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  • Yabba dabba doo!

    As a 15-year-old, the Flinstones certainly is before my time but also is probably my favourite cartoon ever.

    Whatever anyone else says, The Flinstones will always be one of the best cartoons in television history. People who say that The Simpsons or Family Guy is the best doesn't know good slapstick cartoon comedy.

    The Flinstones is a cartoon set in prehistoric times about Fred Flinstone, just your regular caveman (well ... as regular as cavemen can be) who was getting into Homer-style mistakes in his life with his partner-in-crime Barney. The Flintstones was a parody on modern suburban life, set in the Stone Age. The characters in the cartoon series all behaved and spoke in a contemporary manner, though they lived in the prehistoric city of Bedrock.

    Over the years, producers have tried to remake the show into a movie but these remakes failed to impress. There is just no comparison to the Sixties cartoon.

    My personal favourite is "The Mailman Cometh", an episode where we find out that Fred was an army sergeant. But that's not what the episode is about. From TV Tome, here is the official description:

    "Fuming that he is the only employee of the quarry not to received a raise in the mail, Fred writes a blistering letter to his boss, Mr. Slate, then Wilma frantically tries to retrieve it after Mr. Slate apologizes for the oversight."

    Wilma has a great purse in this episode by the way. And Wilma and Fred are one of the greatest couples of television history - and it wasn't even primetime television (at least, I think so).
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  • Good show!

    I think every kid grew up watching the Flintstones!!!! I know I did. They were on several times a day on several channels. This is one show that parents actually watched too. They don't make cartoons like this anymore. I never cared for the two live movies they made. The cartoon was so much better.
  • Great Show For Everyone

    This show is so much fun to watch. This is in my top 10 favorite cartoons. I like the everyday kind of cartoon. The animation isnt so well but it was made a long time ago. The animation doesnt bother me though. As Fred Flinstone would say: Yabba Dabba Do!!!!
  • Good

    I like this show alot cause it gives me everything i want to see its very good and something i like to watch this show has good and bad point about it but its ultimatly good entertainment for me and my friends and family it i think its a good show with informative and insightful situations that people can relate to in there own way , This is a show that i caould watch without flipping the station to find what else is on , i recommend anyone to atleast watch it once to see if they like it like i do
  • I love The Flintstone's. It's one of the best shows of all time and paved the way for some of my favorite primetime animated series today

    \"Yabba dabba doo\" is still my favorite catchphrase of all time. The famous words of Fred Flintstone are some of the most famous of all time, and are still remembered today. Even though The Flintstone\'s started in 1960, people still enjoy it today. It doesn\'t matter if you are an old-school Hanna-Barbera guy or like the newer shows like Family Guy or American Dad, you have to like The Flintstone\'s. It was the first primetime animated series, and put Hanna-Barbera on the map. Even though it was a bit like The Honeymooners, it had a uniqueness all of it\'s own with it\'s wacky inventions to prehistoric storylines. For me, it ranks right up there with the best T.V. shows ever.
  • Cartoon classic loosely based on The Honeymooners.Fred and Wilma and their pet Dino live next door to their friends Barney and Betty

    You can have the Rugrats, You can take the Simpsons.... and what is Family Guy? The Flintstones is one of the best comedies ever in animation or not.While it is loosely based on The Honeymooners,I for one prefer this.... Even as a child I knew it was ahead of its time with its commentary on life.
  • Prehistoric fun!

    I call the Flintstones my "comfort" show.It doesn't matter how many times I've seen an episode,I love to watch,and laugh.
    Honeymooners of the Stone-Age,the Flintstones is actually a nostalgic look back into cartoons of the 60's.
    Celebrity appearances of Ann "Margerock" "Rock Hudstone" or musical numbers by the Wayouts and Fred playing "HiFi",are a reflection back of entertainment days gone by.
    The constant bickering between Fred and Wilma is always funny,and he and Barney always find trouble with laugh out loud consequences.
    The first two seasons are the funniest and I recommend adding them to your DVD collection.
    So pop in a DVD of The Flintstones and journey back into time.
    Prehistoric 1960's,that is!
  • Prehistoric Classic!

    The Flinstones have been an amazing cartoon show to watch over the years. As a kid I used to watch it every day after school. It opened my mind with a different perspective of animation. I still have the original episodes on video tape and watch them from time to time to remember the memories. I love these characters with Barney, Fred, Wilma and Dino. I love it when Fred yells “WILMAAA!” it is just hilarious. Often catch people singing “Meet the Flinstones” theme song which is amazing. My favorite character is Pebbles because she is the cutest cartoon ever. This show will always stay a classic in my heart.
  • Classic yet still funny

    The Flinstones will remain funny, and the silly characters will remain the icons they are these days. The lives of Fred and Barney are a reflection to the American society back then and still are. It still is one of the most original concepts there is. The animation is kinda s*cky, but that doesn't bother me. The Flinstones forever, yabba dabba do :D
  • Genuine classic..

    The Flinstones are a family that is sure to be a winner for all ages. You will never get tired of there silly jokes or Fred's "Yabadaba DOOO"
    The Flinstones;
    Fred: Husband, and father, and comedian of all sorts
    Willma: Wife, Mother, and loyal

    The Rubbles;
    Barney: Father, husband, and Fred's "sidekick"
    Betty: mother, wife, and Willma's best friend

    The Kids;
    Pebbles: baby girl and adorable
    Bam-Bam: baby boy and always carries his club around (now I hope you understand why his name is Bam-Bam)
    If you enjoy this show you might enjoy The Jetsons, The Simpsons, or Family Guy
  • One of the most well known cartoons ever!

    The Flintstones is a wonderful cartoon that was ground-breaking in the cartoon industry. Hanna Barbara created this show for kids but people of all ages fell in love with the Bedrock family. The Flintstones is centered around the lives of Fred, Barney, Willma, and Betty. It tells the everyday stories of these friendly neigbors. If you have never been exposed to this classic show I highly recommend you cecking it out. Even though the show is ageing it still obtains all the elements of a great series. The Flintstones were on the air for six seasons and every episode is a jewel.
  • Yabba Dabba Doo !!!!!!!

    While the Flinstones may have ended the year before i was born I have seen & loved almost every episode since i was a kid !!! I remember watching The Flintstones @ noon on (CFTO) CTV when i came home for lunch from school or was on holidays !!! Just finised watching The Flintstone Canerries earlier today & got a chuckle out of the Softsoap angle.
    Can't beleieve Telletoon is taking The Flintstones off it's schedual BIG MISTAKE !!!!!
  • Before my time, but a true classic.

    I used to love this show when I was a little kid. A local affiliate began airing it on Saturday mornings and on weekdays right before school, along with "Scooby-Doo, Where Are You". I loved these shows just as much as I did the FOX Kids stuff - "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers", "Big Bad Beetleborgs", and all the other stuff.

    Now, almost an adult, I've left the FOX Kids stuff behind but the classic cartoons still have a place in my heart. These are the cartoons that were fit for families to watch together, harmless entertainment, stuff that will outlast the new crap that dominates the airwaves nowadays.

    "The Flintstones" is set in a fantasy prehistoric world where man and dinosaurs live at the same time. The first season, which I am going through right now for the first time in a LONG time, is mainly about Fred Flintstone and his misadventures with his vertically-challenged best friend, Barney Rubble. All they want to do is have fun, bowl, and be men but must are often foiled by their wives, Wilma and Betty, who just want their husbands to grow up. Later on in the show the families get kids, which is pretty fun.

    If you are interested in classic animation, do yourself a favor and either check this show out on DVD or get Boomerang through your local cable or sattellite provider. It's hard to believe Cartoon Network put all this classic stuff on a channel that very few people have in favor of crap like "The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy".
  • An entertaining older animated series, Staring a Selfish, and funny man, Fred Flintstone, his wife, Wilma, and their neighbors, Barney, and Betty, living lives in the prehistoric town of Bedrock. Whenever they get in trouble, they try to sneak out of it,

    I love this show! Its not really on anymore too much, but I would watch it anytime! The best Older show ever! I think its very funny, and good-natured! I wish they made a new series of The Flintstones! I watched it growing up on Cartoon Network, but I don't see it on anymore. If anyone knows the times this show is on, please let me know!!!!!! Thanks, and I recomend you watch this show!
  • Not very good

    I think that it is just plain stupid i mean the way they walk they look so wierd and the things they do is ment to be funny i have seen over 1000 shows funnyer than that its a stupid waste of time stupid and annoying. they should stop it while they have the chance
  • Classic

    Okay, I know this is a really old cartoon but it is brilliant. I used to watch repeats of it on Cartoon Network all the time. I used to love it although I could never understand why they bothered to take the car as they had to walk in the car and carry it so wouldn't it have been simpler to walk everywhere? The dinosaur tools always made me laugh especially the washing mashine and the garden clippers. They were so cute. BamBam and Pebbles were adorable too but my favourite character would have to be Fred. I know it is set in the stone age but he reminded me so much of my dad - except the fact he liked bowling - my dad is awful at bowling, he'll go straight in the gutter.
  • This is a classic its been around since the stone age if you get what I mean.

    This show is nearly perfect, the only hiccough in all of the flintstones was when they met the jetsons, that was the worst episode ever and will be the worst episode ever. But overall this program is great for all ages 0 to as old as you get (which is old).
  • It started in 1960. And now Barney is plotting to steal Fred's Cereal.

    It started in 1960. And now Barney is plotting to steal Fred's Cereal. Why can't Barney just buy his own box?!

    The first few episodes are very old. And Mr. Slate looked like Mr. Spacely! and the Mr. Slate we know was actually called Mr. RockHead. And then they got better, but I don't really like the stone ages.
    Then they had a syndicated version of the show, produced by Screen Gems, where they had a studio audience.

    And they had The Pebbles And Bamm Bamm Show. And the kids were all different ages.

    They made a movie. I liked them, but they could have done much better. They have great actors. And I thought it was funny when Bamm Bamm pushed Pebbles on the swing.

    They made many Christmas Specials, and then they had the Jetsons and The Flintstones Crossover.

    But I don't like the commercials at all. "Bawnee! My Pebbles!"
  • One of the most classic cartoons

    I love The Flinstones! It's great for kids, but i especially like it because it has adult-level humor. The jokes are funny, and the references to other movies stars and adult in-jokes are good. All my characters are my favorite. I like alot of the episodes-esp the one where Fred dances to "Twith". But i get the episodes confused-because how many times did Barney and Fred go to the fridge for a midnight snack-like a giant sandwich ? :) I like the receptionist who says "You hawv a cawl, Mista Slate". And i like when the girls and the guys gain up on each other for some battle of the sexes. The movie was pretty good too (except Fred's new woman boss was out of place)This show is just all-around good,intellegent entertainment.
  • really great show

    this show is a classic everyone show watch this show i sure can't wait till the whole series is out on dvds. i watch this show every night on teletoon never gets old. the moive was great too i would highly recommend this show to anyone who has not seen it.
  • woooo flinstones

    i never actually knew it was this old but woah even for a show this old its great and im glad its still being aired on channels. i love the fact that this show is so original in the ways like how they use the bird as a remote control absoloutely classic
  • I Love the show and I think it should come on tv channels like nick, disney channel, abc family and cartoonnetwork. So me and my friends can watch it with our kids in the future.

    I Love the show and I think they need to bring it back, on channels like nick, disney channel, cartoonnetwork and abc family. I grew up watching this show and the Jetsons I Love both shows and I wish they where on the channels I listed above so my baby cousins could watch them and love them as much as I do.
  • Flintstones meet the Flintstones .........

    What a classic cartoon it would be one of the first that comes to mind when you mention cartoons.
    Pebbles, Bam Bam, Dino, Wilma, Fred were all favorites of mine.
    Fred was so funny and I loved how Dino would always lick his face when he got home, how loyal.
    A childhood favorite.
  • Aaaawwwww! The Flintstones! Why forget this?

    This is the first animated show air in prime-time but in early, we're accusated the series that considered like a spoof of The Honeymooners, but with the months, the cartoon are a great success.

    In my memory, The Flintstones are one of my 10 favorite cartoon shows than i watch in my life. But for a French-Canadian like me, that's the excellent Quebec dubbed than i force me to watch. It's too great! Same better than the original voices of Alan Reed, Bea Benaderet and Mel Blanc. Ok, i don't try to offense you, but i considered the voices of Paul Berval as Fred Flintstone, Denise Proulx as Wilma, Claude Michaud as Barney Rubble and Monique Miller as Betty very brillant and sometime better than the Quebec dubbing of The Simpsons without of course injure the great works of the actors behind the Quebec voices at The Simpsons.

    The most funny in this story are the Quebec dub. version is starting only in... 1973! 13 years after the original air on US. Why wait so longtime? Well, in Quebec, that's now a habit.

    Yes. The Flintstones is a real sitcom like we wishes have nowadays and without this, we're never have The Simpsons, King of the Hill and Family Guy
  • The Flinstones

    This show is really awesome and funny. This is like watching the 1960's version of The Simpsons. Having the two main characters Fred as Homer Simpson and Barney as Barney Gumble. This show is a classic. I watch this show occasionally whenever its on because the jokes are funny in it. As I said this show will forever a classic.
  • I loved the Flintstones as a child, but watching it back as a teenager has raised some questions.

    Don't get me wrong, I love The Flintstones - but I just wonder how I ever put up with watching the obnoxiousness of Fred Flintstone. He had his moments when he was sweet, or funny, but the constant "You're my wife, you're there to cook me dinner, you're not supposed to have a social life" etc wound me up a little. If I was Wilma, I would've been out that door faster than you can say "See ya!"

    But I absoloutely love Barney, he is so sweet, and in the later episodes, I thought Pebbles and Bam Bam were the most adorable cartoon babies ever.
  • lol i love dino lol

    thsi show is like soo freakin funny i love it for it bein an old show and w/e its a pretty good one if ya ask me now i know i say a lot of shows are really good and that i love em but i only like to comment on ones i really really really like or really really really hate lol but this show soo totally rocks got a lot of "stoneage" humor lol
  • The Flintstones was a magnicent show about a modern 1960's couple (and later on child) that just happens to also be set in the stone Age, two time periods in one, extra points for creativity!

    The Flintstones has always been a favorite of mine. Everything, the characters, the plot outline, the animal convinences, the stone houses, were so original! There was Fred, the bumbling, slighty mean, crabby, but good at heart Fred (and main character)Barney, Fred's best friend, corny, short and lovable, Wilma, wife of Fred, funny, your basic wife and mother figure, Betty, wife of Barney. loyal, best friend to Wilma, Dino,tone age dog, Pebbles, adorable baby of Fred and Wilma, and Bam-Bam, strongest baby in the world, pride of Betty and Barney. Next, each episode was realistic, with a comedic touch, not just complete and otter sillyness. They also had wonderful supporting characters/guest stars whether it be Wilma's mom, Uncle Tex, Mr. Slate, Arnold the paper boy, the kissing burgler, or even that guy with a wheezing laugh in "Dial "s" For Suspision". Now on to the few things I didn't about this show 1.The Continuity- The house always changing, the cars, Dino's color, Mr. Slate, events that happen in episodes, the same thing over and over again while they run, it was just plain annoying, and 2. Hoppy, can I hear an annoying/ totally pointless chant!?But in concusion, the LFlintstones was still a wonderful show that both kids and adults will love :)!
  • A good show for audiences of all ages.

    Soon after the flintstones, they made the jetsons which in my opinion wasn't as good. It's not often that they make good shows like this anymore. Normally the new kids shows they make are boring and sadly stupid then come a few golden shows like SpongeBob, The Fairly Oddparents, and Invader ZIM! which delight and enrapture the young and the old. I used to watch this show with my grandpa all the time so it's my opinion to like this show but you might like it too if you haven't already seen it.
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