The Flintstones

Season 1 Episode 2

Hot Lips Hannigan

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Oct 07, 1960 on ABC

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  • Fred is practicing his magic trick when he thinks he has made Betty and Wilma disappear(which they havent),so he and Barney go to see an old friend performing at a jazz club.Wilma and Betty decide to follow them and teach them a lesson.

    This early episode is a great example of what The Flintstones did best.The part at the jazz club has some great satire,with Fred reviving his old nickname,"The Golden Smog",which is a take off on Mel Tormes "The Velvet Fog".To some extent,this episode seems to borrowed more from I Love Lucy than The Honeymooners,but it shows its own style.This is the first of a number of episodes which satirizes the popular music of the time.But I think this is one of the best.The sometimes stormy marriage between Fred and Wilma is very much on display here.I dont know if I would say dark,but there is an edge in their relationship.And it is a very funny episode.
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