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If Season 2 of The Flash follows Season 1's pattern, we'll have our answer at the end of the midseason finale. Until then, here are some of the most likely (or unlikely) candidates:

(Note: Just to be clear, the number following each refers to which Earth they are from--in case you haven't read any other posts that use it.)

*Possible Spoilers ahead*

Barry Allen-2

Pro: It would be a variation on the idea from last season that the Reverse Flash was the reverse of Barry, so Zoom could be Barry. It would also fit with some things that Wells-2 has said/alluded to: that he is confident that Barry (unlike Jay) can eventually beat Zoom, that he himself created Zoom (as Wells-1 had said last season about Barry), and his immediate assertion that Barry is stronger and faster than Jay, even without having put that idea to the test on Earth One. Also, choreography-wise, it wouldn't be the first time that the EP's have had a character fight himself (Arrow).

Con: Barry-2 would have to be way more bulked up to fill out Zoom's suit. Also, Wells-2 could just as easily be lying to instigate Barry into fighting Zoom prematurely so that Wells-2 can free his daughter (either by giving Zoom the victory he wants or by intending to somehow trap Zoom on Earth One),

Henry Allen-2

Pro: Perhaps on Earth Two, Henry-2 really did kill his wife (and maybe even his son). Or maybe there too Wells-2 did it, providing the push for Henry to become dark. It would also be a huge obstacle for Barry to overcome, to have to in essence fight his own father, especially since he has spent so much of his life fighting for him. Plus, there would be the fun element for John Wesley Shipp to suit up as a speedster (he was the 1990's TV Flash) and especially Zoom (he was the voice of Zoom on Batman: The Brave and the Bold).

Con: John Wesley Shipp is not currently listed as a regular this season, and the writers seemed to want to move him out of the way very early on in order to continue to reinforce Joe as Barry's father figure.

Joe West-2

Pro: Again, the father figure conflict provides a spin on things built in season one, and would be extremely challenging for Barry to overcome. Plus, Zoom kidnapped Wells-2's daughter, so perhaps Wells-2 was responsible for Iris-2's death. Jesse L Martin definitely is big enough to fill out the suit. Zoom also appears to be very dark-sinned around the eyes, although that could be makeup. To top it off, if iris-2 is alive, then in this case she likely could have been raised by her mother, explaining the reason behind the writers having Francine-1 just pop back into Iris-1's life. (Also, Tony Todd, the actor currently portraying Zoom (at least the voice), is African American.)

Con: Wells-2 didn't seem to react much to Joe-1. Also, while Jesse L Martin is big enough to fill out the suit, he'd have to suck in or lose the midsection a little more (unless he only seems to have a gut in some shots).

Joe West Jr.-2

Pro: Add to the Joe Sr. reasons the dynamic of forcing Iris to reveal her mother's big secret to Joe, and you have all the makings of a typical CW Arrowverse secrets-are-bad plotline. You also have a setup for the old "surrogate son vs. real abandoned/darker son" conflict between Barry and Joe Jr. (a la Dick Grayson vs. Damian Wayne, Michael Knight vs. Garth Knight, etc.)

Con: Do we really need another new introduction, with Wally West and others still to come? While Iris's brother exists (at least on Earth One), there really hasn't been that much buildup to have there be a lot of emotional conflict here.

Harrison Wells-2

Pro: He created Zoom (although he denied it at first). He's supposedly not a speedster, but knows how to do a speed mirage (and the camera deliberately caught Cisco's reaction to that fact). The power generated by his weapon was blue, just like Zoom's power, and he was wearing black clothes at the time. Also, it would play into the old fool-me-once line.

Con: It would ultimately be redundant, and not a big (or fun) surprise. (Although Tom Cavanagh is obviously having such a blast doing variations on his role, that at least it wouldn't be unwatchable.) But explaining the trick behind the kidnapping, etc., would be a bit of a stretch even for The Flash.

Eobard Thawne-2

Pro: Eobard would be consistently an evil, time-travelling speedster who is obsessed with killing the Flash in either world to prove he is the fastest.

Con: Matt Letscher's Eobard was never really established in season 1 as separate from the Tom Cavanagh version, so it'd be asking a bit from the viewers to jump right into watching a separate Eobard. Unless of course Eobard-2 is again someone else. But it would be redundant to have him as the villain again.

Eddie Thawne-2

Pro: It would be one doppleganger we haven't seen yet.

Con: Iris and Joe have moved on from Eddie-1. We can hope that the writers wouldn't resort to recycling yet another melodramatic plotline (it does not work at all on Arrow). Plus, I'm not sure, but I don't recall Eddie being the right size for the suit.

Ronnie Raymond-2

Pro: Same as Eddie-2. Plus it would almost certainly lead into the Killer Frost storyline.

Con: Same as Eddie-2. Also, with Ronnie-1's fate being uncertain already, it isn't necessary for Zoom to be Ronnie-2 to bring about the Killer Frost storyline.

Wally West-2

Pro: He (and/or Wally-1) is a speedster (or will be). We know nothing about him yet in the show's storyline five eps in, yet he's slated to be in half of the episodes this season.

Con: We know nothing about him yet.

Damien Darhk-2 (or other Arrow character-2)

Pro: Damien can do mystical things and therefore his Earth Two counterpart might be able to combine that with being a speedster (i.e. when he took Jay's speed).

Con: Crossovers are one thing, but this kind of overlap would imply that The Flash cannot stand on its own, which it clearly proved that it could in season 1.

Someone altogether new

Pro: This would definitely make Zoom even more mysterious and formidable, since the team would have no point of reference for knowing any insider info that they could use against him. It would also parallel the chaos being created in Star City by Damien Darhk, who just basically loves being evil, and who as far as we know is not connected to Oliver. (EDIT: The show teased Hunter Zolomon when Wells-2 commented that Zoom has "hunted" Jay. As with Eobard last season, though, that wouldn't necessarily mean there isn't a familiar face under the mask.)

Con: It would lack the emotional heft of having it be the doppleganger of someone close. Malcolm and Slade worked well on Arrow as big bads because of their connection to Oliver, while the RAG plotline seemed detached and convoluted. (And while Damian Darhk may not be connected to Oliver, he provides at least some emotional impact because he is directly connected to Diggle's backstory.)

So what's your theory? Who's your favorite pick (or top two)?

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