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I love the Flash.

Despite its flaws, such as the uneven handling of speedster powers, the time travel shtick as well as the dimensional hopping gimmick, all of which, are not handled as well as expected, the show is still pretty fun to watch.

I can explain those flaws later, let's keep reviewing.

First of all, at the beginning of the episode, Barry was working on a formula to increase his speed.

If you take the time and look at it (in reverse), the formula he was writing was the formula used by Johnny Quick (an old DC Golden Age speedster). 3X2(9YZ)4A

I found that ironic. I mean, it's right there in his face! But it would seem that this either doesn't work for him or he never gave it a try.

Historically, in DC Lore, this formula was used as a vocal incantation by Johnny Quick, he would say it and then get to be really fast.

Someone made a comment about the 'Man In the Mask' which Zoom has locked up. Could that not be Johnny Chambers? Considering that we have this formula in light, in the show, and the Man in the Mask cannot talk, odds are its him, the mask being the device stopping him from saying the formula out loud.

Getting back to the review, Barry,
seeing that he's hitting a brick wall, was somewhat distracted and discouraged at the West's dinner table.

But, then inspiration came from what Wally said about his research on speed mechanics, the part about, reading as much as he can from the authors, since he can't talk to them.

Ah, telling something like this to a time travelling newbie speedster, that's like telling a crack whore about a brand new batch of heroin!

So, from this,
an idea was born.. A potential plan was being formulated and..

It's Barry here.

His plans never work as.. planned. :)

Like us viewers,
He's the eternal optimist and as such he hopes things will work out as planned and yet they never do.

You know the old saying, plan for the worst and hope for the best? Well, Barry's saying is Plan for the best .. and let's cut it right there.

So going to Harry for advice on this, hehe, well, in this respect, Harry is like Eobard, they both would say no and hell no and in character Harry did indeed put a big ol' negative on that idea.

But the plan is
actually pretty clever and Harry can't do shit if Barry's mind is made up.

Go back in time and trick Evil Wells/Thawne into teaching him how to get faster.

Figure out a time in the past where Wells/Thawne would be distracted and as such wouldn't realize there was a Barry substitution.

C'mon, it's a good plan. simple and elegant.
And then comes the monkey wrench in the form of a Time Wraith.

We've never heard of time wraiths before, well, I recall something like that in a Doctor Who episode, when Rose wanted to change the past and save her father from death, but I don't recall time wraiths for speedsters in DC lore.

But guess who did.

Yep, Good Old Reverse Flash knew. (Maybe they watch Doctor Who in the future?) :)

So, considering all of what's going on at that point in time:

  • Communication interference,
  • the description of whatever it is that attacked CCPD
  • Barry's reluctance in providing assistance and of course,
  • Suave and debonair Barry's studies on the physics and mechanics behind increasing his speed

It didn't take much more to convince Wells/Thawne that something was up.

To Barry's credit, he was at least able to save himself from death with half truths. It was true that he went back in time when his mother died and it was true that he created a singularity which would allow Thawne to go back to his own time.

The little 'there is an envelope' ploy, that was also quick thinking and it certainly factors in on getting Wells/Thawne to help him out, a little blackmailish for sure, but then again, not one to judge here! :)

Did you see how nervous Wells/Thawne was after all of this?

When current Barry came back and was asking what was going on and everybody thought he was the impostor that was actually pretty damn well played.

You could see Wells/Thawne's face, pure disgust and worries about the monkey wrench this could put into his plan and the time line in general. New Barry kept talking to all of them, including his younger self. And screw it.

But all in all, there definitively were changes to the timeline.

By the time, Barry came back to the present, our posse (Cisco, Caitlyn, etc.) had a full year to work on this.

That Time Wraith looked like a dead speedster and even it's face, it was like a speedster mask.

Nice visual.

But the twist here is that the Pied Piper, would seem to have been reformed.

He was totally unexpected and I didn't see that coming myself, I will admit.

He saved the day.

Who else would know that things changed but Barry?

That's where things can start getting interesting.

The timeline has obviously changed and I'm sure we will be rewarded with more side effects as the show progresses.

Did Jay Garrick know that the Flash had gone in the past to get the goodies on increasing his speed?

After all, during that one year gap, the team was working on a device to help deal with the Time Wraith. Was it kept a secret? In theory, if Wells/Thawne had any common sense, he would have drilled them with the importance to keep it between themselves and STFU :)

So, a lot of potential twist and turns and mayhem can come out of this. The ramifications will be interesting to explore.

In all of this.. Barry had a chance to get a very touching message from Eddie to Iris, although, from Eddie's perspective, he would never get to know that this was in fact, a legacy message, of love and friendship.

It is well timed, considering the current emotional dilemma Iris is facing.

Did you like the ending? Seems like future technology works a lot like current technology, if it don't work, punch it! "Anybody ever watch the Fonz in the show 'Happy Days' get that jukebox working?" :)


In Supergirl's "World's Finest" episode team up with Flash, he seemed to be wearing a tachyon device?

I suspect that there will be a connection in the next episode to such said device to help Barry get faster.

Mind you.. Wells/Thawne would use the device to imbue the suit with speed, because he was losing connection to the speed force.

Barry was actually wearing it.

So, the quest for increasing Barry's speed is far from over.

The flaws of this show, well, let's talk about speed. Did you know that NASA's X-43 A unmanned hypersonic aircraft has a top speed of 7000 miles per hour. By the way, that is about Mach 9.2. But it doesn't open any rifts through time.

Barry's top speed at best, seems to be Mach 3.5 (I'm rounding it up).

The other speedsters seemed to be going about 30% faster than him, again, according to the info we got from this episode.

That is well below Mach 9.2.

So, how come they can time travel?

The Speed Force is the answer. However a lot about this bad boy isn't quite understood. But it's the gimmick being used, so we can accept that for what it is for now.

But there is also the business of travelling across universes. Originally, this started off as rifts. And somehow you needed devices at both end of the rifts to ensure a stable connection.

If you throw an item in a rift and it arrives safely in the other universe, then, why would a speedster need to run in the first place to travel back and forth in the rift? Jay's helmet, Flash's insigna.

So, there goes, what I think are the flaws in the show.

But it is so much fun to watch, just don't think to hard and you are all set! :)
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Apr 04, 2016
I think Gully Foyle was the first one to offer Johnny Chambers as TMIM, and I think it is a simpler explanation than the whole twin Jays/Zolomons. It makes more sense as well. I still wonder if Johnny Quick will look like Jay?

All in all, a good review with some interesting ideas.

Apr 04, 2016
Well, Zoom was carrying a body, so, it had to be Jay.. but there is a lot I still don't understand about the chain of events, and it probably has to do with the misdirection information we got from Jay about the lost of his speed and the 6 months before he appeared at Star Labs.

As for the Man in the Mask, well, yeah, it could be Johnny Chambers, it would make sense, but this show.. it likes to play with our heads.. :)

We shall see.
Apr 06, 2016
But we don't know which Jay or Hunter it was. Between Earths 1 & 2 there seem to be 4 people who look like Jay. One is Zoom but which of the other 3 were killed?

I know.... In the trailer for the next episode, they definitely mention Hunter Zolomon.
Apr 07, 2016
That's right! :) but it's gonna be a few weeks of painful waiting! For a show like 'The Flash', this waiting time is pure agony! :)
Apr 07, 2016
Yes, but time traveling to the future to view the show will have unpredictable consequences...
Apr 02, 2016
Time **Wraith** for the love of god it's driving me nuts...A wreath is what you put on your door...Ahhhh
Apr 02, 2016
Ok, I did a typo.. let me go and correct it for you.. Regards,
Apr 01, 2016
Speed Force, Schmee Force, if you have a flux capacitor then all you need is to go 88mph to travel through time
Apr 01, 2016
Good one! :) get the model which uses fusion tech, you can use garbage as fuel! :)
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