The Flintstones

Season 2 Episode 4

Alvin Brickrock Presents

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Oct 06, 1961 on ABC



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    • Barney: Uh, say, Fred, ain't it time for the big fight?
      Fred: Hey, hey! I'm glad you remembered! You fix the chairs. I'll get the soda and the popcorn.
      Wilma: I didn't know there was a fight scheduled.
      Barney: Are you kidding? Tonight's for the Championship. Oh, it should be a real grudge bout.
      Betty: Heavyweight or lightweight?
      Barney: Both. A heavyweight versus a lightweight.
      Wilma: Why are you putting the chairs over there by the window? The TV set is here.
      Fred: This is not on TV. It's a closed circuit.
      Betty: But who's fighting?
      Barney: The new neighbors--Mrs. and Mr. Brickrock.
      Wilma: Fred, you don't intend to eavespeep.
      Fred: Ho ho ho! I wouldn't miss tonight's bout for anything. Those two have been putting on the greatest fight of the century. Last night's bout was a doozy--did you ever hear such hysterics? All that screaming and shrieking in that high voice.
      Barney: Yeah, I thought he'd never stop.
      Betty: Oh, that's terrible. You mean, that meek little man hits his wife?
      Fred: No. In the last 3 bouts, he didn't even lay a glove on her. He's strictly a defensive fighter.
      Barney: You'd think she'd let him win once in a while just to keep up his interest.

    • Wilma: (to Alvin Brickrock) Do you know the Rubbles?
      Barney: Uh, we've never met, but I've admired your footwork many, many times.
      Betty: Uh, uh we--we've been trying to drop in on your wife. Now it looks like we'll just have to meet her to say good-bye.
      Alvin Brickrock: I'm afraid that won't be possible. I had to send Agatha off ahead of me. She didn't like the idea of leaving. She fights moving.
      Barney: I'll say.

    • (After reading about Albert Bonehart)
      Fred: Good evening?!
      Wilma: What?
      Fred: Good evening! Good evening!
      Wilma: I said good night, Fred.
      Fred: I mean Alvin Brickrock.
      Wilma: He said good night, too.
      Fred: B-but--ooh--h-he borrowed my shovel!
      Wilma: Really, Fred. He's only had the shovel 45 minutes. You're not gonna start nagging him already.

    • Fred: Hey Barney, read that on the trunk! What does it say?
      Barney: This end up?
      Fred: Not that, the initials!
      Barney: A.B., Alvin Brickrock!
      Fred: Or Albert Bonehart.
      Barney: Alias Bluebeard!
      Fred: Or Agatha Brickrock!

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    • This episode is like a parody of the Alfred Hitchcock series because Alivin Brickrock sounds just like Alfred Hitchcock.