The Flintstones

Season 1 Episode 2

Hot Lips Hannigan

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Oct 07, 1960 on ABC

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  • Wilma and Betty dress up as groupies, following singer Fred and drummer Barney at the Rockland, where Hot Lips Hannigan is playing.

    These are my questions and comments about Hot Lips Hannigan.
    1. It has the 1960 opening sequence.
    2. Fred's nickname was the Golden Smog. He attended Rockville High School 20 years ago.
    3. Fred and Barney belong to the Loyal Order of Dinosaurs. Their hats aren't horned; they look like something Napoleon wore.
    4. Is Hot Lips supposed to be a takeoff of Mel Torme?
    5. This is the first of many musical episodes of the series. The style of music that the Flintstones listen to will change as the decade progresses. In 1960, they listened to jazz; by 1966 it was California pop/rock.