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  • Show is getting to be a big stinkin' pile of SHWAY!

    Is it just me, or is anyone else sick and tired of this season's new cast member - the show's own modern spin on the nauseating 1980's Scrappy-Doo character? The lame as can be Smurfette Of The Future. The not so swift or "flashy" (pun intended) Nora Shway-A-Doo Allan. "Gee that's just Shwayerific Papa Shway". "Wow, that's so Shwaytastic Momma Shway". "Hey, let's go for a Shway Expresso

    If I hear her spew out that lame as puke phrase one more time, I will not only stop watching the show, barf all over the room on my way to the toilet, stop buying The series on dvd and smash up all of the seasonal sets I've bought so far, but the producers of the show can all kiss my hairy shway.

    Shway to go fat-heads. Quickly destroying a once good show. That's lame as "Shway". People who try too hard to be cool always come off as the biggest lameoid idiots on the planet. These Shway-heads are no exception. I think maybe Doc Smurf made them up some Shwayadelic drugs to snort when they were sitting around dreaming up this pile of Dog-Shway!
  • I'm Done

    Sooo, we have a TEAM of Heroes that defeated a big bad guy. They have defeated a lot of bad guys. Now along comes a girl with a couple of glowing daggers, and kicks everybody's ass. She has her daddy's bad temper. The first thing she does is murder someone.

    What the hell? for one thing, I would think our Heroes would be the ones doing the ass kicking. And why is it that you always have the heroes on the run, instead of the other way around?

    People want to see Heroes WIN not loose. so like I said, I'm done. There is a lot of content available out there. Good luck killing another show....
  • woooooooooo

    I like it
  • 10/9/18 New Season

    So where are you great recaps for this show, and tonight Supergirl come back! Someone's not on the ball here! I signed up here because of your great reviews! Now no ones doing any! So disappointed! And I'm beginning to think that no one's paying attention to anything that I comment on here!
  • The kid that plays the flash

    I think he does pretty good job being as young as he is apparently he picked up the old Flash comic books and read them before acting as Barry Allen/flash keep up the good work
  • Flash vs homosexual love scenes

    Sad to see Flash going the same direction as Supergirl with homosexual love scenes. If it continues I will delete the program
  • Best ever

    Best ever
  • AWESOME show.

    I guess I know the true story about The Flash. Finally, a show that doesn't have weird codes or something (like Smallville and Arrow). This show is actually fun for ALL ages. It has a great plot, cool characters, and perfect genre: action, drama and humor. This show is getting way better treatment than Arrow, Supergirl and/or Legends of Tomorrow (from what I see). I somewhat compared this show with one of my favorite TV shows, and that is "Angel". Not a lot, but a few. Like "Angel", I didn't know "The Flash" was a spinoff and there were some character & story plot that felt a little comparable. And just like "Angel", I can't think of a character I dislike on "The Flash"; all of them are awesome, unique and perfect (despite some flaws). I really hope the show goes up to Season 7 because, you gotta admit, this is a really cool show. Kids, teens, even adults, love The Flash. Anyways, this show is terrific and I am gonna watch it, no matter what. This show is The CW's Spiderman. Except Barry is a speedster and not a webslinger. He is The Flash... whoosh!

    Overall grade: A+++++++++++++++++++++++++++ and a 10 out of 10 for a perfect job.
  • Barry Allen or Elon Musk?

    Despite the emotional instability, Barry Allen's paranoia and fear for the future is that of Elon Musk. Is this Elon Musk possessed? The Barry Allen in the comic book is an optimistic guy, and not any bit neurotic like this one.

    The direction was lousy. Speedy actually froze many times for the sake of classic tragedy Whoever wrote the story must be some sappy teen drama writer. The logic is weak and lots of disconnects. Need a real scifi/comic/fantasy kind of writer.
  • Bad writers

    The reason I have this review is because the writers are doing their job horribly. There is not even a single episode where The flash doesn't cry over iris. Or he doesn't need emotional support from team members. It feels like a typical soap opera now. Just have Barry get over her. Also, way too many flashes. It was more fun when there was only one Flash and one evil flash. Their shouldn't be more than one flash.
  • Relationship

    Barry and caitlyn should be in relationship together instead of Barry and Iris.
  • A Dramatic Spin-OFF Season

    The Way OF Saving Meta-Humans Is A Fun
  • This used to be my favorite show on TV... then it turned into Supergirl.

    This show used to be my favorite show on TV, a story about a young man who was accidentally bestowed some amazing powers that worked with a team of gifted colleagues to stop super villains with good old fashioned gumption, teamwork, or clever super trick. That is until they seemed to have forgotten that there's hundreds of comic books to pull ideas from and turned this into a soap opera. If you want to see a super hero nosedive a relationship with someone, whine about it, get a stern talking-to by someone else about the situation, then try to fix the situation... this is the show for you. When it's not the hero moping around and distracting us with his whininess, it's another character that's really upset with someone! I used to think this was a great show for the family to watch because it was a mostly positive experience with lessons to be learned but at some point the show veered far away from target demographics and far into soap opera territory, everyone is mopey and whiney and they stopped focusing on what the core demographics want from the show. I don't know anyone that's watching it anymore. Season one and two I'd rate 9 or 9.5, the past two seasons are definitely a 5.
  • Fight the feels!

    This show will make you cry.
  • Great show with terrible writing

    Can we plz get through an episode without the flash crying or needing to be reassured emotionally? You're a super hero for christs sake, grow some balls and act like it. Also, it seems like the biggest menace to central city is the constant barrage of stupid choices made by the Flash. As soon as they stop one threat it seems like the flash is off on a tantrum messing everything up again. There's so many incidences of sloppy writing and bad character development that its just painful to watch. Also, for having super speed he sure gets snuck up on and gotten away from an awful lot. Oh, and can we plz get a different main villain than another speedster for at least one season? Overall there's so many dumb things about the way this show is written (Bad/ whiny characters, stupid plot twists, unbelievably ridiculous choices, inconsistency) that I just cant watch the butchery anymore.

  • Good but needs new life

    Love it out of CW this is the best but really getting board of repeat bad guys coming back it seems to be a common thing in CW.

    DC UNIVERSE has loads of potential bad guys bring some new ones in it will make the shows great
  • Flash is the villain

    At the end flash is the villain. He causes all the problems.
  • Great show ...

    Its a great show.. The characters are nice, acting is good and so are the effects. But there is this one thing which is getting irritating ..

    "Its my fault"

    "It not your fault"

    'No this is on me"

    "Its on all of

    Come on, this is in EACH episode! Getting really old. Writers need to come with better filler material.
  • Why the whisper?

    It annoys me that some of the cast whisper talk. I don't know how else 2 explain it but they don't talk normal, they talk and whisper at the same time. Irritation time. Especially Wells and Barry sometimes. Just talk and don't do that with your voice. It annoys me so much that i cannot stand to watch it. Sorry about that.
  • Pick one side of the river for the STAR labs building and stick with it.

    There are over half a million people living here in the "greater metropolitan area", to feel the discontinuity when you keep moving the building between East/West side of the river whenever there is an aerial shot. I can't be the only one getting dizzy from this.

    I'm 4 episodes in... and other than that detail I *mostly* love this show so far. Haven't watched Arrow (yet?) nor will I ever read the comics.

    (is there a short name for the way graphic novels style ruins any story by not having a preset path for your eyes to scan straight across?)

    *edit: now even more dizzy in episode 6 with that mirror effect on the aerial view over the bridge... it makes sense though, you only have a few miles of river from which downtown is visible, mirroring that shot did make downtown look bigger ;-)

    *edit2: seriously? about 30m into ep6 you add views of a completely different city? I would have noticed that and felt cheated even if I didn't live in ***. (the views of that *other* city were ok in ep5 because that made it feel like some travelling was involved when Plastique went after Eiling)

    Ugh lol. every few minutes further into this show I wanna yell about something new... I'll try to restrain myself from here on, but my reason for watching was the instantly recognizable view of *** (my home) with a single glance at the first episode :p
  • They Lied (Star Lab)

    There was an episode when ANYONE off the Street could come inside. Then, they we have a SECURITY system that ONLY certain people can come in". Then, the Lady Miss Junior Detective walked inside after figuring out somewhat was going on with Star Lab. She later left the city for a training. Then, in Season 2 E14 "Escape from Earth -2" but on Earth 1, another Meda Human walks in. (What the heck is DC Comic doing)? NOT paying attention on what they said ? COME ON. Whose next to walk or "Michael Jackson"?
  • reverse flash returns, the writers need to do research

    I hate it , yeh I mean like a super speedster could exist, but that's the story and artistic license is expected, but the runaway truck thing was just stupid. first transports don't have brake lines to cut, they are air lines and if you cut them the brakes go on not off, second why take the wheels off when all you have too do is pop the air button, or unhook air line or cut air line to apply brakes, of course he could have pulled down the spike (trailer brakes). when you write yeh you come up with a , wow that would be cool, moment, but then you have to justify the scene. Reverse flash mechanically backing off all the brake would have made the scene work.
  • the flash is great

    The flash is an excellent show always full of great surprises and laughs. I love so much about the flash from Barry finding new ways to increase his speed to Cisco funny jokes. The shows only problem is Iris ,she has too much screen time which can get annoying because she should really be just a side character but this should not put people off because the show hooked me with just the t had a rocky start but the back end of season 1 could hook anyone on the show.
  • Have started watching again

    I had stopped watching Flash because of IRIS, the flash's Lana Lane. I learned that her character has been pulled backed a little, so decided to start watching Flash again.

    Sometimes, the producers even after realising their mistake about a wrong choice in casting, continue to persist at the cost of the series itself, like minority report. IRIS is totally a wrong choice and to save Flash, her character should just be one of the extras as a family member of Barry. Going out of the way to increase her screen-presence spoils the show as she does not and cannot fit in it.

    Patty is a good addition and the show is restoring all the interest it had.
  • the flash is amazin

    it is like a hook from season 1 i could not put it down
  • This is no Flash in the pan show, its got serious credentials and great stories that draw you in

    I didn't know whether I would like this show when it started last year but I have to say it has quickly become my favorite, cough joint favorite with thrones! The story is full of surprises, funny and the tempo and mystery keep the excitement going. Sure there are elements which seem some what poorly executed such as when Barrys father gets out of Prison and is barely in the show another episode or where the reverse flash is erased from history but the former Wells can still leave a video admitting to killing Barry's mum (something incidentally which would never have occurred as the character was erased from history the mind boggles). This despite continuity failures is an entertaining show that can both take things seriously and be fun too. Its a great show and I hope they don't do an Arrow and loose the plot in season 3.
  • Good start to the season

    So far an excellent start to the season, really like that they seem to have put the whole Iris/Barry love story on the backburner and have introduced a potential less mellow dramatic love interest for Barry. Add the new uber villain Zoom and the introduction of different realities and the stories are endless.

    I want MOOOARRRRR harrison wells. This guy is just a key part of this show. It is very important to me that he gets the screentime that he deserves. He HAS to be a regular of the group. Also, last episode he ***SPOILER ALERT*** stunned "sharkman" easily. So he has knowledge in the "meta-human" department. Plus he is walking now, Way more badass :). Hope we see him alot :) All-in-all it was a good episode. I would have like more action with the shark but flash being the flash, it has emotional moments. mind you, they're ok, but in that episode it felt like beverly hills. Giving this a 7/10. If i was only about wells, would have been a 15/10.
  • New thoughts

    Added 10/21/2015


    I was looking at comic-con's 2015 highlight reel, which is like a recap of Season 1. I just realized.. when the future Flash was fighthing in the past of the day of his mother's death, the costume's insigna was lighting-bolt gold against a white circle. So, this means, somehow, that the Reverse Flash and the Flash will be battling in the future. The story isn't over.. Somehow, Eobard Thawne will come back..


    In all this time-travel/alternate timelines/multi-verse thing, we forget one thing.

    In Season 1, Flash's accidental time-travel where he goes 1 day into the past, that could have an effect, could mean that at that point in time, we have 2 timelines going forward. Did the new timeline erased the previous one, or.. what if it continued. How would that go? Just a thought.. but it could have a few rippling effects.

    Season 2 - Start..

    OK. The first 2 episodes are cool.. Now, mind you, I didn't expect a 'depowered' Jay Garrick, kinda feel cheated..

    Wonder how that is going to be explained down the road as to how he lost his powers. Perhaps he's only fast on his earth... who knows.

    Harrison Wells returns.. Now.. that last segment of the 2nd episode points to the future, but seems to me to be from Earth 2.

    But that being said, what I do NOT understand for now, is how the present on the current Earth wasn't changed by Eddie Thawne's death in more profound ways. After all, with Eddie's death, Eobard was never born, which in turn should mean, none of his deeds ever happened, which means, Henry doesn't go to jail, etc.

    It hurts the mind to think of all the ramifications, because there are more than just that. The entire life of Barry Allen changes too, his mother should not have died, at least not murdered, then again, it also resets everything, Joe never becomes Barry's surrogate father.. The events that lead to Eddie's sacrifice never happen.. So.. now.. it's a real loop.. Unless this becomes a fork. Hard to tell.

    It will be nice to see IF the writers will tackle this a bit more deeply and what will be the storyline and answers behind this.

    Cisco's powers aren't the 'Vibe' powers we would expect, his powers seems to be in the form of some psychometric sense...

    Anyways, Great start to Season 2, many questions still, but I'm hooked to follow for answers.

    Added as Season Finale.

    First of all the Spin-off from Arrow/Flash is more than likely very much a direct result of the Flash's season finale.

    I will explain what I understand from the Flash's finale season episode.

    1) The show started off with the origin of a Flash from an alternate time where Barry's mom gets killed by the Reverse-Flash (timeline 2 for the sake of labeling)

    2) The Flash existed when Barry's Mom was alive (that would be the assumption, in timeline 1)

    3) The Reverse-Flash gets thrown out of existence when Eddie Thawne sacrifices himself

    4) The Flash we know is timeline 2

    5) Timeline 1 has the battle of the Reverse-Flash vs Flash as the Reverse-Flash goes back in time to try and kill young Barry Allen.

    6) The Reverse Flash causes timeline 2 to happen

    7) Which timeline is the Flash who is stopping our Timeline 2 Flash from saving his mom? This question is born out of the fact that somehow if Timeline 1's Flash has his mother alive, then why would a future self stop himself from saving his own mother?

    Now, we are talking about time travel and potential alternate universe stuff. So, we need a few pills to deal with the headaches all of this implies.

    First of all, Thawne/Wells told Eddie he was a great-great-great.. uncle.. Did he lie? Why would he? He also showed Eddie that the Flash marries Iris. Why?

    Could it be that the Reverse-Flash wasn't in the right universe he thought he was? He didn't expect to get literally erased from existence, he seemed to be a bright guy, so, if he knew Eddie was his direct ancestor, he would have taken better precaution. Anyways, he didn't kill him when they first had an encounter in the lab. So, it could be Wells/Thawne was just arrogant.

    What are the implication of the Reverse-Flash being wiped out of existence?

    1) a new Reverse-Flash could be created in the future, new foe, new origin.

    2) Every deed done by Eobard Thawne is erased

    - killing Barry's Mom

    - killing Harrison Wells and his wife

    - the particle accelerator

    - killing Stagg

    - etc..

    3) is timeline 1 restored?

    4) Events which have tied the Flash to the Arrow have never happened (this means, in theory, the Arrow's world also gets affected, if this is done right, it could explain the White Canary, maybe the Black Canary in timeline 1 was never So, while everybody is thinking that the Lazarus Pit was/or is being used to bring Sara back, an alternate timeline would also provide an explanation.

    That being said...

    Why would the Flash who comes back to save his younger self stop himself, literally, from saving his mother? (He's obviously following the Reverse-Flash, across time, what does he know about this at this point in time, its hard to believe he's from Timeline 1).

    Why did a Flash helmet (potentially Jay Garrick's) got thrown out of the wormhole? (alternate universe? is every potential timeline an alternate universe)

    Why would there be another singularity after the Reverse-Flash's eradication?

    Is Barry going to come 'through' the singularity into a world which has been 'reset' from the Reverse-Flash's action? (timeline 1)

    - will he be the only individual remembering the timeline 2?

    - will Cisco also remember bits and pieces of timeline 2? will he have those vibe powers in timeline 1 or will they be different In timeline1, Harrison Wells is.. Harrison Wells, not the skin of Eobard Thawne, so we could be seeing him in Season 2 alive and well again.

    The new series "Legends of Tomorrow" doesn't show Ronnie Raymond, so is it possible that it is already set in the "Timeline 1" where Professor Stein is with Jason Rusch, maybe Firestorm started off with Stein and Raymond, but perhaps then something happened to the Firestorm matrix, maybe Raymond died in the new timeline and maybe Rusch will be the new Firestorm.

    Right now, I'm assuming we are dealing with only 2 timelines.. but again, why would a 'Future' Flash stop his younger self from saving his mom? 3rd timeline?

    This means, where does 'our' Flash end up being in.. Timeline 1 or Timeline 3?

    Or does timeline 2 still even matter at this point? has it collapsed unto itself, because it simply can't exist without Eddie Thawne being alive to continue the generations that would eventually bring into existence Eobard Thawne?

    Of course, this also means that with timeline 2 collapsing, Eddie Thawne in timeline 1 will exist, and thus we still have the potential for the Reverse-Flash as Eobard Thawne.

    It could very well be that the 'Future' Flash which stops our 'Flash' from saving his mom, knows this. He's carrying all this knowledge of alternate timelines he's witness.

    So many thoughts, so many possibilities, basically, for those fans out there, we can't wait for the new seasons of Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, etc. to start.. :)

    Added after seeing Season 1 - 5th Episode

    Even more awesome. Now he can run on water and scale tall buildings.

    What's missing? the costume ring? :)

    Also, if this is going to deal with time travel, then somehow, Barry's speed is gonna have to improve. I wonder if/when the cosmic treadmill will be introduced as the device to move for moving in time.

    I wonder if Harrison Wells is the Reverse Flash. He could be messing with the timeline, killing Barry's mom and setting up Barry as the Flash in order to remake himself into his counterpart.

    Certainly, he's from the future, that much is very obvious.


    This show is awesome. Period. After 4 episode, this is a keeper. I just love it. The effects, the stories, the actors, this is probably the best comic-book to TV show ever done. I hope DC gets to expand on their TV universe, and I really hope they can cross-over not only with Arrow, but with Constantine and the future Supergirl show coming up soon. This is geek heaven!
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