The Flash - Season 2

Tuesday 8:00 PM on The CW Premiered Oct 07, 2014 In Season




Episode Guide

  • The Race of His Life

    Barry vows to stop Zoom when he learns what the latter's master plan is for Central City... and Earth One.

  • Invincible
    Episode 22

    After his time in the Speed Force, Barry is eerily confident that the team can handle Zoom and his army of Earth Two metahumans. Meanwhile, Wally sets out to be a hero, and Cisco has ominous vibes of the future.

  • The Runaway Dinosaur

    The team tries to recover Barry from the Speed Force, only to discover that he may not want to return. Meanwhile, the second particle explosion reanimated a dead metahuman, Girder, who is obsessed with finding Iris.

  • Rupture
    Episode 20

    Zoom proceeds with his plans to conquer first Central City and then all of Earth One. Only his feelings for Caitlin stay his hand... but she betrays him. Meanwhile, Harry comes up with a risky plan to give Barry his powers back, and Iris makes a confession to Barry.

  • Back to Normal
    Back to Normal
    Episode 19

    A metahuman abducts Harry, believing that he's the Harrison Wells who gave him his powers... which are slowly killing him. Meanwhile, Barry tries to cope with the loss of his superspeed, and Caitlin meets her Earth Two counterpart.

  • Versus Zoom
    Versus Zoom
    Episode 18

    The team takes on Zoom after learning his background and how to use it against him. However, Zoom escapes their trap and takes one of their own hostage to force Barry to give up his speed.

  • Flash Back
    Flash Back
    Episode 17

    Determined to gain enough speed to beat Zoom, Barry travels one years into the past so that he can convince Eobard Thawne to show him the secret of his speed. However, Eobard soon learns that Barry is from the future and things go awry.

  • Trajectory
    Episode 16

    A new speedster spreads chaos throughout Central City, and Barry must go faster than ever before if he hopes to stop her. Meanwhile, Cisco has vibe-visions of Zoom, and Harry and Jesse argue over Harry's over-protectiveness.

  • King Shark
    King Shark
    Episode 15

    King Shark escapes from ARGUS, so Lyla and Diggle come to Central City to hunt the metahuman down. Meanwhile, King Shark is hunting down Flash, who is preoccupied with what happened during his recent trip to Earth-2.

  • Escape From Earth-2
    Escape From Earth-2
    Episode 14

    On Earth-2, Cisco appeals to Killer Frost to help them find Zoom--and a captive Barry--before it's too late. On Earth-1, Caitlin finds a way to cure Jay while he prepares for a rematch against Geomancer.

  • Welcome to Earth-2
    Welcome to Earth-2
    Episode 13

    While Harry goes back to Earth-2 with Barry and Cisco to rescue his daughter Jesse from Zoom, Joe, Caitlin, and Jay deal with a new metahuman menace.

  • Fast Lane
    Fast Lane
    Episode 12

    Barry teams up with Wells to find a way to close the breaches, but they are distracted by a meta-human nicknamed Tar Pit who can transform into liquid asphalt. Meanwhile, Iris becomes concerned for Wally's safety when she learns he is drag racing.

  • The Reverse-Flash Returns

    Cisco works with Harry to stabilize his "vibe" power, and gets a vision of Eobard Thawne killing Dr. McGee. The team soon realizes that Reverse-Flash is back... from a time period before he killed Barry's mother. Meanwhile, Iris says goodbye to her dying mother and suggests that Wally do the same, and Patty prepares to leave Central City.

  • Potential Energy
    Potential Energy
    Episode 10

    The Flash battles a meta-human whose powers are the opposite of the hero's... and may prove too much for him to handle. Meanwhile, Barry considers whether to tell Patty the truth about his secret identity, and Wally is less than thrilled to have a new family.

  • 12/8/15

    Weather Wizard plans to get revenge on Flash and recruits Captain Cold and Trickster to help him. Meanwhile, Harry considers his deal with Zoom, Joe and Iris meet Wally, and Patty meets the man who killed her father.

  • Legends of Today
    Episode 8

    A mysterious immortal named Vandal Savage comes hunting for Kendra, and Barry and Cisco take her to Star City seeking Oliver's help. Meanwhile, Caitlin and Harrison create a speed enhancer, Velocity-6, but they need Jay to test it and he refuses.

  • Gorilla Warfare
    Episode 7

    Barry's confidence is crushed after Zoom cripples him, and Iris calls Henry in to help his son. Meanwhile, Grodd launches a new plan to gain others like himself, and Caitlin convinces Harrison to help them.

  • Enter Zoom
    Episode 6

    Barry tries to lure Zoom into a trap despite Caitllin's objections, and Joe wonders if his foster son has an ulterior motive. Meanwhile, Dr. Light escapes from her prison and the team turns to her Earth-1 counterpart--Linda--for help.

  • 11/3/15

    The Flash and his team battle Doctor Light, the newest breacher to come to Earth-1. This time, the team has Harrison Wells to help them... the Harrison from Earth-2. Meanwhile, Barry finally asks Patty on a date, and Cisco asks a new barista for her number.

  • 10/27/15

    The team tries to find a substitute for Ronnie before Martin dies due to a lack of molecular stability. Meanwhile, Francine startles Joe with unexpected news, and Barry hesitates to become romantically involved with Patty.

  • Family of Rogues
    Episode 3

    Lisa tells the team that her brother Len has been kidnapped. However, when Barry makes contact with the villain, he insists that he doesn't want to be rescued.

  • 10/13/15

    Jay Garrick, a mysterious man who claims that he's the Flash in a parallel world, warns the team about an evil speedster named Zoom who plans to destroy the Flash. While Barry wonders whether to trust the newcomer, Joe deals with Patty Spivot, an officer who wants to join the metahuman taskforce.

  • 10/6/15

    Six months after the events of the Singularity, Central City holds a rally in Flash's honor. However, Barry doesn't want to attend since he knows who the true hero is who sacrificed his life to save the city. Meanwhile, a new giant-sized metahuman launches an attack on Flash.