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My Favorite Episode

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    Oh, geez, so many to choose from! But my absolute favorite is the Swimming Pool!

    Other favorites: No Help Wanted, The Drive-In, The Snorkasaurus Hunter, The Picnic, The Happy Household, Divided We Sail, Pebbles' Birthday Party, Christmas Flintstone, Sheriff For a Day, Surfin' Fred, No Biz Like Show Biz, The Return of Stoney Curtis, Disorder in the Court, The Masquerade Party, Shinrock-a-Go-Go, and Seeing Doubles.

    I also love Foxy Grandma and Dress Rehearsal (or The Blessed Event) especially because of June Foray, and Swedish Visitors because Yogi and Boo-Boo do a cameo.

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    The ep where Fred tries to outdo Rock Hudstone. It's a story line that appears more than once in the series,but poor Fred goes VOLCANIC every time Wilma swoons over 'that Rock Hudstone'! Pebbles' Birthday Party is another episode that entertains kids AND adults. Although I took Rocko the clown to be way smarter than his employer. He should've figured it out and got the parties straight!
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    My favorite episodes are ''The Flintstone Flyer'',''Latin Lover'',''Invisible Barney'',''Ventriloquist Barney'',''Swedish Visitors'',''Old Lady Betty'',''Sleep on Sweet Fred'',''Daddy's Little Beauty'',''Ladies Night at the Lodge'',''Doctor Sinister'',''Two Men on a Dinosaur'',''My Fair Freddy'' and finally ''The Story of Rocky's Raiders''. I know it's a lot of episodes but they are absolutly hilarious.

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    Most of the the first two pre-childbirth episodes..such as Snorkasaurus Hunter" with "Dino"[note the quote marks ]voiced by impersonator and radio actor Jerry Mann as Phil Silvers [same as "Hollyrock Here I Come"'s producer character]and "The Split Personality" [with a seven-minute appearance by Howard MacNear doing his "Andy Griffith" character "Floydthe Barber" as a doc] with Fred getting his Cactus Cooler from that notorious Cactus Cooler thief, Barney Rubble, only to accidentally drink Barney'scar polish, then told by Barney the truth what Fred's drinking, overacting by throwing the bottle on himself willy-nilly, then knocked out, attended to by the afore mentioned Doctyor but waking up and now being an aristocrat due to the knock on the noggin, as Barney might put it, so Fred, though not a TOTAL amnesiac since he can recognize everyone, still DOESN'T act quite right due to his physical misfortune, so now he's into formal names like Elizabeth for Betty, Frederick for himself, and Bernard for Barney only with Wilma not having a full name.

    Also needless to say, the first one ever done, "The Swimming Pool", [#1, 10/7/60], has a lot of the original plot elements, and the famed "waking the neighbors" and mistaken identity gags near the end [which I won't ruin for future viewers here] that would help lay down the uh, bedrock for the show...And "The Drive In", "Here we come on run with a burger on a bun", with the two carhops.

    Season 2 favorite ones would be things like "The Impractical Jokes", [2/9/62], the one where Fred plays too many jokes on Barney Rubble and Barney decides [quite rightly] that he's had it and after winning "The Sudsy Wudsy" contest, much money, he puts it into a machine that he passes off to Fred Flintstone as a "Counterfeiting machine" scaring Fred into thinking that "I'm living next door to a COUNTERFEITER". Actually a bit scary with Betty [in helping Barney set the gag up] and then Fred [for falling for it] making scared reactions and later the masked burglaqr who holds Fred AND Barney up but it's very happy surprise endings. Venerable HB music man Hoyt Curtin devised some very unusual music cues like the circus like one when Barney goes out to the garage basement to set up his "counterfeit money" bit and the cool jazz hook when the mystery masked man is, at gunpoint,in the back seat egg Fred and Banrey in the car and Fred and Barney blame each other.

    "Hit Songwriters" with Hoagy Carmichael as himself and Daws Butler as Lawrence Welk with the famous "Abba Dabba Doo" song. Butler is Barney in this and some others due to Mel Blanc's legendary hospitalizion in 1961.

    "Mailman Cometh", [3/23/62] "Missing Bus", and the debut of Wilma's mother in law [Verna Felton and then later Janet Waldo serving as voices] Mrs.Pearl Slaghooople,"A Visit from Mother"[3/16/62]

    Later episodes, when Pebbles is born and the new theme music and open everyone knows is introduced,

    "Groom Gloom", Season 4, Episode 2, with Don Messick and Janet Waldo respectively as Arnold the paperboy [both kid and teenager] and in the first of the famed nightmares that take up a major part of the episodes, that Fred has, Pebbles in her very first teenage role with ponytail,thewhole works, where Arnold plays badminton with Fred, then takes a shine to Pebbles which Fred reacts in a way that only John Kricfalusi or Seth McFarlane if HE ever does that reboot could improve on--"NO WAY"! Fred then has that dream I mentioned.

    "Dino Disappears", which followed a few weeks, had Dino reacting the way many Pebbles-haters in real life probably did, with jealousy as a good reason, and runs away only for Pebbles to cry for Dino, whom Fred and Barney, knowing it's the anniversary of Dino with the family, try not to find only to find Dino with a vaudeville lookalike owned by a showbizzy, Ed Wynn type toe-tapping character ["Okay, Rocky"!] voiced by Jerry Hausner, and the usual complications and happy ending [all this, including identification in court of Dino, largely with the help of Pebbles-how ironic..ahhh..]

    "Dr.Sinister" whose title character [Mel Blanc] with a mysterious she-spy "Mde.Yes"[Jean Vanderpyl] who's "way too important to be captured", prefiguring the 1966 post-series feature "The Man called Flintstone", mingling with sometimes hapless Fred and Barney in what just SEEMED like the beginning of an innocent trip to to Bedrock Superrmarket,with unexpected 007 adventures and gags abounding. Poor Fred and Barney! They do retur ho home [thanks to Madame Yes getting them off that infernal island] but their wives are MAD. Worse the boys can't even adequately explain their adventure. Then they hear Madame Yes again outside and remember her as the gateway, however unintentional, to their misadventures, refuse help to her LOL!

    Season 6's premiere, one that is either loved or hated, "No Biz Like Show Biz", where Fred and Barney are deluged with the British Invasion instead of their football games, then Pebbles and Bamm Bamm are still babies but sing "Open Up Your Heart and Let the Sunshine In", after ten minutes, causing a major phenomenon across the world, which is a blessing at first but causes Fred and Barney some sadness and then a hectic night when the kids perform as Fred and Barney kidnap them only on the other side of the freeway interchange after a much prolonged chase, Fred gets arrested, then wakes up so we know it's just a nightmare, only for Wilma to place the VERY SAME SONG on but for Fred to happily join the record and now PEBBLES AND BAMM BAMM on the chorus, "Let the Sunshine in!", a favorite I like [though I know of a handful of bloggers who hate it.] Both this and "Groom Gloom"" predate the "Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm" CBS show 1971-72 by a number of years. Pebbles singing is by a singer named Rebecca Hall and Bamm-Bamm is sung by another unfamiliar singer, Ricky Page. Incidentally a few other notables are heard: Danny Hutton, later of Three Dog Night, whose peak was at the time of the babies' own teenage show, croons and thus plugs his own winter 1965 hit for Hanna-Barbera Records, then a recently new label, "Roses and Rainbows". It actually got some airplay as late as early 1980 on Los Angeles radio [3 Dog Night themselves, a lifetime favorite of mine, were local to the Los Angeles Area]. Also, the first appearance of a "Bewitched" performer, from Hanna-Barbera's sister Screen Gems, Bernard Fox as the Beatles's manager, Brian Epstein-whoops, rockheaded mistake - I mean, Eppy Brianstone [along with Don Messick as a doctor and some others, and of course Jean Vanderpyl as Pebbles and Mr.Messick as Bamm Bamm in regular baby voices as always].

    I hate to admit it but I like the Gazoo episodes and also I sometimes like one of the very last, #164, "Dripper", a "Flipper" parody, especially as a Jimmy Durante fan and a fan of HB voice actor Doug Young as Doggie Daddy as Durante, as Office Rockschnozzle. And another Season 6 episode without Gazoo, and "The Masquerade Party".

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