The Flintstones

Season 7 Episode 10

The Jetsons Meet the Flintstones

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Nov 09, 1987 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Goof: The families had arrived at the picnic without their respective pets. Yet somehow, Dino and Astro were there to ruin Mr. Slate's chances of winning the final contest to Fred and George's dismay.


    • Goofs: In the scene George is using the camera, he's first seen without the yellow cap he wore in Bedrock. When he's about to take the picture, the cap is on his head. But after the Flintstones and Rubbles vanish with the time machine, George's cap is missing again. Later, when Jane is making lunch for her family, she had distributed all the meat slices between the plate and the pigasaurus disposal. But when George enters to get the plate, it seems Jane's distributing those last slices again as the stack of meat was slightly lower than before.

    • Goof: The squaking bird for Mr. Slate's phone wishes someone would invent the bell, but the phone at the Rubbles' house was seen with one earlier in the movie.

    • Goofs: The knob of the Flintstones' house door is missing after a sabertooth tiger knocks it down. Then when Judy slams it to the side when she enters, it drops down not by the wall, but right back in front of the doorway the first couple of times it went down.

    • Goof: Betty's eyebrows are briefly missing when she and Wilma are arguing as they try to help Barney after Fred drops him from the window.

    • Goof: When Rosey first activates the repaired time machine to find the Jetsons, only she disappears. But both she and the machine materialize when she arrives at her first destination.

    • Goofs: The sign that says "Original Caveman Car" is misspelled. And how do the replica age cars fly? Then, when Mr. Spacely walks away after telling George he won't dock his pay for the time he was gone, his shirt sleeves are missing. And when Dino affectionately licks him when he gives the Flintstones their car back, his collar is colored beige instead of light blue in the closeup shot.

    • Goofs: When everyone is taken by surprise when the Flintstones' car begins glowing, George and Judy's eyebrows are briefly missing. Then when everyone is saying goodbye to the Flintstones and Rubbles at the end of the movie, as the camera pans out to show the group, George's left sleeve is missing and as is Astro altogether even though he can be heard saying "See you 'round, Dino!"

    • Beginning with this movie, Mr. Slate's first name is Nate. He also goes by this name in The Flintstone Kids series. From the original series, he's gone through several different first names.

    • At one point in the movie, George is called "Mr. Jetstone".

  • Quotes

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    • (George about to take a picture of the Flintstones and Rubbles)
      Fred: Dino, get over here if you want to get in this picture!
      George: That's okay, Fred. I'll be able to remember Dino without a picture! Hold it...Hold it! (The time machine activates) I-I-I said hold it, not disappear!
      Elroy: Oh no! The wrong family went back to the future!

    • Wilma: I don't believe it! You mean we're stuck here a million years from home?
      Fred: Well, you wanted a vacation, Wilma, you got one! (Laughs)
      Wilma: Oh, yeah! Well, I've got a vacation I'd like to send you on! (Fred cowers)

    • Spacely:: (After daydreaming of fame with the Stone Age group)
      Spacely Sprockets is on the move again. We're going ahead backwards!

    • Store Manager: We're a small town, Mrs. Jetson. We're not used to these kinds of sales. Don't expect too much. (Opens the doors and an onrushing crowd runs them over)
      Jane: Is it expecting too much to hope I get out of this alive?

      (Later, after the Iggy Sandstone concert...)

      Judy: I think you're a hit!
      Iggy: Baby, you know it! (Suddenly gets surrounded by groupies, upsetting Judy)
      Judy: Ooooh! Did I really have to go back a million years to go through this again?

    • (After being upstaged by Barney via Cogswell, Fred tries to throw him out the window)
      Betty: Let go of my husband!
      Fred: Suits me!
      Barney: Yeow! (Hanging on for dear life)
      Betty: Wilma's right, Fred. You would have stolen, cheated, and sabotaged Barney.
      Wilma: So what? That's what he always does. What's the big deal?
      Betty: Are you defending that caveman con artist?
      Wilma: He's my caveman con artist! (They drop Barney)
      Fred: G-girls?!
      Betty: You keep out of this!
      Fred: B-but, but, but girls?!
      Wilma: You heard her. Butt out!
      Betty: And as far as I'm concerned, you can both butt out of our lives from now on!
      Wilma: Oooh, suits me fine!
      Betty: Me, too. Right, Barn? Uh, Barn?!? (She and Wilma scream) Barney?!!!
      Barney: (Entering the door) Hey, do me a favor, will you? Next time you fight over me, do it a little closer to the ground.

    • George: Judy, sweetheart, we're ready to go.
      Judy: Daddy, do we have to go? Right now?
      George: If we don't, we're libel to miss our chance.
      Judy: What about my chance, here?
      George: Well honey, I guess we'll just have to count on your making the right decision.
      Judy: It's not fair! When two people finally find each other, the last thing they want is to be separated.
      Iggy: Why do we have to be? Where are you going? Can't I go with you?
      Judy: It's a long way, Iggy. Maybe we'll meet again sometime. Bye. (Kisses him and leaves with the family back to the future)

    • (After Astro and Dino stop Sentro from escaping)
      Spacely: Whoopee!!! I'm back in business!
      George: Yeah, those two make a pretty good team--Finally!
      Fred: Speaking of teams, you weren't too bad back there yourself, Barn. Helping me up on the rafter.
      Barney: It was nothing, Fred.
      Fred: Nothing?!? You saved my life!
      Barney: What are friends for?
      Fred: Sometimes, they're for hugging. That's what they're for! (Hugs Barney)

    • Wilma: Well, this old car is a touch of home Fred.
      Fred: We'll see you later.
      Wilma: Thanks for everything! (The car begins to glow)
      Jane: What happened, George?
      Elroy: It's simple, Mom. They must have absorbed some of the time machine quadro quotient.
      George: It's simpler than that, Elroy. That old car just wants to go home as much as they do.
      Fred: Oh, boy! Bedrock, we're on our way!
      Barney: I can't wait to get home!
      Fred: So long, George.
      George: Bye, Fred, Barn.
      Jane: So long, Wilma. Bye, Betty.
      Astro: See you 'round, Dino.
      All: Bye!!! (The Stone Age gang vanish back to their time)
      Fred: Yabba Dabba Doo!!!

  • Notes

    • The song heard during this movie is 'Bedrock Rock', with lyrics by William Hanna and the music by Hoyt Curtin. The video uses dance sequences similar to The Jetsons episode 'A Date with Jet Screamer' and several episodes of the first Flintstones spinoff series The Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm Show.

  • Allusions

    • Rock/Stone Puns:

      General Electrock - Reference to the General Electric Company specializing in kitchen appliances.
      Honolurock - Stone Age version of Honolulu.
      Jack Robinstone - Reference to actor Jack Robinson.
      Sears and Roberock - Reference to the Sears and Roebuck company that runs a number of department stores under the Sears name.
      Rock Vegas - Reference to Las Vegas.
      Bloomingstone's - Reference to Bloomingdale's department store.
      TowerRock Records - Reference to Tower Records which in recent months filed for bankruptcy.
      Aerobrocks - Stone Age version of aerobics.

    • Space Puns:

      Humphrey Bumgart - Reference to actor Humphrey Bogart.
      Dan Rathmoon - Reference to news reporter Dan Rather.
      Jet Rivers - Reference to Joan Rivers, who in the late 1980's competed against Johnny Carson in the late night talk show department with The Joan Rivers Show. This led to a rift between them since she filled in as a guest host of The Tonight Show on a few occasions. The competition didn't last though as her talk show had poor ratings and was cancelled within one year.

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