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In his latest review for The Flash , Noel pointed something out something we viewers had hoped to see for a long time: the chain that connected Barry to Iris was loosening up a bit and the writers took advantage of it right away.

Despite this Damascus steel chain between Barry and Iris, we have seen him with other women over the course of these few episodes. Let me remind you of the few we had (including Iris) in the order we met them.

Felicity Smoak

What can we say about her. Arrow accomplice, intelligent, chameleon, nerd, emotional and beautiful, the whole package and the dream of so many men and women. Felicity (and we of course), meet Barry in the Arrow episode "The Scientist". He is a CSI from Central City who arrives in Starling City to investigate a suspect with super powers who might have connections to a case in Central City. They immediately hit it off (we do not know of Iris then) but in the Arrow - The Flash crossover he says: “ We looked down that road and said 'No, thank you”. But who knows, isn’t she anybody's dream?

Suggested shipper name: SmAsh (I believe we should avoid SmAll).

Iris West

She is described as being beautiful, fun loving, kind, witty, warm, passionate and very open. In the tv series we might not have seen all her charming treats as the viewers have not been into her that much (yet). Barry met her when they were children and when his mother was killed and his father was imprisoned for it, Iris’s father took her into their home. Barry has (had?) been in love with her since childhood.

Suggested shipper name: FlaIr (Or even BaIr, but I believe we should avoid WeAll).

Caitlin Snow

To be honest, if I were younger I would love to go out on a date with her. She is passionate and compassionate, very intelligent and of course beautiful. Barry and her met in the pilot when he came down to the lab for the first time. In the blast of STAR labs she lost her fiancé Ronnie Raymond whom she loved very much. It sent her into a state of depression for almost a year. Since being on the Flash team she livened back up. As she seems to be weary of Iris because of Barry's feelings for her, she might have formed affectionate feelings for Barry.

I’ve once been in a situation like Barry with Caitlin. A long time ago I had to take a colleague who I fancied a bit home after she had drunk too much. I also stayed at her place to make sure she was all right. The thing I learned from it is that very drunk women (and probably men) one fancies are not that attractive anymore once being drunk. Caitlin made it look as if it is possible to be still attractive in that situation.

Suggested shipper name: All-In (Or even AllOw or AlleS (the Dutch word for ‘everything’, but I believe we should avoid CaBa). [edited later] As far as I'm concerned, @TomWayne suggested a far better name in the comments: BaLin.

Linda Park

It’s the new kid on the block. Linda entered the world in this last episode just after Barry and an intoxicated Caitlin performed a duet. At the bar, she complemented Barry's singing, gave him her number and told him he could do what he wished with her number. Later on, she was picked up by Barry at the Central City Picture News headquarters for a lunch date. We do not know that much of her yet.

Suggested shipper name: ParBar (but there are so many to avoid like FlaRk, PaAl (Dutch word again, meaning 'pole'), PaL, LenIn).

In my mind and although he doesn’t seem to be that bad looking, I believe the writers have shown us too much attention from women given his relationship with Iris up till now.


I have not read a single The Flash comic since the early seventies, so for me The Flash is just that single person, Barry Allen. This means two things. First, I haven’t the foggiest who the women in the lives off all Flashes are. Secondly, as this tv universe will not be as complicated as the comics ones where they need(ed) so many different storylines and so many Flashes to get so many comics out of the shop, storylines may be joined together in this tv universe that has 22 episodes per year for a maximum of six years So, every woman in any Flash storyline may be in this tv show. So feel free to add your thoughts and please tell us why you think he would, should or will be a couple with one of the ladies.

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