The Fixer

Monday 9:00 PM on ITV Premiered Mar 10, 2008 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Series 2 Episode Six
      An Indian hitman arrives to the UK to murder a ten month baby heir to a large fortune. The team must protect the baby and prevent a gang war that would follow his death. Also, Symmonds keeps trying to show his power but goes to far this time. This will bring strong repercussions and John will start a quest to finish him.moreless
    • Series 2 Episode Five
      John is given a new task involving killer Sean O'Driscoll and his son Connor, a cage fighter. Father and son are dating the same girl, Gemma. Connor kills her because he is afraid of his father but blames John. This forces John to fight against him. Will John be able to complete his task?moreless
    • Series 2 Episode Four
      Killer and rapist Richard Miller, the cause of the end of Rose's career as a police officer, comes back to visit Rose. Her plan is to date him and trap him to finally send him to jail. However, things get complicated when Miller abducts a chambermaid and the team impart their justice on him. Secrets are uncovered and Symmonds shows his superiority over the fixers.moreless
    • Series 2 Episode Three
      Former soldier Mercer's latest assignment becomes personal, as he is to take down a drug dealer whose operation in Afghanistan has cost the lives of British servicemen. But a serious injury compromises his effectiveness.
    • Series 2 Episode Two
      It is determined that, to put a stop to the global child trafficking network they have uncovered, Mercer and McKenzie must take out the kingpin of the operation, which requires them to return to the prison where they first met.
    • Series 2 Episode One
      Having overcome his unease at being a hitman, albeit an official one, Mercer goes after a drug dealer whose sideline is trafficking in children.
  • Season 1