The Flash

Season 1 Episode 19

Good Night, Central City

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM May 04, 1991 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • You can easily tell that the money that The Flash is returning to the teller's drawers are not real. They don't even have the proper faces on them.

    • When Harry was "dead" in the first segment, you could still see his eyes moving a little.

    • Somehow the police were able to visually identify the two robbers even though they wore masks throughout the scene.

  • Quotes

    • Roger: Harry wake up.
      Harry: (after waking up in the body bag) Roger. I was just dreaming about you. I was dreaming...I was dreaming...I was trying to pick the lock of the Taj Mahal and then and...oh man I've been shrinked wrapped.

    • Fosnight: Hey, Harry, I heard you were dead.
      Harry: Then you just saw a ghost. You understand me Fosnight?
      Fosnight: Sure, I'll send you a wreath.

    • Stan Morse: (after knocking out two police officers) Now that's my version of a sleeping machine.

  • Notes

    • When this episode originally aired, the title in some TV Tabs and Guides listed this as "Slumber Party"

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