The Flight That Fought Back

Sunday 9:00 PM on Discovery Channel Premiered Sep 11, 2005 Between Seasons


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  • This was an informative, fact based (to the best of my knowledge) account of Flight 93, the plane that was hijacked on September 11th, then crashed into Shanksville, Penn. after the passengers and crew revolted against the terrorists.

    This documentary, (some call it docudrama, but I see it more as a documentary than a movie. Just my opinion.), was a very nice tribute to the passengers and crew of United Flight 93. Their efforts averted making an already horrible situation much, much worse. The interviews with friends and families of the passengers and crew were at times painful and hard to watch, they also gave faces to those who were on that tragic flight. Keifer Sutherland narrates the film, and the actor's do a really good job in their roles without over playing them, which I think could've easily been done. All in all, it did get to me. It bothered me emotionally. Which is why I think it's worth watching a second time.