The Flintstones

Season 5 Episode 13

Indianrockolis 500

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Dec 10, 1964 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Barney's car is called the Rubstone Special, a combination of Rubble and Flintstone.

    • Fred works for Slate Construction Co and their phone number is (535) 235-3659.

    • The drivers are - Wheels Axelpole, Brick Bailey, Ron Boulderson, Bruce Gravelway, Rockfoot Johnson, Clint McFlint, Blockhead McShale, Sweeney Rockton, Frigid Stone, and Limey Whitecliff.

  • Quotes

    • (Fred and Barney are discussing how they're going to race)
      Fred: You'll be pit man, the mechanical genius, and I'll drive. Varoom!
      Barney: Well, judging by the way you drive home on the freeway, you ought to do real good at Indianrockolis.

    • Betty: You know, Barney did the sweetest thing this morning. He let me sleep, and when I woke up, he'd already gone to work.
      Wilma: Fred did the same thing.
      Betty: I kind of missed Barney's usual early morning greeting of, "Good morning, Betty, and a howdy-do-do to youty-too-too."
      Wilma: Fred's a riot, too, with his early morning questions. "Wilma, where's my razor? Wilma, where's my morning grape juice? Wilma, where's breakfast?"

    • (While watching "Goggles Paesano" drive on TV)
      Wilma: All I can say is that Goggles Paesano drives a lot like Fred coming home on the freeway.

    • (Wilma and Betty just discovered Fred and Barney entered the Indianrockolis 500)
      Wilma: Oh, let's get over there and stop them. We're too young to collect insurance.

    • (Slate approaches Fred a.k.a Goggles Pizanno)
      Slate: My name's Slate.
      Fred: (using an Italian accent) Uh...I'm Goggles Pizanno from the old country.
      Slate: You look just like a fella who works for me.
      Fred: He's a good a-man, no?
      Slate: "He's a good a-man, no" is right.

    • (The race starts)
      Race Announcer: They're off! There they go! What a race this is gonna be. In the first turn, Rocken McShale has the lead. Limey Whitecliffs, Weenie Rockton, and Bruce Gravelway are tramping on his tail. Goggles Pizanno is Number 8, zig-zagging, looking for an opening. Pizanno drives like someone coming home from work on the freeway.

    • (About Fred/Pizanno)
      Race Announcer: Uh-oh, Pizanno's hit the turn too fast. I see it, but I don't believe it. He's actually driving on the side of the wall.
      (crowd cheers)
      Race Announcer: I've never seen such a display of speed and skill. He drives like--
      Wilma: I know, like he's coming home from work on the freeway.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • The Indianarockolis 500 racing is an allusion to the Indiananopolis 500 racing event, which is held annualy over Memorial Day weekend in Speedway, Indiana.

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