The Flintstones

Season 6 Episode 8

Rip Van Flintstone

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Nov 05, 1965 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • The pool player is called Marvin, one of Fred's co-workers is called Sandy, and Barney's butler is Stonyslaws.

  • Quotes

    • Supermarket Clerk: All right, all right, break it up, you kids. Get away from the magazine stand if you're not buying. Out, out, out.
      Boys: All right. Ok. (runs away)
      Supermarket Clerk: (to Fred) That goes for you, too, buddy. No money, no reading.
      Fred: I'm not reading. I'm just looking at the pictures.
      Supermarket Clerk: Oh, great. When you learn to read, I'll really be in trouble, won't I?

    • Fred: Hey, Wilma, look! It's those new skate bones all the kids are riding. Pretty neat, huh? I've been wanting to try one of these.
      Wilma: Put it back, Fred. You'll hurt yourself.
      Fred: Are you kidding? Why, I'm a natural-born athlete. Watch this. (starts riding skate bone) See? Nothing to it. Ho-oh, boy! I can see why the kids get hooked on these things. Sure beats walking.
      Supermarket Clerk: Uh-oh. Here comes one of those adult natural-born athletes. This means troubles.
      (Fred accidentally skates into the revolving door and spins out of control)
      Fred: Hey, where am I? What's going on? (skates uncontrollably out of revolving door) Yaaa! Wilma!
      Supermarket Clerk: I knew it.

    • (After Fred causes damage in the supermarket while riding a skate bone)
      Supermarket Clerk: One giant Brontosaurus soup bone, 250 grapefruits, one skate bone, plus damage to revolving door. And that'll be $62.52.
      Wilma: Next time, I'll do the shopping, o.k., Fred?
      Supermarket Clerk: The management would be most grateful, madam.
      Fred: Are you insinuating I'm a troublemaker?
      Supermarket Clerk: No, sir, not insinuating. I'm telling you!

    • Slate: Welcome once again, everybody, to the Slate Construction Annual Picnic for Employees and Guests, given each year through the generosity of the company's beloved president.
      (The employees all cheer)
      Fred: Here we go. First it's a long-winded speech by Slate, then we play some corny games. (shouts) I hope the food is better this year!
      Wilma: Fred!
      Fred: Relax, Wilma. Slate'll never know who yelled it.
      Slate: Starting a little early with the wisecracks, aren't you, Flintstone?
      (Fred's face blushes red)
      Wilma: Oh, he'll never know, will he?

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