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AIRED ON 5/24/2016

Season 2 : Episode 23

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In this spinoff of The CW's popular series Arrow, scientist Barry Allen is exposed to radiation from a particle accelerator. Combined with a mix of chemicals, Barry gains the ability to move at super-speed and dedicates his life to solving mysteries, fighting criminals... and determining who killed his mother.

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  • Why the whisper?

    It annoys me that some of the cast whisper talk. I don't know how else 2 explain it but they don't talk normal, they talk and whisper at the same time. Irritation time. Especially Wells and Barry sometimes. Just talk and don't do that with your voice. It annoys me so much that i cannot stand to watch it. Sorry about that.
  • Pick one side of the river for the STAR labs building and stick with it.

    There are over half a million people living here in the "greater metropolitan area", to feel the discontinuity when you keep moving the building between East/West side of the river whenever there is an aerial shot. I can't be the only one getting dizzy from this.

    I'm 4 episodes in... and other than that detail I *mostly* love this show so far. Haven't watched Arrow (yet?) nor will I ever read the comics.

    (is there a short name for the way graphic novels style ruins any story by not having a preset path for your eyes to scan straight across?)

    *edit: now even more dizzy in episode 6 with that mirror effect on the aerial view over the bridge... it makes sense though, you only have a few miles of river from which downtown is visible, mirroring that shot did make downtown look bigger ;-)

    *edit2: seriously? about 30m into ep6 you add views of a completely different city? I would have noticed that and felt cheated even if I didn't live in ***. (the views of that *other* city were ok in ep5 because that made it feel like some travelling was involved when Plastique went after Eiling)

    Ugh lol. every few minutes further into this show I wanna yell about something new... I'll try to restrain myself from here on, but my reason for watching was the instantly recognizable view of *** (my home) with a single glance at the first episode :pmoreless
  • They Lied (Star Lab)

    There was an episode when ANYONE off the Street could come inside. Then, they we have a SECURITY system that ONLY certain people can come in". Then, the Lady Miss Junior Detective walked inside after figuring out somewhat was going on with Star Lab. She later left the city for a training. Then, in Season 2 E14 "Escape from Earth -2" but on Earth 1, another Meda Human walks in. (What the heck is DC Comic doing)? NOT paying attention on what they said ? COME ON. Whose next to walk or "Michael Jackson"?moreless
  • reverse flash returns, the writers need to do research

    I hate it , yeh I mean like a super speedster could exist, but that's the story and artistic license is expected, but the runaway truck thing was just stupid. first transports don't have brake lines to cut, they are air lines and if you cut them the brakes go on not off, second why take the wheels off when all you have too do is pop the air button, or unhook air line or cut air line to apply brakes, of course he could have pulled down the spike (trailer brakes). when you write yeh you come up with a , wow that would be cool, moment, but then you have to justify the scene. Reverse flash mechanically backing off all the brake would have made the scene work.moreless
  • the flash is great

    The flash is an excellent show always full of great surprises and laughs. I love so much about the flash from Barry finding new ways to increase his speed to Cisco funny jokes. The shows only problem is Iris ,she has too much screen time which can get annoying because she should really be just a side character but this should not put people off because the show hooked me with just the t had a rocky start but the back end of season 1 could hook anyone on the show.moreless
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