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AIRED ON 5/19/2015

Season 1 : Episode 23

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In this spinoff of The CW's popular series Arrow, scientist Barry Allen is exposed to radiation from a particle accelerator. Combined with a mix of chemicals, Barry gains the ability to move at super-speed and dedicates his life to solving mysteries, fighting criminals... and determining who killed his mother.

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  • Fast to inspire-I do not discount

    I am moved by this series even tho it took me until July 2015 to notice. Thank you "Flash"
  • What about Iris

    If they are going to dress her like a high priced call girl, the least they could do is show some cleavage
  • Getting in par with excellence

    Could use some adjustments like Iris, if it is entirely metahuman of the week arcs etc. From what I heard, its the best DC show this season, looks like it. The effects for a TV budget are pretty impressive. I really liked the recent Electric ep, it really felt like the characters were in danger. One gets used to the invulnerablity of superheroes. This is definitely the lightest tone DC show, Supergirl possibly to be next, but thats great. Even just a night setting which Arrow seems to do a lot more is noticeable to the amount of daylight scenes on this show. How many love interests does Barry have? Dang. Love the crossover ep, goes to show that you don't need powers to beat someone. Wonder how different the movie Flash will be? Grant Gustin is quite likeable. I heard the film will be more meta and humorous.

    8 ep (May-July 2015) CW/WBmoreless
  • It has something for everyone


    I absolutely love this show it has a little bit of everything, it's fun, you have action for those who like that, a nice mix of relationships both romantic and family/friends. What I also like about this show is it doesn't seem to take itself too seriously, as a viewer I can relate to the characters struggles, I cry when they cry I am happy when they are happy and so on. I am also pleasantly surprised on the calibre of actors/actresses this show has managed to access, especially being on a network like the CW. I hope this show can go from strength to strength,, continue to deliver some great stories, keep the romantic drama to a minimum and continue to keep me entertained for a few seasons to come.

  • Please don't make kid flash black...

    I just watched the scene where Barry was in that room and saw the newspaper... the writer of the article was Iris West-Allen...

    Barry Allen in many cases has a side-kick by the name of Wally West... Wally West is supposed to be a raging ginger with green eyes and a very charismatic personality...

    Spoilers, but at some point Barry Allen dies and Wally West (kid flash) takes on the role as Flash...

    I assume to mask his identity, and to make it seem like he was still the same flash, Wally put white visor/goggly things on his eyes... Barry has blue eyes and Wally has green so it'd make sense...

    The flash also has to be white for the justice league, because... he's white in the justice league...

    I'm assuming if the flash was on the justice league, that he would be Wally West at that point.

    But this isn't really looking that way... with the whole "Iris West-Allen" - and I could say "hmm maybe Iris' mom was white and came from a white family (which would make sense because Wally is supposed to be Iris' nephew), but even then we run into the problem that Wally wouldn't have the same last name...

    I feel like they are making a mistake and I really love this show and I have my heart set on seeing Wally West as a cute little ginger teenager who looks up to the flash...

    I love this show and I love the flash but I have been really looking forward to seeing Wally West as flash...

    The Wally West you type into google, the white ginger kid... HIM! He inherits the responsibility of the flash when Barry dies (somehow)...

    Don't get me wrong I love black people but god I don't want this to be done to my favorite character...

    If they want a black speedster they can create another black speedster... Wally West is white...

    They can do what they did with the Justice League cartoon in terms of the Green Lantern...

    Instead of turning Hal Jordan into a black guy for no reason, they sent Hal Jordan away and made another guy named John as a black green lantern. Heck I like John better than Hal, lol...

    I just hope they don't turn him black because it would mess everything up... I'm not okay with turning characters into the opposite sex or into a different ethnicity if they've always been a certain way...

    The way Wally West has been is good and it should stay that way... I just don't know what they're going to do and it genuinely upsets me...

    I literally watched this show looking forward to seeing Wally West... I don't think I can enjoy it as much if I am scared they'll turn Wally West black... it really hurts me... and I'm sure a lot of others wouldn't like it either...

    Yeah yeah I know they did it in the resent comic but it doesn't work for the justice league... and wally west flash is on the justice league, and he's white...

    I really hope they don't screw this up ...moreless

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