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Episode Guide

  • Season 3
    • Finish Line
      Episode 23

      Barry's last chance is to fight Savitar directly despite the God of Speed's superior abilities.

    • Infantino Street
      Episode 22

      Barry tries to find a way to save Iris from death... and recruits Len Snart to help him. Meanwhile, Cisco goes to confront Killer Frost, and Joe tries to hide Iris somewhere safe.

    • Cause and Effect
      Episode 21

      Cisco and Julian come up with a desperate plan to stop Savitar once Barry tells them who he is. Meanwhile, H.R. and Tracy work to design the Speed Force trap, and Killer Frost visits S.T.A.R. Labs.

    • I Know Who You Are
      Episode 20

      Team Flash takes on Killer Frost after they find Tracy, the woman that Future-Barry revealed would trap Savitar once and for all. Meanwhile, Joe's relationship with Cecile becomes complicated when she says that she loves him.

    • 4/25/17

      While the team in 2017 search for Killer Frost, Barry travels to 2024 to find out Savitar's identity and discovers that his friends' lives have taken very different turns after Iris' death.

    • Abra Kadabra
      Episode 18

      Barry finds himself caught on the horns of a dilemma when he captures Abra Kadabra, a villain from the future. Abra offers him Savitar's real name in return for his freedom, but the villain is wanted on Earth-19 for mass murder. Meanwhile, Caitlin tries to apologize to Julian and then puts her life in his hands when she is injured in an explosion.

    • Duet
      Episode 17

      Hank and Mon-El bring a comatose Kara to Earth-1 after Music Meister says that he's coming to take on Flash. Flash soon falls prey to the musical villain as well, and Barry and Kara find themselves trapped in a musical where the only way out is to finish the story.

    • 3/14/17

      Barry enters the Speed Force to find Wally and bring him out. Meanwhile, Jesse vows to take down Savitar and H.R. tries to talk her out of it.

    • The Wrath of Savitar

      Wally is plagued by visions of Savitar, who plans to use Kid Flash to escape from his prison. Meanwhile, Iris discovers the real reason that Barry proposed to her.

    • 2/28/17

      Grodd and his army travel to Earth-1 and prepare to attack Central City. While Cisco tries to persuade Gypsy to help them, Barry considers Grodd to stop him once and for all.

    • Attack on Gorilla City

      After Jesse's request for help, Barry, Cisco, Caitlin and Julian travel to Earth-2 to rescue her father from Grodd and the gorillas of Gorilla City. Meanwhile, Wally and Jesse double-team criminals in Central City.

    • Untouchable
      Episode 12

      Team Flash goes after a metahuman who can decompose matter with a touch, and who us killing the Flashpoint counterparts of the people who put him in jail. Meanwhile, Iris and Barry continue to deal with the future that Barry saw where Iris dies.

    • Dead or Alive
      Episode 11

      A "collector" from Earth-19 comes to Earth-1 to get H.R., and Cisco challenges her to a trial by a combat. While he trains for the upcoming combat--after he learns that it's to the death--Iris sets out to make her mark in the world.

    • After seeing his future, Barry is torn about letting Wally fight as Kid Flash. Meanwhile, H.R. prepares for the museum opening, and Caitlin turns to Julian for help.

    • The Present
      Episode 9

      Barry and Jay join forces to first take on the Earth 3 Trickster, and then battle Savitar. The team discovers Alchemy's identity, and make contact with Savitar to learn what he wants from them.

    • Invasion!
      Episode 8

      When the Dominators attack Central City, Barry and his team turn to Oliver's team for help and then bring in first the Legends and then Supergirl. However, the secrets of Flashpoint cause the teams to mistrust Barry.

    • Killer Frost
      Episode 7

      After Savitar defeats him, Barry vows to battle the self-proclaimed speed god. However, the team's efforts are interrupted when Joe tries to free Wally from the cocoon and Caitlin becomes Killer Frost.

    • Shade
      Episode 6

      Alchemy sends a metahuman, Shade, after Flash as a distraction so that he can recruit Wally to his side and restore his speed to what he had in Flashpoint.

    • Monster
      Episode 5

      Caitlin seeks out her mother Carla, looking for her help dealing with her cold powers... and to try and resolve things between them. Meanwhile, the rest of the team deals with a monster on a rampage through Central City, and Cisco realizes that H.R. isn't what he claims.

    • The New Rogues
      Episode 4

      After three years trapped in a mirror, Sam Scudder emerges from imprisonment, frees his girlfriend Rosalind, and seeks to take over Central City. Meanwhile, Barry continues training Jesse, and Harry helps Caitlin and Cisco find his replacement.

    • Magenta
      Episode 3

      Alchemy activates another Flashpoint metahuman, Frankie Kane, and unleashes her disassociative personality of "Magenta"... which possesses vast magnetic powers. Meanwhile, Harry brings Jesse to the team's Earth in the hopes that they can persuade her not to use her newly-gained superspeed powers.

    • Paradox
      Episode 2

      Barry discovers that the new timeline has some troublesome differences, including a feud between Iris and Joe, and a new lab partner who doesn't like him. Meanwhile the Rival of the new timeline gains his superspeed powers and launches a new attack on Flash.

    • Flashpoint
      Episode 1

      Barry finds a new life for himself after saving his mother in the past. But the new reality soon becomes a nightmare as Barry loses his memories of the original timeline and a new speedster threatens Central City.

  • Season 2
  • Season 1
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