The Flintstones

Season 4 Episode 15

Once Upon a Coward

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Dec 26, 1963 on ABC

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  • What could he have done?

    Fred is robbed from behind, and as a result loses his self-esteem. He tries to convince everyone, not the least himself, that there was nothing he could do by reenacting the incident, but every time he does, the person playing the role of the victim throws him, thus making him wonder if he should have fought the robber. It's comical, as it was intended to be, but it also hits rather close to home. Those who have been victimized in a similar fashion sometimes wonder if they should have resisted. They may tell themselves no, and others may reassure them, but the loss of self-esteem of victims that often accompanies such incidents takes time to recover. Fred was fortunate in that he got the chance to redeem himself when he recognized the robber's voice in the bowling alley.