The Flintstones

Season 5 Episode 4

Pebbles' Birthday Party

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Oct 08, 1964 on ABC

Episode Recap

Fred's snoring is giving everyone insomnia. The pet sabre tooth cat takes off to the animal shelter, Dino buries his head in the sand in order to get a good night's sleep, Wilma tries to stuff Fred's mouth, and Barney and Betty come over to complain. Barney comes up with ideas to stop Fred's snoring, but just as he finally succeeds, it's time to get up.

It is Pebble's birthday in two days. As this day is Saturday, Fred is free to go to the caterer's to organise her party. He also has to organise the annual stag party for the Water Buffalo Lodge on the same night. So he has the caterer organise both parties: a clown for Pebbles' party and cactus juice and dancing girls for the Lodge party.

Fred thinks the caterer has the details straight, but in fact the caterer gets confused and cannot remember who is supposed to go to which party. He flips a coin to decide, but it has the clown going to the Lodge party and dancing girls popping out of Pebbles' cake. Wilma is furious at Fred, who is at a loss for explanations. He is constantly trying to get rid of the dancing girls and then finds the kids are about to get the cactus juice meant for the Lodge party.

Fred and Barney realise what has happened. Fred heads over to the Lodge party to explain, but this gives Wilma the impression that Fred has run out on her and she gets even more angry at him. On the way, Fred runs into more bad luck with a flat tire and no spare. He has to run a mile back to a service station for one and has more mishaps before he finally gets the tire on.

Meanwhile, a neighbour gets the impression that the Flintstones are holding a wild party and calls the police. As a result, the police raid the party and arrest everyone at the party, even the children. But Fred is not around, having left for the Lodge just as the police arrived.

By the time Fred arrives at the Water Buffalo Lodge, he finds the Buffalos are too angry about the clown and kiddie birthday fare to listen to explanations. They are in a lynch-mob mood and chase him up a tree. But a report reaches the police and they come to arrest the Buffalos. The Buffalos are only to happy to go into the paddy wagon once they see the dancing girls are there too.

At the police station, Fred finally has a chance to explain, which he does to the police officer. The officer understands and released them all - on condition they never darken the precinct again. The caterer is not apologetic for the mix-up; he is an arrogant man because he is "the only caterer in town". Fred is not impressed, but the officer has to accept it because he is facing awkward explanations to the commissioner for raiding a kiddie party. The Buffalos take off for their party at the Lodge with the dancing girls. Wilma apologises to Fred and the officer is overwhelmed by the cuteness of Pebble and Bam-Bam.