The Flintstones

Season 4 Episode 13

Daddies Anonymous

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Dec 12, 1963 on ABC



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    • Barney: Let's have the secret lodge handshake, Fred.
      Fred: Okay.
      Fred and Barney: Rakataka-dee, rakataka-doo. Water buffalo, water buffalo. Moo! Moo! Moo!
      (A little boy, who watched the whole scene, pedals away on his tricycle)
      Boy: Sometimes the thought of growing up scares the daylights out of me.

    • Barney: Hey-Hey, I didn't push you, Fred. That was a cop.
      Fred: A cop?
      Barney: Yeah, he-he was gonna run you in. He said the swing was for kids. Bu-But, I fixed it.
      Fred: How?
      Barney: I told him you were a big fat kid at heart.

    • Wilma: Hmm. Sometimes I feel Mother never told me all when I got married.
      Elephant Vacuum: She couldn't. It's really on-the-job training.

    • (While watching their children chat together)
      Fred: Isn't that cute? Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm sure get along nicely.
      Barney: Well, why not? They talk the same language: baby talk.

    • Paper Boy: Boy, delivering the Sunday papers takes a lot out of a little kid like me. But I gotta think ahead: College, wife, and kids. Gee, what a rat race.

    • Police Officer: Now, you all have your babies back, ladies. And you may have your husbands back by posting $100 bail.
      (The wives all laugh and start leaving)
      Wife: Are you kidding? I wouldn't give two cents for my husband.
      Norma Rockbottom: Yeah, let mine stay in here for a while. Then I'll know where he is.

    • (While in jail)
      Barney: Well, uh, the way I look at it, Fred, the girls will have to get over their mad before they bail us out.
      Fred: Right.
      Barney: And, uh, then they'll start to miss us, and finally they'll come a-runnin'.
      Fred: Yeah, but how long will that take?
      Barney: Well, uh, give or take a few minutes...Uh, I'd say about, uh, six months.
      Fred: That figures. That figures. That figures!

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