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"Rooms for Rent" Episode

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    Ello Folks,

    This morning I was watching the Flintstones "Rooms for Rent" with my kids,

    And towards the end of the show after Fred kicks the two boys out and the scene

    changes to Betty and Wilma, Something very strange happened.

    Wilma says to the two boys to come back and visit;

    BUT it was Bettys voice.

    WOW! I`ve watched The Flintstones my whole life and never caught that.

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    This has happened in plenty of H-B cartoons. One example would be with The New Scooby-Doo Movies from the early '70s. There were at least a couple of episodes which had a scene where Daphne was speaking, but with Velma's voice. Even toward the end of the episode Josie and the P u s s y cats guest starred, Alexandra was speaking, but with her BROTHER'S voice! Goofs like this can be amusing. So it just shows to prove that nobody's perfect.

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