The Flintstones

ABC (ended 2001)





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  • a show that started it all and paved the way for others like it to come

    the flintstones was a really good cartoon i did not grow up in the 60s but grew up watching the repeats of the show in the 90s and was a huge fan and own all the boxsets of the show. but anyway its about two familys the rubles and the flintstones. well mostly the flintstones. but anway fred and william flintstone are married and they live right nextstore to the rubbles and fred and barney are friends and they work to geather at the quary. they do alot of mining. but anway the show has alot of funny moments like when friend pushs the police offcer in the water during a party and then goes to jail that was when they the pool made. fred and barney get into arugements and disputes sometimes and the flintstones also have a kid pepbles and a pet named dino. it was such a good show that has alot of stuff in it like the honey mooners. but i think the flintstones paved the way for such shows as the jetsons and the simpsons .