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  • What a Relief

    After all the angst and posturing from other comic book shows, it is so nice to see one that brings me back to the feeling that I had from the books I read as a youth. The Flash really captures the real energy and feeling of the comics I read as a youth. (I'm in my 50's - so sue me) Don't get me wrong - I love Daredevil too which goes to the dark, gritty side. But Barry Allen with his optimistic energy is a joy to behold. And his supporting cast is simply an hour of fun television.

    The concepts are interesting, the ideas intriguing and I'm in for the ride. Just for comparison. Archer lost me by the third season. It became an absurd soap drama where anybody in the cast could become a super hero with no qualifications.
  • A struggle

    I struggle with this show.. I like the premise. The stories are ok.. but I struggle to like Barry... and worse, I just want to slap Iris, one of the most annoying characters on tv. We continue to watch since I want to see what happens with Wells, the future etc.. but it can be a struggle some weeks. I mean, just how many times are we going to see him stand in front of some villian and allow them to hurt him as opposed to just arriving in a flash, taking their gun or locking them up in 'a flash' ?
  • clever

    if there are tv shows that has really showed and given life to any DC comic i would bet on this tv series.

    the actors are great. the creators and writers are soo innivative. i bet you this show is better than the arrow or vampire diaries.
  • good show

    whatever others think... i like that show that's be ause ilike super heroes :)
  • So bad

    This show is so lame that my NAS is trying not to be ill... First, what was acceptable for Superman/smallville ten years ago isn't for the flash in 2014, I mean the cheesy teen all soap bullshit then everything is wrong in this show.. The guy has a costume allowing him to withstand super speed has ruggedness... he needs to communicate with his team (????, in with comic flash has a team ???) but needs to push some kind of a button on his ear to do that (in a time of bluetooth devices and icing gun), The dialogs are predictable, the acting and the tone are so mainstream that everything just seem to pop off a terrible bad hollywood movie.

    Why the studios felt the need to remove a good series like almost human to give us that stupidity is a mystery to me...
  • Tonights episode was an AMERICAN LET DOWN!

    How dare you think it is okay to use the American flag in a battle and then allow it to be thrown to the ground. What is wrong with you. At a time when we are involved in multiple battles in the Middle East you think it is okay to disrespect our nation's flag????? That is a slap in the face to every military member and American that has died defending that flag!!! I will probably drop the show from list. HOW DARE YOU!

    If I could I would give you a zero...
  • Nice link with "Arrow"

    I like this link with the Arrow. Maybe there will be an episode where the flash and the Arrow work together... maybe a double feature. That would be interesting..
  • Really slow!

    The Flash is not faster than a gun, cant even take a gun from someone hands? Episode 4 was really bad!
  • All "flash" and no substance.

    More money was spent on FX than spent on quality writing. Granted it was the 90s, but some of those lame villains - please...

    While Amanda Pays was an attractive love-interest, she can't act worth a darn. I own the series and she is painful to watch.

    It could have been a lot better if CBS execs didn't tie the writer's hands - telling them they couldn't use super villains, citing "they would be too far fetched" is just ridiculous. They spent 1.5 million per episode about a guy who can run faster than the speed of light, but a super villain would be too far fetched?

    The Trixter episodes are the best of the series. Why? Well, Mark Hamil was awesome, and, wait for it, it was a character people knew and loved.

    Such wasted potential...
  • After a freak accident gives police scientist Barry Allen superspeed, he uses his new power to help fight crime as the costumed hero The Flash.

    This was a good show that could have become a great one if it had been given the chance it deserved. Despite the inexplicable decision to make Central City an almost carbon copy of Batman's dark and quirky Gotham City, John Wesley Shipp did a respectable job of bringing both police scientist Barry Allen and The Flash to life, though allowances had to be made for the somewhat tacky bulky rubber Flash suit they imposed on him. It must have limited his movements quite a bit, but still he managed to work quite well within it. When he wasn't running around as the Scarlet Speedster, Shipp's portrayal of Barry Allen gave the character some much-needed warmth and humanity which seemed to have been missing in the comics.
    Amanda Pays unfortunately always seemed somewhat out of place to me, even though I think she's a great actress. Her character of Tina McGee seemed too one dimensional, really, to get me to care about her all that much.
    Alex Desert as Barry's lab assistant Julio on the other hand worked perfectly, once you got beyond the annoying habit Julio had of always trying to set Barry up with a friend of his current girl-friend of the week... If the series had lasted longer, I think he definitely would have had some possibilities for some very interesting storylines. The bad guys in the show were where I started to have some problems with it. If you're going to use villains like the Mirror Master and Captain Cold, they should have at least tried to make them look like the characters in the comics a little. Mirrormaster was totally unrecognizable, though he was well-played by aging actor and former teen idol David Cassidy (yes, of Keith Partridge fame...). Mark Hammil's Trickster was a little too annoying, though he certainly seemed deranged. Some of the more enjoyable episodes for me were "Ghost in the Machine" in which The Flash teams up with an old mystery man to catch a villian who's come back from cryogenic suspension to pick up where he left off thirty years ago; "Twin Streaks" in which Barry's cloned ... complete with super speed; and "Alpha", an episode in which Barry and Tina try to help an escaped android who's more alive than the government agents trying to capture her.
    I wish this show had lasted longer, but budgetary concerns and scheduling problems teamed up together to make a combination that even the Flash's superspeed couldn't beat and it was canceled after only one season.
  • A mondo series, way before its time, axed before its prime.

    The Flash was one of those series that never got to be in its prime, due to some strange reason. It was axed just after one season, when it just was getting exiting in my view. Maybe that ironically helped the series to become what it is today.. A never-dying classic, something that the people (like me) who has loved the Scarlet Speedster from childhood will always return to.

    Sure, it has some differences from the Comic, but it still is faithful to the character in its essence. The troubled love-relationship to Iris, his enemies (some created for the series, some taken from the comics).

    Tina McGee was also a fascinating character, even if she was mainly created for the series.

    Good series, absolutely a strong 5 on the dice.
  • I wish it lasted a few more seasons.

    The Flash is almost the definition of a cult series. It was never a hit, and canceled after one season due to poor ratings, but during its short run it developed a strong fan base among comics readers who now remember it fondly. It came a year after the first Batman movie and tried to match that film's dark cityscape imagery and cesspool of crime atmosphere, and largely succeeded thanks to well thought out comic-inspired production design work and gloomy lighting. The two principle actors are attractive and likable and for its time and its budget, The Flash was a good looking and well plotted exercise in comics adaptation.
  • It was ok

    I just got this show on dvd and have to say its pretty bland. Its a ok show with a interesting hero. He is The Flash,fastest man alive and out to save Central City. After the death of his brother by a leader of a bike gang, who is the brothers x-partner. Its basically starts out where the city is terrozied by the bike gang. After being struck by lighting and chemicals. Barry Allen has become The Flash. With the help of Tina Mcgee,he now learns to control his power and save the day. The show only lasted one season. I see why after watching a few episodes. It was never too exciting. The plots were goofy. Villians that werent too evil. In the end a very average show.
  • Very nice!

    Though I vaguely remember it when originally broadcast (I was five old years back in 1990), the recent DVD release has allowed me to revisit all 22 episodes of this short-lived series. John Wesley Shipp played Barry Allen, a forensics officer in Central City. One night, he get's zapped by lightning while working at the lab and goes for a flying leap into a rack of chemicals. In the normal world, this would usually result in death or lasting injuries. But this is a comic book world, and these freak accidents leave people with super-powers. In this case, Barry gains the ability to run fast. Really fast. With the assistance of Dr. Tina McGee (Amanda Pays), Barry dons a spiffy, freakishly muscled red suit to fight crime as The Flash. What makes this a mostly successful show is how it didn't take itself all seriously or delve into camp. That said, it did have helpings of both. In episode six, Sins of the Father, Barry has to deal with his father (M. Emmet Walsh)) never really respecting his work because his brother was an actual police officer. On the flip side, you have Mark Hamill's appearance as James Jesse, a serious psycho who dons the persona of The Trickster, a twisted melding of The Joker and The Riddler.

    As stated in other user comments on why the show was canceled, reasons often cited include messing around with it's schedule and the cost of each episode (by television standards, the visual effects were pretty good). Some of the better episodes include Out of Control, in which some highly illegal experiments yield some hilarious results; Captain Cold, which features the titular villain and his plans to put Barry on ice; and Twin Streaks, showing Central City isn't big enough for two fast dudes. The show seemed to be very much inspired by Tim Burton's Batman, with it's production design and visuals. Heck, the opening theme is from Danny Elfman (In one episode, Barry walks past a movie theater showing Batman and Superman). The show also benefited from an amusing supporting cast (especially officers Murphy and Bellows) and a slew of guest stars including Jeffrey Combs, Richard Belzer, Dick Miller, and Anthony Starke ("Jimmy's new in town"). At least fans can appreciate the show on DVD.
  • A freak laboratory accident gives police scientist Barry Allen the ability to move at incredible speed. With the help of a fellow research scientist, the fastest man alive known as the Flash uses his powers to clean up the streets of Central City.

    A freak laboratory accident gives police scientist Barry Allen (John Wesley Shipp, Dawson's Creek) the ability to move at incredible speed. With the help of a fellow research scientist (Amanda Pays, Max Headroom), the fastest man alive known as the Flash uses his powers to clean up the streets of Central City from menacing criminals like the Trickster, Captain Cold, Mirror Master and much more. "The Flash" first aired on CBS in 1990 but unfortunately only lasted one season. Despite its short-lived run, the live-action series was a well produced adaptation of the popular comic book character. This entertaining series features some worthy storylines, cool visual effects and a great music score. It also includes guest stars like Richard Beltzer, Gloria Reuben, David Cassidy, Jeri Ryan, Bryan Cranston, Angela Bassett and Mark Hamill.
  • A very good superhero show

    The Flash is a great show that balanced powers and humanity very well and we get to see both sides of Barry: cop and vigilante which is quite impressive.

    While I don't think it could have lasted more than one or two seasons, the Flash was a show that always had very well written episodes and characters and the developing arc of Barry and Tina, Julio suspecting Barry aswell as great recurring characters like the reporters and cops Bellows and Murphy, who brought humour to the show.

    The punchline endings were a little cliche and I would have liked Julio to learn of Barry's secret identity butother than a few other faults, The Flash is definitely more entertaining than the overabundance of reality shows and soaps that plague this millenium.
  • Maybe the show was a little corny, but it was still a great show that didn't last long enough.

    I used to watch this show when it was still new and than it was gone. It's sort of like a "B" show, but that doesn't make it any less good.

    I recently got the show on dvd and have been watching the episodes. I had forgotten them for the most part so it's all brand new to me.

    Some people think it isn't a good show because it is so "cheesy", but I still liked it. It's a nice change from the other shows out there

    I thought the acting was ok and I liked the Flash as a superhero. It really was a pretty good show.
  • Cheesy, got the Nostalgia factor but not for the uninitiated.

    I love comics and even comic book adaptations, and I wanted to re-watch this to recapture a little of my youth, but in watching the series again what\'s most apparent is the wasted potential.
    First off, despite all the correspondences to Batman: The Animated Series, that show was a brilliant masterpiece written for adults yet targeted at children. This one is written for children and targeted at teenagers. The dialogue/plotline is often infantile, usually redundant.
    Then there\'s the problem with the character hisself. The Flash is probably the worst choice within DC\'s intellectual properties to make a show on, because due to his speed he\'s functionally even more invincible than Superman, but whereas Superman has to face off against Kryptonite-wielding enemies and superpowered counterparts like Bizarro-Superman, The Flash is up against nonpowered The Trickster, the poor man\'s Joker. The only suspense is created by the Fastest Man Alive literally STANDING THERE in an enemy\'s presence long enough to get hit by his seventeenth tranq dart. Twice (Pollux, Nightshade II) does Flash face off against similarly fast characters and both times he needs someone else to shoot them with a gun to win. If I were writing the show, I\'d have Pr. Zoom or The Rival (the reverse-Flashes) show up in Episode One so there\'d be some suspense. But then, if I were writing I\'d probably have picked a less overpowered character to make a show about.

    Not that I didn\'t enjoy the show for the nostalgia and cheese factor. But I can hardly recommend it to anyone but comics fans.
  • "The Flash" tried to capitalize on the success of Tim Burton's Batman - right down to the Danny Elfman theme. The settings were great, the special effects were fantastic, but the cast was only average, and the writing was terrible.

    OK, I have to admit that I'm a superhero freak. The Incredible Hulk? Loved it. Adam West as Batman? My idol. When Tim Burton released Batman in '89, I was the first in line. One of my personal favourite heroes, though, had to be the Flash. So when CBS released THE FLASH as part of their primetime line-up, I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. The special effects were fantastic, and I thought Shipp with his rugged good looks and chiseled chin filled the red suit admirably, but the rest of the cast made me squirm in discomfort, they seemed so wooden, bland and - yes, dumb. The characters were uninteresting, the show was to showcase the special effects, and like an updated version of the campy Adam West Batman, each episode became a new venue for "the villain of the week". The writing was positively atrocious. Even as a huge comic book and Flash fan, I found myself groaning at the sheer stupidity of some of the plots and dialogue. Still, I never missed an episode, and was sad when it was cancelled, but THE FLASH just goes to prove that a show can never be successful on special effects alone: interesting characters and compelling plots are what attract viewers.
  • A revolutionary superhero adaptation.

    This show came out about the time the tim burton's batman came out. it was one of a kind, it was a fresh look at adapting a super hero franchise for television. this show had everything, it had action, adventure, romance and mystery. it was a crime fighting drama, each week was a good episode. the flash faces off some evil criminal gangs, misguided superhero wannabees and a bunch of really bad guys. this show was exciting, the effects were so cool, when he moves really really fast, it becomes the trademark scene of the show, and this was before the matrix, this show was at the time really cutting edge.
  • Cool gadget in this episode was the cloaking divice. Imagine how much fun could be had with it!

    It makes me wonder in awe about ones senses. The blind news stand man giving an exact discription of the "Invisable Man" was extrordinary. The fact that The Flash used his own blood to save the ladies makes me think that they may be able to run just a little bit faster now. Technology seemed a bit ahead of itself, as I didnt see any webcams, or other cameras around the computer monitors, but we could see the characters talking to each other. Using the heat sensing contacts helped, but also freezing the "invisable Man" would have made him show up as well.
  • didn't last long

    i really had hoped that this show would last longer than it did. i think the crappy special effects were more its downfall than the corny story lines. there were some really good episodes and others that you could hardly make it through. but as corny as this show was it has nothing on the straight to video movie, captain america that john wesley shipp was in.
  • Screw Smallville. Flash rules!

    I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this show. One thing I liked particularly is that they didn\\\'t used clasic cliched comic storylines ,but real crime stories.I never liked Flash comics because they were always so complicated and ridiculous. The villains were amazingly adapted. So as the Flash himself.One thing I didn\\\'t understood is why did they used Barry Allen ,when Wally West was current Flash then. Never mind that.
    Why are they always cancel good shows after one or two seasons ,and they air for years shows that became boring after first season?
    Injustice ,I tell you.
    It would be cool ,if someone produce new Flash action or cartoon...whatever...I was pissed when I heard about The Batman cartoon. Not that I got something against the show ,t\\\'s just there is already enough Batman cartoons ,and they are making new one instead of concentrating on some other heroes like - Flash.
    I want Flash show!!! I want it ,want it ,want it ,want it...
  • An excellent show.

    I loved this show when it first aired and am grateful it's finally been released on DVD.

    The DVD is no frills. It has nice packaging and disc designs but there are no extras.

    The picture quality on the DVD does not appear as crisp as I think it should be but it's better than the quality of my VHS copies.

    If you like superheroes and enjoy shows like Smallville and Lois & Clark, then you should check this show out if you haven't seen it yet.
  • the flash yes the flash is here this is a great super hero show to bad that it took so long to get to dvd i just got mine glad its out now lets see if we can see more of the old time shows

    The Flash this was great tv superhero show for the 90 and its to bad it didnt last longer ok i am so glad that it came out in dvd i have it love it now if we can see more of the old tv shows from 60 70 80 like this come were is the six million dollar man at? how about the green hornet too if were there bring out the old shows for people to buy lets get some more like these ones ok
  • whew!! this show is gone faster than the flash himself...what i love most from this show is the costume of the flash. it is well designed for him..the red colour is perfect, it is the flash's red..if they want to make a big screen movie for the flash they

    whew!! this show is gone faster than the flash himself...what i love most from this show is the costume of the flash. it is well designed for him..the red colour is perfect, it is the flash's red..if they want to make a big screen movie for the flash they should hire the designer
  • One of the best-ever live-action Super-hero shows of all time.

    Different from any of the Superhero shows that had come before it, using only the '89 Batman movie as its model. The choices of cast were excellent, and the ideas used for each story had great promise. But it came too soon, and at too great a price.

    This marvelous show was cancelled before it truly came into its own. Cartoons would quickly take its place, but I for one miss the unusually different atmosphere of this show, and hope that someone will decide to make a new superhero show, perhaps using this one as a model.
  • THE FLASH was a well-adapted comic series that was not given the chance it deserved.

    It was stylish. It had no actual time setting. The blend of old and new made it feel timeless. The characters were developed well. Plus with guest-villains such as Mark Hamill as the Trickster, Captain Cold, and Mirror Master, it was on of few TV series to bring the super villains from the comics to the TV in a legitimate and enjoyable way. Written with humor, but took itself seriously. I loved this show and wish CBS had not moved its timeslot like 3 or 4 times through the course of its one, underappreciated season.
  • This show has alot of fans believe it or not. I loved it when I was a kid. I liked that it was a hour long and entertaining.

    I have a account set up on and this is one of the more sought after DVD sets. On there you look up what you want and can keep track of news as the tv shows that you loved come to DVD. This web page is great. According to it this show is coming in the near future. Also for die hard fans of this show I just read a few days ago that a episode of the flash is going to be on a extra DVD slipped into the season 4 of Smallville set and that set was released 2 days ago. I am going to have to see it.
  • This show is currently in the works for a season 1 DVD, which is pretty cool. There were only about 22 episodes to this show, but I thought it was much better. A man that could run faster then Superman. . . amazing.

    I truly enjoyed this show, as during the early 1990s there weren't many super hero TV shows that were out, compared to the 1970s and 1980s. I guess the 'super hero' craze died down.

    I really likeed the suit Flash wore in this series. I was surprised to see this show canceled, as I felt it was an interesting show.

    Season 1 is currently in the works according to
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