The Flintstones - Season 4

ABC (ended 1966)




Episode Guide

  • 3/12/64
    After mocking Wilma's housekeeping efforts, Fred accepts her challenge to swap jobs for one day. He soon learns that a housewife's labors are tougher than he thought.
  • Bachelor Daze
    Episode 25

    After hearing that the Honeyrock Hotel is to be torn down, the Flintstone and Rubble couples reminisce about how they first met.

  • Son of Rockzilla
    Episode 24
    Thinking he will be discovered, Fred takes a job wearing a monster costume in a publicity stunt for a new horror movie. He creates the desired effect, frightens the townspeople, and falls into his own monstrous dilemma.
  • Reel Trouble
    Episode 23
    Proud papa Fred shows his home movies of Pebbles to everyone, including two criminals who discover that he has captured them on film. But rather than sit through the films again, the criminals turn themselves in!
  • 2/13/64
    Disguising themselves to gain entry into the all-male Water Buffalo Lodge meeting, Wilma and Betty argue that wives should be allowed to attend the meetings. But after going through painful initiation ceremonies as new members, they decide they are better off staying home.
  • Room for Two
    Episode 21
    After building a new room onto the Flintstone home, Fred and Barney start feuding. Fueling the rift is the fact that Barney cast the deciding vote against Fred for Water Buffalo of the Year, and Barney's discovery that half of Fred's new room is on his property.
  • Cave Scout Jamboree
    Episode 20

    After getting laid off from work, Fred takes his family and the Rubbles on a camping trip, where they wind up meeting, and helping, a large group of boy scouts from all around the world.

  • 1/23/64
    Fred befriends a kitten while on a fishing trip and decides to make a house pet of it, not realizing that the tiny kitten will grow up to be a full-sized lion, which begins eating the family out of house and home.
  • Bedrock Hillbillies
    Episode 18
    Fred inherits a shack in the hills from his hillbilly relatives, and with it a hundred-year-old feud with the Hatrock clan. Fred settles the feud by rescuing a Hatrock baby, but then starts it anew by insulting the Hatrock matriarch.
  • Fred el Terrifico
    Episode 17
    Vacationing in Rockapulco, Fred encounters international jewel thieves who plant a million dollars' worth of stolen diamonds on him to carry across the border. The deception is detected and Fred is offered a reward, and is subsequently arrested back home for failing to declare the reward money!
  • 1/2/64
    Chaos reigns supreme when ten androids from another planet--all whom are dead-ringers for Fred--land in Bedrock causing havoc in an attempt to conquer the earth. When the alien master admits failure and recalls the androids, Fred is left to explain his odd behavior.
  • Once Upon a Coward
    Episode 15
    After being robbed without putting up a fight, Fred tries to prove that he is not a coward. Later, while bowling, he recognizes the voice of the robber and bowls him over, thus restoring his male pride.
  • Peek-a-Boo Camera
    Episode 14
    Attending a premarital bachelor party for a Lodge buddy, rowdy Fred and Barney start dancing with the chorus girls in a nightclub, unaware that they are being filmed for television's "Peek-A-Boo Camera." The boys do everything possible to keep their wives from seeing the show when it airs on television, and almost succeed.moreless
  • Daddies Anonymous
    Episode 13
    Fred and Barney join an exclusive "fathers club," which offers hen-pecked husbands the chance to play poker under the guise of taking their children for afternoon walks. Fred has to do some fancy switching, though, when he rushes home one day with the wrong infant.
  • 12/5/63
    Fred misconstrues an overheard conversation and enters Pebbles in a beauty contest, only to find out that the contest is for somewhat older "babes" instead of "babies." Overcoming the resistance of the contest coordinator, Fred enters Pebbles anyway, with surprising results.
  • 11/28/63
    In a jewelry store to buy a birthday gift for Wilma, Fred and Pebbles unknowingly encounter jewel thief Baffles Gravel, who plants a priceless diamond bracelet on Pebbles. After finding the hot ice, Fred and Wilma try to get it back to the store before Pebbles "crime" is discovered.
  • 11/21/63
    Betty and Wilma employ a "sleep-teaching" method to try and turn Fred and Barney into perfect spouses. The plan goes awry, and the foursome are ultimately arrested as thieves. After pleading their cases in court, the wives are sentenced by the judge to twenty days of serving their "victimized spouses" breakfast in bed.moreless
  • Old Lady Betty
    Episode 9
    To earn enough money to buy Barney a surprise gift, Betty answers an ad for a job which specifies an elderly lady. Disguising herself, Betty gets the job, but discovers that her employers are counterfeiters.
  • Big League Freddie
    Episode 8
    When Fred's performance for the Bedrock Quarry baseball team flounders, he is replaced by Roger who attracts the attention of Big League scouts, but since he is wearing Fred's uniform, the scouts try to sign up Fred.
  • Glue for Two
    Episode 7
    Fred's formula for a new soft drink, which he hopes will make him rich, instead acts as a kind of glue. Not only does Fred get stuck to Barney, but both of them become affixed to Barney's bowling ball.
  • 10/24/63
    Fred forms a barbershop quartet to compete on the "Hum Along With Herman" television show, and in the process discovers that Barney is a natural lead tenor. The catch is that Barney can sing only when he's in the bathtub.
  • 10/17/63
    After Wilma insists that Fred have his eyes examined, he mistakenly puts on the wrong pair of prescription lenses. As a result of his temporarily faulty eyesight, he ends up taking a performing monkey to the circus, believing it is Pebbles.
  • Dino Disappears
    Episode 4
    Upset that Fred has forgotten the anniversary of his joining the household, Dino runs away in a sulk. The next morning Fred and Barney search for him, bringing home a look-alike pet that they assume to be Dino.
  • Little Bamm-Bamm
    Episode 3
    Betty and Barney discover a foundling named Bamm-Bamm on their doorstep and become smitten with the child. They set out to adopt him, but discover that the Welfare Bureau has promised the boy to wealthy Pronto Berger, who is being represented by attorney Perry Masonry. When Berger learns that his wife is pregnant, however, the Rubbles are free to adopt the baby.moreless
  • Gloom Groom
    Episode 2
    Frustrated that paperboy (and part-time babysitter) Arnold always beats him at table-tennis, Fred has a nightmare in which an older Arnold elopes with his grown-up daughter Pebbles.
  • 9/19/63
    Fred and Barney learn that local talent is being sought for the Bedrock Bowl's premiere event, a television special starring Ann-Margrock (voiced by Ann-Margret). The boys go home and prepare for an audition, and are aided by Ann-Margrock herself (whom they fail to recognize), who comes in to the Flintstones' home to use the phone after her car breaks down.moreless