The Flash

Season 1 Episode 17

Twin Streaks

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Apr 13, 1991 on CBS



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  • Quotes

    • Barry: I can handle it, I'm not like other men. You of all people should know that. I can do things others can't.
      Tina: Barry, listen to yourself. Do you think you're God? What, you're immortal?

    • Garfield: What's eating him, McGee?
      Tina: Look, please excuse him, Lieutenant. He's under extreme stress.
      Garfield: Aren't we all?
      Tina: I'm treating him for it. He'll be himself very soon, I promise you.
      Garfield: Wish I had a pretty doctor to treat my stress.

    • Barry: Okay, okay, so I was a little out of line. All right, way out of line. But he started it.
      Tina: Petulance. I love that in a man.

    • Pollux: Where am I from? Who were my parents? I've read about this. But I have no memory of growing up.
      Jason: You're who and what you are right now. That's all you need to know.
      Pollux: Yeah, but there's more. I mean, there has to be. Am I good? Am I bad?
      Jason: Well, aren't we getting philosophical in our old age? Just shut up and go back to your books

    • Pollux: I want to find out who I am. You tell me.
      Jason: All right, I will. You're nothing. Absolutely nothing. A random accumulation of molecules grown in a lab. An experiment. A lab animal who at the moment is getting on my nerves. Now let go of my arm.

    • Barry: Tina, I watched myself die. It really brought home what you've tried to make me understand. That I am only a man. And like all of us, I'm on a journey of a birth, a life, and a passing. Does that make any sense?
      Tina: Nothing you've ever said has been clearer or more true.
      Barry: And I know that you've only tried to make me be careful with the life that I have.
      Tina: That's right, Barry. Guard it well. For with you and the powers you have, oh what a life you'll lead.

    • Jason: (when talking about Barry's clone) Just imagine what a foreign country would pay for--for an army of these. We're talking soldiers, intelligence agents, assassins... a race of warriors.
      Ted : That is not what this project is about. Now you said we were going to create a force of good in the world.
      Jason: Wrong. I said it would make us rich. And it will. Any nation on the map would pay millions for just one of these.

    • Tina: (arguing over Barry pushing himself too hard) Fifteen sightings of The Flash in the past five days.
      Barry: Yeah and ask these people if they were glad I was there.
      Tina: I'm sure they were, Barry, but at what cost to you?

  • Notes

    • Since the release of this episode, cloning for complex organisms have became science fact. However, a clone of a person would not be identical to the physical age of the person in question. They would still have to grow up at the same rate as the original.

  • Allusions

    • Barry: It's a real Frankenstein story.
      Referencing Mary Shelley's novel Frankenstein; or, the Modern Prometheus (1818), which tells the tale of Victor Frankenstein who attempts to create life by stitching together parts from corpses and animating them. The novel has been adapted into numerous movies including the 1931 version with Boris Karloff as the monster, as well as theatrical, television, and comic book adaptations.

    • Pollux:
      As explained in the episode, Pollux was the twin brother (due to heteropaternal superfecundation) of Castor in Greek mythology. What wasn't mentioned, but shows the arrogance of Pollux's creator Jason, is that the mythological Pollux was the child of Zeus where Castor's father was a mortal.

    • Twin Streaks:
      The episode title is an homage to the cult TV series Twin Peaks which was just entering its second and final season when The Flash premiered. Lenny Van Dohlen (Jason Brassell) had just finished a recurring stint on that series as "Harold Smith" a few months before he appeared in this episode.

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