The Flintstones

Season 6 Episode 7

The Great Gazoo

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Oct 29, 1965 on ABC



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    • (Fred is wondering why Wilma is behaving so nicely)
      Fred: A: There's a contest for the Fattest Husband in Bedrock, and she's entering me.
      B: She had an accident with the car.
      C: She wants something.
      Wilma: Oh, Fred, I was wondering...
      Fred: The Cs have it. She wants something.

    • (After Wilma asked could the group go to a restaurant called the Chateau Rockinbleau)
      Fred: Wilma, it costs a week's salary just to tip the parking lot boy in that place. We can't afford it! The answer is absolutely no!
      Wilma: We don't ask things very often.
      Fred: Positively no.
      Wilma: Please? Pretty please?
      Fred: Definitely...maybe.

    • Barney: (about their wives) The trouble is, they don't ask for things very often. I didn't know what to say.
      Fred: Barney, you got to be firm. It won't be just a dinner and the tips. It'll mean a babysitter, and a new dress, and a hairdo.
      Barney: Yeah, I know, I know. So what did you tell Wilma?
      Fred: I gave her a firm, definite...maybe.
      Barney: (chuckles) Yeah. That's what I said. I was firm, too.

    • (Gazoo helped Fred and Barney get rid of their things to avoid getting in trouble with a police officer)
      Policeman: (while writing a ticket) Let's see. Um, what else? Uh, oh, yeah. Citation Number 3: Blocking the road.
      Fred: Blocking the road? Why, Officer, whatever do you mean?
      Policeman: All that stuff is...gone. Huh? (closes his eyes) I'll open my eyes and it'll be there again. (opens them) It's still gone. What happened to it?
      Fred: Happened to what?
      Policeman: I saw toys and clothes, furniture! I saw it. I really did. (gets on his bike) I'm not overworked. I don't need a vacation. But I know one thing, I'm getting out of here!

    • (After Gazoo makes a policeman's bike disappear)
      Fred: What do you think you are, a comedian or something?
      Gazoo: Irresistible impulse.
      Barney: No wonder they shipped you back.

    • Gazoo: Well, now, who do we have here? What's your name, little fella?
      Bamm-Bamm: Bamm-Bamm. (gives Gazoo one of his strong handshakes) Bam! Bam! Bam Bam! Bam!
      Gazoo: Gads! What superhuman strength.
      Barney: Why not? That's my superhuman kid. His name's Bamm-Bamm.
      Fred: Tell you something else that's superhuman--he can see you.
      Gazoo: Oh, yes, I forgot to mention...little children and animals can see things the rest of you dumdums can't.

    • Wilma: Fred, is something wrong?
      Barney: (to Fred) I, uh, think it's a good time to open the presents.
      Wilma: You're acting very strange, Fred.
      Betty: Frankly, you both got us worried.
      Wilma: Something's going on and we don't like it. Presents?
      Betty: What presents?

  • Notes

    • Wilma and Betty are the only main characters who cannot see Gazoo since, aside from Fred and Barney, young children and animals (such as Pebbles, Bamm-Bamm, Dino, and later, Hoppy) are the only ones who can see him.

    • This episode was recorded on 6-17-65.

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