The Flintstones

Season 5 Episode 7

A Haunted House is Not a Home

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Oct 29, 1964 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • The back of Barney's chair gets cut in half, but a second later, it's intact.

    • At night, the sky is covered with clouds and there is lightning. Yet when Wilma and Betty leave, the sky is clear with stars, while it's still storming where Fred and Barney are.

    • After Fred pounds Barney on the head with his fist (for scaring him with loud gargling), Barney actually has 'normal' eyes with whites and pupils for a few seconds.

    • When Wilma and Betty leave the house, you can see that there are two doors. However, when they return the next morning to pick up Fred and Barney, there is only one door.

  • Quotes

    • Horace: (large vulture enters) Where've you been? (vulture squawks) Ah yes, down at the cemetery reading the tombstones.

    • Horace: You see, Mrs. Flintstone, the late J. Giggles Flintstone was sort of an uh...he was a...
      Wilma: You mean he was an eccentric.
      Horace: No, I mean he was a kook, that's what I mean.

    • Horace: (reading the will) Should anything happen to Fred Flintstone, then my estate will be divided up among my three faithful servants. Creepers the butler, Potrock the cook, and Wormstone the gardener. (Wormstone chops off the back of Barney's chair)
      Barney: Hey Fred, that uncle of yours sure had a sense of humor stone.

    • Barney: Hey, that must be a picture of your uncle, the late J. Giggles Flintstone.
      Fred: Yeah, yeah that's him alright.
      (the eyes move on the picture)
      Barney: He looks a lot like you.
      Fred: Hey Barney! That picture I saw the eyes move!
      Barney: Eyes move? Oh boy, hey Fred, you're a bundle of nerves!

    • (sitting opposite sides at a long table)
      Barney: I hope the food's good here, Fred, I'm hungry.
      Barney: I SAID I'M HUNGRY!
      Fred: Oh.
      Barney: What, Fred?
      Fred: I SAID OH!
      Barney: Oh.

    • Betty: Is Pebbles asleep?
      Wilma: Yep, sleeping like a little angel.
      Fred: Well she oughtta, after tomorrow she won't have a worry in the world.
      Barney: Oh I don't know about that Fred, she'll still have you.

  • Notes

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