The Flintstones

Season 1 Episode 4

No Help Wanted

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Oct 21, 1960 on ABC

Episode Recap

Fred is angry with Barney because he tells Wilma that he went and talked to Barney's boss and tried to get him a raise. Wilma tells Fred that that talk actually got Barney fired. Fred feels terrible and goes over to talk to the Rubbles.

Fred tells Barney he has an idea on how to get him a job. Fred is going to play golf with Mr. Boulder and Barney can caddy for Mr. Boulder and Fred can talk to him and get Barney a job.

They play their golf game and Fred loses because of Barney's advice to Mr. Boulder and Fred has to pay the money that he was going to use for the delinquent payment on the TV set. Barney gets a lead on a job and goes to see about it.

Barney goes to the office and it turns out that it's a collection agency and his first client is Fred. Barney goes to see Fred and tells him that he has to take the TV unless Fred can pay. Fred cannot and Barney is able to get the TV and runs downtown with it and Fred chases him. They run into Wilma and Wilma tells Barney to take the TV and chides Fred.

Later the next day, Fred and Wilma come home and Fred is berating Barney about the TV and then he sees the TV back on it's stand. It seems that Barney paid the bill. Barney asks Fred if their friendship is okay now. Fred says yes and then Barney informs Fred that now he has to collect his golf clubs. Fred throws Barney out and it all begins again.