The Flintstones

Season 5 Episode 20

Moonlight and Maintenance

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Jan 29, 1965 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • In this episode only, Mr. Slate has two large tufts of dark hair behind his ears. In all of his other appearances, he only has a few hairs on top of his head.

    • In this episode, Betty seems to imply that Hoppy is female when she says "She's going to miss Dino". But in the kangaroo's other appearances in the series, he's male.

    • The dinosaur is called Otis and the landlords are Mr. and Mrs. Rockroll.

    • While in the elevator, Fred admits that their new apartment is in the sub-basement- but his lips don't move. In fact, he's not even animated in the shot, but a layout painting.

    • Towards the end of the episode, when Barney is raking the leaves, Fred and Wilma pull up the street. There's Fred, Wilma, and Pebbles in the front with Dino in the back. But when they go to a close-up shot of the Flintstones in the car, Dino suddenly disappears.

  • Quotes

    • Wilma: Fred, do you know what day this is?
      Fred: Certainly. It's Saturday.
      Wilma: Right. The day you mow the lawn.
      Fred: O.k. O.k.

    • Betty: Fred, Barney told me the news.
      Fred: About me accepting the position of resident stationary engineer?
      Betty: Yes. Just think, that great big building and our Fred, the janitor.
      Fred: Not janitor!
      Betty and Wilma: We know. Resident stationary engineer.

    • Police Officer: Hey, buddy. Can't you read that sign? It says no parking.
      Fred: Oh, that's all right, officer. I happen to be the new resident stationary engineer.
      Police Officer: I don't care if you are the janitor. The sign says no parking. So get moving.
      Fred: Oh, boy.

    • Fred: Well, here we are.
      (The Flintstones arrive in a dark sub-basement)
      Wilma: Welcome to the black hole of Calcutta.
      Fred: It's probably just a burned out light.
      Wilma: Why don't you call the janitor and have him fix it?
      Fred: Yeah, I'll do that the first thing in the morn--all right, Wilma. Nobody likes a smart aleck.

    • Slate: Hello? Anybody here?
      (Fred appears in disguise and using a snooty accent)
      Fred: May I be of service?
      Slate: Yes. I'm thinking of renting an apartment.
      Fred: Sorry, sir. There's nothing available except the penthouse. And you wouldn't be interested in that. Extremely expensive, you know.
      Slate: Well, I didn't want to go too high.
      Fred: I don't blame you, sir. Goodbye.
      Slate: But now that I'm here, I might as well look at it.
      Fred: Uh...yeah. All right. Uh, shall we walk up?
      Slate: Walk? What's wrong with the elevator?
      Fred: Elevator? Oh, I say, you are spoofy. Why, the elevator hasn't worked in months.
      Slate: But it--but it's 10 stories.
      Fred: How about that? Ho ho ho.
      (Moments later, Fred reaches the 10th floor)
      Fred: (panting) If you can't make it, we'll just forget about it.
      Slate: What do you mean can't make it? (immediately runs up the stairs) This is great exercise. I wouldn't care if you never fix the elevator.
      Fred: (in his normal voice) Oh, boy.

    • Fred: Isn't that just my luck, Wilma, having Mr. Slate move in? If he ever finds out I'm moonlighting this job, he'll fire me for sure.
      (The intercom phone rings and bird squawks)
      Fred: Shut up!
      Wilma: Oh, dear. Even on Saturday, they won't leave you alone.
      (The intercom phone rings and bird squawks again)
      Wilma: I'll get it. (answers phone) Yes? All right. I'll tell him. (hangs up) Fred, that was Mr. Rockroll, the owner.
      Fred: What does he want now?
      Wilma: He says it's Saturday. He wants you to mow the lawn.
      Fred: Ooh, boy.

    • (The Flintstones are staying at the Rubbles' house)
      Fred: Yes, sir, it'll sure be nice moving back into my own house.
      Barney: I know what you mean, Fred. Uh, incidentally, uh, when will that be?
      Fred: Well, let's see... they leased the place for a year. That means they gotta be outta here in 364 days. And meanwhile, I'll be glad to help out while I'm here.
      Barney: Good. You can start today. It's Saturday.
      Fred: Doing what?
      Barney: What else? Mowing the lawn. (laughs)
      Fred: Ooh, boy.

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