The Flintstones

Season 6 Episode 11

The Masquerade Party

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Nov 26, 1965 on ABC

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  • The Way Outs inspired Hanna-Barbera to do the impossible!

    First off, looks like they dipped into a Honeymooners episode (what the cartoon's based on) when Fred Flintstone wore a spaceman's uniform @ his Water Buffalo Lodge party.

    The Way Outs themselves looked like real space aliens with the four rings they sport. Their shaggy red hair may have inspired another Hanna-Barbera character, Multi-Man of The Impossibles!

    I read an Impossibles fanfic where each hero traveled through time. Multi-Man went to the stone age, found out he was in Bedrock & mentioned that the Way Outs were his prehistoric ancestors! Really fits if you compare the characters.

    This episode gets my kudos!