The Flintstones

Season 1 Episode 6

The Monster from the Tar Pits

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Nov 04, 1960 on ABC

Episode Recap

A Hollyrock director and producer are talking about the next movie and they decide to save some money by filming in a random town and use some of the local people as extras. They pick Bedrock.

Wilma is listening to the radio as she is doing housework and hears about the movie. She gets excited and tells Betty who has also heard it. They decide to go to the auditions. Fred comes home and thinks it's nonsense. Wilma has been so infatuated about going to the auditions and possibly meeting Gary Granite that she forgot to fix supper. Fred leaves and gets Barney and they go to a local cafe to eat. Barney mentions the auditions and Fred thinks it's silly.

The next day when the Hollyrock people arrive at the airport, Barney is in the crowd watching the hoopla. Then Fred shows up and sheepishly says he just came to see all the numbskulls. Fred and Barney leave when they see the girls. Barney wants to go to the auditions and watch. Fred drops him off and leaves to go to work.

Several people try out and none are selected. Betty and Wilma don't get picked either. They all leave to go home and as they leave, Fred sneaks in. It seems that Gary Granite doesn't want to do some of the scenes. The director talks to Fred and cons him into taking the part of Gary's double. Fred is excited and heads home with the costume.

Fred enters his house and scares Wilma with the costume and then frightens Betty. Betty hits him with a broom and Wilma recognizes Fred's voice. Barney then comes over and Fred tries to scare him, but Barney knows it's Fred.

the next day Fred goes to the filming location in costume and finds out the hard way that he is actually the stunt double and gets hit by a boulder and club. The director then tells Fred that they are filming the last scene and to walk into the tar pit and wave goodbye. Fred does it and holds his breath as he goes under.

Barney shows up later to find him and Fred finds out that the film crew left and he was suckered into the whole thing. Fred feels depressed when he talks to Wilma because he was duped by the film crew and says he'll never fall for something like that again. The radio then announces that they will be filming a sequel and Fred goes out to try and find the costume that Wilma threw away.