The Flintstones

Season 1 Episode 19

The Hot Piano

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Feb 03, 1961 on ABC

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  • Barney shreds In the Merry Merry Month of May

    Yes, you heard right, but I'll get to that. The premise here is not unusual, Fred has forgotten his marriage anniversary to Wilma, (Though he does remember it is "trash day."). Fred and Barney eventually get to a piano store where Fred plans on buying Wilma a "Stonehenge" piano. Here's where we find that Barney has talent as he tries out the instrument and plucks out In The Merry Merry Month of May, and when the Salesman joins him in duet, they give a Carnagy Hall performance, and don't stop until Fred shouts. Laugh out loud funny.

    Of course Fred can't afford the piano and gets run out of the shop where he is approached by 88 fingers Louie, who sells him a hot piano. 88 Fingers is a "cash and carry" businessman and suggests Fred's muscular friend Barney help him carry the piano home. Problems ensue, and Fred is eventually arrested for driving the piano through a red light. After Fred explains about his anniversary, the cops have pity and allow the piano to be played by Barney accompanied by a quartet of crooning cops. Again we are delighted by Barneys chops as he delivers a "Happy Anniversary" song. And again they keep on, and on, until Fred blows up. Again, hilarious.

    Fred, (still thought to be 88 Fingers) is dragged off to jail, but a swift coincidence catches the real 88 Fingers, and Fred winds up getting a lift to the flower shop to get the standby bouquet of flowers for Wilma that he gets whenever he screws up.

    10 out of 10 stars, and a must see for music lovers.