The Flintstones

Season 4 Episode 1

Ann Margrock Presents

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Sep 19, 1963 on ABC

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  • The 4th Season Kicks off with a Stone Age Version of Ann Margaret

    One of the best loved episodes of the series, "Ann Margrock Presents" is truly a classic featuring the voice of the real-life Ann Margaret herself. Sorry that she wasn't credited though, but she sure looked great as a stone age version of herself in that story.

    The most memorable moment in the episode is where Ann (Annie to Fred and Barney so as to cover up her identity) sings to pebbles "The Littlest Lamb". Sweet lullaby, huh? I wonder if there are any old records or tapes with that song. But the scene in the episode which became the real show-stopper was where Ann performed at the Bedrock Bowl the song "I Loved You, but I Ain't Gonna Be Your Fool". And even if Fred and Barney's singing and performing makes them look like goofballs, this episode is lots of fun to watch.

    I give this classic Flintstones episode a perfect 10 overall. Maybe you can learn the lyrics to "The Littlest Lamb" so you can sing it to your little ones.
  • Ann Margaret Guest Stars in this Classic Flintstones Episode!

    Ann Margaret voices the Stone Age version of herself, Ann Margrock, as she searches for talent in Bedrock during an upcoming performance. When her car breaks down in front of the Flintstones house, she ends up babysitting Pebbles while Fred and Barney try to audition for Ann's show (unaware that Ann is in the Flintstone home.

    Margaret does a fine job at playing the Stone Age version of herself. Her bond with Pebbles is cute and sweet, and is the strongest moment in this episode. The song she sings, "The Littlest Lamb", is such a sweet song. Brought back many memories. I was also entertained by the ways Fred and Barney try to impress Ann by attempting to put them in their act, unaware that they were dealing with a superstar. The final moments were really fun, as Ann performs a really fun song and dance number.

    Final Consensus: This is a classic Flintstones episode. Ann Margaret's appearance was a memorable one.
  • The fourth season begins with entertainer Ann-Margrock coming to Bedrock to open the town's new venue The Bedrock Bowl. Fred and Barney learn of auditions being held for the show and jump at the chance to do so.


    "Ann-Margrock Presents" is one of the best episodes of the The Flintstones period. There are a number of reasons for that. There are many funny and clever moments in this episode from start to finish. Some examples are Ann-Margrock's rapport with Pebbles. Ann-Margrock's interaction with Fred and Barney's rehearsals are well done also. When you finish watching the episode you won't be able to get the song "I Love You Bud I Ain't Gonna Be A Fool" out of your head. A good time all the way through. You definitely haven't seen The Flintstones unless you have seen "Ann-Margrock Presents."

  • Ann-Margrock Presents Viva Bedrock!

    Best classic Flintstone episode, simply because of Annie. Annie Margrock (that's Ann-Margret to us). The credits deserve a zero-minus (0-) for not just only forgetting to credit her by her name Ann-Margret in the credits, but not crediting her as "Special Guest Star: ANN-MARGRET as Ann-Margrock" Her animation wasn't bad at all, in fact Ann's animated stone-age image was beautiful, and her voice, I could picture her own live action self in every scene she was in as Ann-Margrock, especially with her singing two beautiful hits such as "My Littlest Lamb is Asleep" & "I Love You, But I Ain't Gonna Be Your Fool!" This episode is quite an entertainer whether you're a fan of Ann-Margret, Flinstones, or if you're like me, an Elvis Presley fan who digs Ann-Margret and remembers her in her role of Rusty Stevens in Elvis & Ann's famous MGM movie from 1964, "Viva Las Vegas". Why was she not credited in the credits? But as long as you and I know that that really WAS Ann-Margret using her voice and being practically herself in that episode, that alone is credit enough.
  • Chemistry Works/Rest of the epiosde didn't.

    I like the relationship between Ann Margrock and Pebbles, but this epiosde had failed to pass. The problem is Fred and Barney. When they heard abot a talent contest, Guess where those goof balls ended up. In front of the Fred's house where Ann's babysitting. Can't those goof-balls go somewhere else for talent? the only thing they accomplish is waking up Pebbles. Nothing more. This is nothing more than a showbiz celebrity trying to escape fame and end up in Bredrock. I like the ending where Fred, Barney and Ann had a song and dance number. I'll give it a 6.
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