The Flintstone Kids

ABC (ended 1988)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • The Great Freddini
      Freddy becomes "The Great Freddini" when he decides to put on a magic show for the rest of the kids.
    • Frankenstone / Yard Wars / Freezy Does It
      Frankenstone: When Rocky wrecks Wilma's little sister's doll it is up to Freddy to fix it. In the process, Freddy imagines he is the real Dr. Frankenstone and creates a monster that wants to make Wilma his bride. Yard Wars: When Dino has to babysit Wilma's pet Saberkitty, he has to do what ever it takes to keep Fang safe. Freezy Does It: When Dr. Iceman is stealing all the rockfrigerators it is up to Captain Caveman and his son to stop him from freezing all of Bedrock.moreless
    • Heroes For Hire
      Heroes For Hire
      Episode 3
      While at the Flintstone house, Barney answers the phone, winning a trip to the Captain Caveman Show. Fred becomes jealous because he was the one who told Barney to pick up the phone. Fred tries to prove himself as a hero to the town so he can get the prize instead of Barney, since he would have gotten the prize in the first place.moreless
    • Indiana Flintstone / Dreamchip's Car Wash / Invasion Of The Mommy Snatchers
      Indiana Flintstone: During a visit to the museum, Fred and Barney sneak to a Indiana Stones exhibit, and pretend to be Indiana and his faithful side-kick.

      Dreamchip's Car Wash: Dreamchip wants to test her new dog-washer on Dino, and Fred agrees, until Dreamchip calls Dino a "mutt".

      Invasion Of The Mommy Snatchers: Captain Caveman and son try to solve the mystery of all the mothers disappearing in Bedrock.moreless

    • The Bad News Brontos
      The kids start up a baseball team of their own.
    • Rubble Without A Cause / Dressed Up Dino / The Ditto Master
    • Dusty Disappears
      Dusty Disappears
      Episode 7
      While babysitting Dusty Rubble, Fred and Barney (with the help of Wilma and Betty) finally get him to sleep. Mr. and Mrs. Rubble think they did a great job, and make Fred and Barney take him to the carnival. While there, Dusty starts being a pain to Fred and Barney and disappears on them, and its up to Fred and Barney to find him before the Rubble's come to pick him up.moreless
    • Sugar And Spies / The Vet / I Was A Teenage Grown-Up
      Sugar And Spies: Freddy, Barney, Wilma, and Betty pretend to be agents after the mysterious Agent Dino 07.

      The Vet: After Dino misunderstands a conversation between Freddy and his Dad, he thinks they are taking him to the vet.

      I Was A Teenage Grown-Up: The evil Dr. Bad tries to take the fun out of everything so life is dull. It's up to Captain Caveman and Son to stop him from doing so.moreless

    • Poor Little Rich Girl
      Dreamchip's birthday is coming up, and her butler, Cragmeyer, won’t let her have a birthday party. Fred, Barney, Wilma, and Betty decide to sneak into her mansion and have a surprise party for her, but can they beat the alarm system?
    • Freddy In The Big House / The Butcher Shop / Grime And Punishment
    • The Rock Concert That Rocked Freddy
      Freddy promises everyone tickets to the Brick Stonespring concert, but when Freddy is unable to get the tickets, he and Barney have to do whatever it takes to get them to the concert.
    • Bedrock P.I.'s / Freddy's Mechanical Dog / A Tale Too Silly
    • Curse Of The Gemstone Diamond
      A look-alike of Fred goes on to steal Dreamchip Gemstone's precious diamond, spoiling the Halloween party of the kids.
    • Princess Wilma / The Dino Diet / To Baby Or Not To Baby
    • I Think That I Shall Never See Barney Rubble As A Tree / Dino Come Home
      I Think That I Shall Never See Barney Rubble As A Tree: Barney goes to the doctor and gets a shot then he sleeps near a tree. Doctor's come over and examines the tree and discovers that it's sick so it needs to be treated. Freddy overhears and thinks that they're talking about Barney.

      Dino Come Home: Freddy's class goes on a camping trip and Dino stows away. When Freddy discovers Dino he gets frightened and runs away.moreless

    • Monster From The Tar Pits / What's Price Fleadom / Hero Today, Gone Tomorrow
    • The Fugitives
      The Fugitives
      Episode 17
      After accidentally stealing an old pillow from a Museum, Fred and Barney try to redeem themselves, escape from the public and in the hands of car thieves.
    • The Twilight Stone / The Terror Within / Day Of The Villians
    • Freddy's Rocky Road To Karate
      Rocky Ratrock challenges the junior water buffalos to a karate match. At first they all think their going to lose until Ms. Rockbottom assigns foreign exchange students and Freddy gets a Japanese one. As he sees it Japanese people know a lot about karate but his exchange student is a girl named Tamoco. She trains Freddy for the fight but Freddy plans to let her fight Rocky instead.moreless
    • Betty's Big Break / Revenge Of The Bullied / Curse Of The Reverse
    • Barney's Moving Experience
      As Fred breaks his bike, Barney's dad employs him for a part-time job at his shop. Barney, feeling his friend has replaced him and is doing a good job in his stead, decides to move out of their place and leave Bedrock.
    • Dino Goes Hollyrock / Chocolate Chip Catastrophe
    • The Little Visitor / Grandpa For Loan
      The Little Visitor: Freddy thinks his parents are planning to have another baby.

      Grandpa For Loan: Barney will be competing in a race and he asks Fred's grampa for help.
    • Philo's Invention / Watchdog Blues / Leave It To Mother
    • Freddy's First Crush
      A new substitute teacher has come to Fred's school. Hopelessly smitten with his teacher, Freddy becomes her willing assistant in their classroom.
    • Bedrock 'N' Roll / Greed It And Weep / Captain Cavepuppy
  • Season 2