The Flintstones

Season 1 Episode 2

Hot Lips Hannigan

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Oct 07, 1960 on ABC

Episode Recap

Fred and Barney leave the lodge meeting and are discussing what they should do for the club talent show. Fred wants to do something other than sing like in the past and Barney has an idea what he himself wants to do.

Later the next day Fred sees Barney on a trampoline and gets an idea to play a joke on Wilma. He is supposed to meet her at the dress shop and it's on the second floor. Fred puts the trampoline outside and bounces up to the window and accidentally surprises the lady that is helping Wilma. Wilma is very angry with Fred and they go home.

Wilma is chiding Fred when Fred produces a magic set that he borrowed. He has decided that he will do a magic act at the club and tries to show off to Wilma with disastrous results. He breaks some dishes and the Rubbles hear the crash and come over to check on them. Barney asks Fred what the large cabinet is for and Fred tells him that he makes people disappear with the cabinet. Betty and Wilma volunteer to show Fred up. Once inside the cabinet, they find a back door and slip out. Fred thinks that he made the wives disappear for real and he and Barney decide to go out to a dance club while the girls are gone. Betty has a plan and tells Wilma.

The guys get to the club and meet up with the band leader, Hot Lips, who is an old friend of Fred's. Hot Lips convinces the guys to perform with him and they agree to do it. Later, as the guys are doing the musical number, Wilma and Betty show up in disguises. The young crowd loves the number and the girls start chasing Fred and Barney. Wilma and Betty tell the guys to duck into a room and they will hide them. Wilma and Betty then start acting like the young girls (the guys don't know it's them) and Fred and Barney panic and run home.

After they get home, Fred tries to bring the girls back and when he opens the cabinet he sees the girls in their disguises. Fred and Barney panic again and hide in a closet. Wilma and Betty get back into their regular clothes and wait on the guys to come out. Fred sees Wilma and faints. Later on after the Rubbles leave, Fred asks Wilma if she will make him a snack and she starts talking like one of the girls from the club. Suddenly Fred doesn't feel so well and goes back to bed.