The Flintstones

Season 4 Episode 20

Cave Scout Jamboree

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Jan 30, 1964 on ABC

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  • Scout's Honor!

    After a bad start, The Flintstones and the Rubbles go camping, until they ran into some scouts for their jamboree and that where the episode shows such promise. I like it in the end when they had that sing-along and there some African-americans in the episode. Do you suppose they had broken the color barrior for an aminated series. I like this epiosde, despite a bad start. I'll give that episode a 10 for the African-american children. but it's a 7.5. Not a bad rating. I like the episode, but not enought for a 8 or a 9. I'm giving it a 7.5.