The Flintstones

Season 1 Episode 7

The Babysitters

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Nov 11, 1960 on ABC



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    • Fred: Women. (grimaces)
      Barney: Yeah.
      Fred: You can't beat 'em.
      Barney: And you can't join 'em.

    • Mr. Granite: Too late for the coffee break again this morning,eh Rubble?
      Barney: Oh...Uh...I can explain, sir.
      Mr. Granite: I've been looking for you all morning. Sit down! (Barney sits on the floor) Not on the floor, dumbbell. In the chair.
      Barney: Oh..Uh...Uh...Yes, sir. Yes, sir. Yes, sir.

    • Wilma: (after giving Fred the news) Fred? Fred, you're turning red as a lobster. Now don't blow your top.
      Fred: It's my top and I'll blow it if I want to. (literally blows his top)

    • Wilma: Alright let's hear it.
      Betty: It better be good, Barney.
      Fred: (behind iron bars) Well, well... it all started when the TV was blacked out and...
      Barney: (behind iron bars, continues) ...And I tore up the tickets and the baby jumped out of the window and...
      Fred: (impatient, to Barney) Oh...stop it. (to the wives) We'll see you in 30 days. It'll take longer than that to explain the whole story.

    • Fred: (Little Egbert is crying) What's wrong with little Egbert?
      Barney: Search me?
      Fred: Why don't you try singing to him?
      Barney: Singing? Okay. (sings) Rock-a-bye baby. In the tree tap. When the wind blows the cradle will rock. When the bough breaks...
      Fred: (doesn't like the song) Quiet!!! (Barney stops singing, Egberts starts crying again) That's better.

    • Betty: (refers to Barney and Fred) With full stomachs those two are as calm as beached whales.

    • Fred: Two tickets to tonight's fight. Where did you get them, Barney?
      Barney: The king of the jungle gave them to me.
      Fred: Your Boss?
      Barney: Yup. The queen wouldn't let him go.
      Fred: His wife? (both start laughing)

    • Fred: Well, there's gotta be some reason you're so nice to me.
      Wilma: Fred, I didn't buy a thing.

  • Notes

    • This episode was recorded on 4-6-60.

    • Veteran voice-over artist Paul Frees provides the voice of Barney's boss (the only time we ever catch a glimpse of Barney's workplace), the TV announcer giving the boys the news that the fight's blacked out, and the TV newscaster revealing the baby-in-the-tree story was a hoax..

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