I'm normally cautious when coming to playing outside and the people I associate with. It just makes me nervous, but I'll sooner or later get over it and get back to a normal teenage life.
  • One of the most harrowing and eminently watchable crime shows on television.

    They say truth is stranger than fiction. With this show, viewers get to experience the cold, hard reality of work on a homicide detail. The cameras follow everything from the discovery of the body, to listening in on the autopsy, to the ruminations of the detectives, and finally to interrogations and arrests. It's a dangerous and brutally honest job. The stories are shocking and frankly depressing-- but that's the truth. You get to see what the police have to go through in order to close a case. You also learn to take seriously the trauma sustained by the victims and their families. The title comes from the fact that it is within the first two days that homicide detectives have the greatest chances of solving a crime. You can't help but wait with eagerness and tension for the cases to be resolved. Easily one of the best reality shows of all time.
  • Detectives of the First 48, Please stop the whining!

    I would like to say that the TV show the First 48, is one of the best shows on TV today.
    The only thing that disturbs me is the constant complaining by the detectives when they are called in the middle of the night or the early hours to do their job. It is a major turn off.
    That comes with the territory, do the job or get out of the profession.
    It seems that almost every show has one detective complaining how they missed a family meal or event, the lack of sleep or working while sick.
    First of all, there are many jobs that require that you miss family events, on-call positions and there are many many people who work sick. I personally have worked with walking pnemonia, bronchitis and never call off at the first sign of a cold.
    It seems that these detectives put themselves in a catergory of their own as if they are the only people on earth who have to sacrifice for a job. Many people do and do not get any type of recognition for it and certainly not the type of pay that the detectives receive.
    In this type of position, you are also not working alone. You are not solely responsible for solving the case at hand.
    There is a team all contributing to the bottom line.
    So please, stop all of the whining, it is a great turnoff!
  • I also am addicted to this show!

    And I'm proud of it! This show is awesome to say the least. I love to see the obvious criminal lying to the detectives that they didn't do the crime when they obviously did it. Man, this show literally shows you that you can't trust some people. This show has really thought me about life and what can happen to you if you steal, rob, or even kill someone. You can be on death row and get executed. That'll be it for your life. I'm normally cautious when coming to playing outside and the people I associate with. It just makes me nervous, but I'll sooner or later get over it and get back to a normal teenage life.

  • Oh yeah, I highly suggest you watch this in HD!! (A& E network)

    This show is so eerily weird and REAL that I've actually stayed awake watching it until like 1am until I passed out and had nightmares!! cool

    I can watch this show even while I'm eating dinner. It's crazy to be able to look real-live killers in the face before they're caught and to watch how deceptive people can be..what liars they can be that they'd actually KILL somebody and sit there and lie about it. This show gives you the realest picture of what's out there!!

    They outta keep Memphis and the cities they do already, but also add cities in South Texas and stuff. Plenty of Homicides to investigate over there unfortunately.
  • I am addicted to watching this show

    The First 48 is utterly engaging, and somewhat depressing at the same time. Finally a true crime show that keeps you engaged without it being all about chase scenes. You get to see the underappreciated behind the scenes work of investigators. Love it. And unlike crime dramas such as Law & Order, you get true grittiness and real life drama that everyday people face. I can't find a single thing to complain about so far with this show. A & E has done a great job of keeping the programming pipeline filled with original shows. I have also watched one of A & E's other pilot's Crime 360, and found it nowhere near as engaging.
  • I think that this show is one of the best cop shows on televison today. I like everything about it. Csi work has become real popular and this show lets you see how its really done. You get to see real detectives at work not some actor trying to be a cop

    I have been a fan of this show since it first aired. My favorite character on the show is now Lt. Joe Shillaci from the miami homicide squad. I admire all these detectives for what they do and the passion that they have for their work. Anyone who does that type of work has to be really dedicated because they are always on call and do not get to see their loved ones that much. The thing i like the most about the show is that you get to see first hand all the high tech stuff that they use to solve thses crimes. I hope this show stays on tv for a long time to come. I hope that they come up with an update show so we can see what happens to the people that they caught.
  • Pretty good.

    This is an exceptional, brilliantly produced TV series focusing on the work done by real detectives -- not actors -- in the first forty-eight hours after a homicide is committed. Rigorously shot and sharply edited, it is far more fascinating than most fictional police procedurals and enhanced by great music and rich sound design. In some episodes, there are two stories that are cross-cut. In other eps, such as the amazing "When A Serial Killer Calls", one story occupies the entire show. "The First 48" does not focus on the personal lives of the detectives, but it doesn't back away, either, from intimately depicting how a particular investigation is impacting on the participants personally. The camera work is excellent under less than perfect conditions and the second unit work featuring striking establishing shots and effective use of time lapse photography gives each episode a meaty, visual kick. The show's theme music is urgent and dramatic, and the integration of top notch graphics (with accompanying sound effects) adds enormously to the atmosphere. Always compelling and frequently brilliant, this underrated hour of harsh, fascinating reality is a must-see for anybody with an interest in dissecting the human condition.
  • Simply the best... In terms of reality shows this one is head and shoulders above the rest.

    You talk about reality T.V. There is no more harsher a REALITY than murder. This show takes the viewers into the minds of veteran homicide detectives; real life detectives. Sometimes they even show these guys trying to explain to their spouses how they won't be home tonight because on his way home somebody was found dead in the streets somewhere (usually memphis or in texas somewhere) and they have to get on the case. Spouses are not all understanding like you may think one detective finally got home off a homicide case to find that his woman was packed and moved out! The main part of the program however, is the fact that they start with two dead bodies and step by step try to find out what the heck happened. You get to see the little tricks the "Dees" use on potential suspects to try to get them to start talking plus all the tracking of cell phones and car registrations and yearbook photos... this show is must-see T.V. I highly recommend this show if you have never seen it. It comes on Thursdays @ 6 and 9 pm...
  • A decent show

    I like 48 hours its a ok show. I use to watch it all the time when it came on. But when they started showing reruns I stop watching ti but when I did watch the show I enjoyed it. I find it very intriguing watching the detectives and other police and the police force and seeing how they do their job immediately after a homicide. Even though I don't watch it anymore for some reason I find it more interesting than CSI and Law & Order. Nothing else to add other than its an decent show and probably would still be watching it if it wasn't for all the reruns that they run ober and over again instead of broadcasting new episdoes.
  • i just love first 48. it is one of the realist shows i,ve seen in a long time. i especially love the memphis detectives. they really know how to interegate their suspects!

    If it's real drama that you are seeking, this is the show for you. It is intense and gritty. No holds barred when it comes to those Memphis detectives. They know how to get you to talk! The suspense of waiting for the detectives to come up with new leads is phenominal. The only issue I have with the show, is when it appears that they have exhausted all their leads, they miraculously get an anonymous lead from someone. It sometimes appear to be staged. Otherwise, I love the show, would definitely recommend it to anyone interested in watching some real life drama.
  • Great Program But Too Much Littering!

    The show itself is really good but the only thing that annoys me quite a bit is that here in Texas littering is a big issue. In almost every episode I have watched there is trash thrown in the streets whether it be a cigarrette butt or a styrofom cup it never fails. What kind of example is that setting. I love the cases, don't get me wrong, but if I were to do something like that it is a ticket right away. I don't know if anybody else has noticed that but it is something that catches my eye everytime. Check it out for yourself you will see i am not lying! Anyways I thought I would give my 2 cents about it and see what responses I get.
  • Teens should watch this show to see the reality of life and drugs.

    I have watched every episode of the First 48 and I think it is a great public service to, hopefully, teach the world that we cannot just commit murder because of some wrong we feel has been committed against ust, whether it be a petty argument or drugs. The city I live in makes me sad to see the number of young men who kill each other on almost a daily basis and most of it is drug-related. What a shame our world has come to this. Michael Baden, a coroner in Florida, I think, has a fabulous idea, takes these kids to the morgues to see the bodies to realize if they want it to be them laying on that table. God bless and be with the cast of The First 48 - You Are Truly In My Prayers!
  • 46, 47...48

    So I was on this show. Well actually I was edited out – but I was there for the filming. It was season 2 Evil Streak. I was working at the coroner’s office when the two victims that they talk about came in. They were two emotionally tough cases and it was interesting to be there when the police and the CSA’s were doing there thing. We got even more information than usual as the police were spelling everything out for the cameras. This is a good series that really shows all the hard work that cops put into their cases, often working for days without sleep. I will take this tyoe of reality show over Survivor any day.
  • I love watching the first 48. I find real life crime and what goes on in homicide cases very interesting. It keeps u wanting to watch it.

    i love the plots, i love finding out who the suspects are and listening to their stories. its neat seeing the detectives question them and try to get the truth out. it keeps you on the edge of your seat. Lots of shows talk about crime but its fiction....I like to watch the real thing. Theres never a boring episode and I look forward to watching the show each time they air one. I hope that the continue to have the show. It makes me want to obtain a career as a homicide detective one day. I love action, it never gets boring.
  • This show is a great way to find out how a crime scene works. The first 48 delivers on substance and just plain raw emotion. Knowing that this is real and how most homicides are worked is chilling. This show has the ability to be around for a while.

    It is great to see this kind of show finally on television. Finally, a reality TV show with a purpose!! This is a raw energy and emotionally charged TV show that has you on the edge of your seat every episode. This is a very intelligent show that will have you coming back for more. Each episode is different yet the goal or common denominator is always the same - CATCH THE CRIMINAL. If, you ever wondered what goes on behind a crime scene, then this is the show for you. From start to finsh this program will show you how a homicide is processed. Personally, I think the interegation process is what makes the show. Keep up the great work. I live in Memphis and hate the fact that you are here to film this but, it is needed. Maybe it can help stop crime here. This show could be used as a deterent to help stop crime.

    Arlington, Tn
  • It is one of my personal best for a reality show since. I even have favorite Detectives.

    This is a show that will have you on the edge of your seat from the get go. It is real life and real life crime scenes and murder victims. I found it captvting from the first time it aired. I even have my favorite detectives this new season that just started looks like its going to be one of the best. I would also like to say to those people who say Det Caroline Mason cares more about her looks and is not as good as other Detectives. I love her, and I believe she is the best interrogator on the Memphis squad. People should\'nt hate on her just because she has to look before she goes out it has nothing to do with how she does her job. I actually think her love of clothes and looking her best is an asset to her job. Det Mason all ways gets the job done.
  • Best show on TV

    This show deserves awards, props and everything else! The TOP reality show and crime series of the decade!

    Hands down this show has it all. From the gritty hard boiled detectives to violence, blood and guts and much more. I can't recommend this show enough. An EASY A+++. Top notch TV.
  • Faced paced

    The First 48 is a great, fast paced show about detectives while they try to solve homicides. The first 48 hours are the critical hours, hence the title, and typically if no leads are found within this time frame, the crime goes unsolved.

    The First 48 is one of the best reality shows, per se. Though not a traditional reality show, it is very realistic and the crimes that are investigated on the show are crimes that have actually occured.
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