The Flintstone Kids

ABC (ended 1988)


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  • an outstanding spin off of the flintstones.

    this spin off deserves 4 awards for it's best episodes screenplays, amazing graphics, excellent music, and the outstandingly best parodies the episodes have in them. dreamchip gemstone, wilma slaghoople, betty bricker, and janet granite are my all time favorite cartoon characters in this series. hanna barbera, you make lots of best cartoons for me, and thanks for the flintstones kids for me to watch. this show deserves to be on itunes and other video shopping software
  • Great spin off

    This show was a great spin off that was about an already great series. I liked watching this show and do not ever recall what had happened to the show, because it was taken off of tv. There were the bad kids that were out to cause trouble to Fred and the gang which added to the story. Any Hannah Barbara fans should definitely check this show out whenever it comes on DVD if it has not already. I liked the whole cave man and cave man son scenario that went on. The show seemed to do well with all of that.
  • Great Spin on An Already Classic TV Show

    i remember this show vividly from watching it as a kid. altho i really wish i had a chance to see it again because it really was something i enjoyed and still will to this day. hopefully with all the shows hanna-barbera is releasing on dvd as of late this show along with a pup named scooby doo & the addams family will make theyre way into my home via theyre animated classics dvd collection. its a shame it ended when it did specially with the bonus captain caveman & son! shorts/characters mixed into the show. but basicly this was more my time when this show was on the air as i was around 3-4 years old. but i do recommend this show to anyone thats a fan of hanna-barbera cartoons and the flintstones! so if you ever get a chance to see this or buy it on dvd do not hesitate! you will not be dissapointed!
  • Underrated but cute!

    The show goes back to when Fred, Wilma, Barney, and
    Betty are kids. You will also find out why they
    Are the way that they became adults thanks to their
    parents as well as also how the boys had crushes on
    The girls that would later become their wives. The show
    Is underrated but still is very cute IMO!
  • The Flinstone Kids was an awesome show!

    When I was younger I remember watching it all the time. I loved the show, and then it wasn't on tv anymore. I want it back on the air! It was a great show and I don't understand why people don't like it. Well anyways it involves all the flinstone characters but they are little kids and they get into all kinds of mischief.
  • The Flintstone Kids gose back to the times when all the Flintstone characters on the Flintstones were kids. This show is deffenitley a good show.

    I enjoyed watching the Flintstone Kids, i thought it was a good show, i was not around when it came out but i have seen reruns and thought that it was a good show. It introduces many new characters and is still enjoyable to watch on tv any day of the week.