The Flintstones

Season 3 Episode 20

Mother-In-Law's Visit

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Feb 01, 1963 on ABC



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    • (Fred is being especially nice to Wilma's mother)
      Wilma: Fred, I wanna thank you for being so nice to Mother.
      Fred: I'm tryin', Wilma, I'm tryin' hard.
      Wilma: I know, dear, and I think you're winning her over.
      Fred: I sure hope so.
      (Fred stumbles and falls over Wilma's mother's foot)
      Wilma's Mother: Why don't you look where you goin', Clumsy?
      Fred: I'm sorry, mother-in-law dear, I didn't expect you to stick your foot out. (mumbles) I love my mother-in-law. I love my mother-in-law.

    • Barney: What's all the rush to get home, Fred?
      Fred: Well, Wilma's gonna be a mother soon. It's my duty as the daddy to be home with her as much as possible.
      (Barney stares at him in surprise)
      Fred: What are you starin' at me for?
      Barney: Well, Fred, I, uh, I was just tryin' to picture you as a daddy, but it's no use. You're just not the type.
      (he laughs)
      Fred: Whattaya mean I'm not the type?!
      Barney: Well, uh, gee, Fred, uh, no offense, but fathers are supposed to be kind, considerate, thoughtful, and you strike out on all 3, Freddy-boy.
      (Fred angrily stops the car)
      Barney: Whatcha stop here for, Fred?!
      Fred: Get outta this car!
      Barney: You're kiddin', Fred.
      Fred: OUT! OUT!! OUT!!!
      Barney: See? That's just what I mean, Fred. You're not kind, considerate, thoughtful, you're just not the daddy type. I'll tell ya what I'll do, Fred. I'll help ya. You can practice being nice on me.
      Fred: Uh, yeah. Yeah. Oh, okay, Barney. I'm sorry. I'll be kind, considerate, and thoughtful of you.
      (a police officer walks up to them)
      Officer: Now, if you 2 have patched up your little spat, would ya please move on?
      (there's loads of traffic behind Fred and Barney)
      Officer: YOU'RE BLOCKING TRAFFIC!!!!
      Fred: Uh, y-yes, sir! Officer, sir! Yes, sir!
      (he and Barney skid away)

    • Fred: Hey, Mother-in-Law! Here I am, sweetie.
      Wilma's mother: Oh, no! He's been dippin' into the cactus juice.
      Fred: (walks up to her) My, you're looking beautiful.
      (he gives Wilma's mother a kiss on the cheek, but she whups him out of the way with her purse, and he hits the luggage)
      Wilma's mother: All right, sneaky. Whatta you been up to?
      Fred: (to himself) I love my Mother-in-Law. Let's hold that thought. I love my Mother-in-Law.
      Wilma's mother: Aw, stop mumblin'! And put my luggage in the car, if ya think ya can stagger that far.
      Fred: (helps carry the luggage) Coming, Mother!

    • Barney: (wearing Fred's mustache and cap in his disguise as a taxi driver) Can I drive the taxi tonight, Fred? I wonder if I can get a rich pigeon like you got last night.
      (Wilma's mother puts the mustache and cap on Fred and discovers she is tricked)
      Wilma's Mother: So it was you!
      (Wilma's mother chases and hits Fred with a broom)
      Wilma: Oh,no! They're at it again.

    • Fred: I love my dear sweet mother-law! My mother-in-law is a doll...

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