The Flintstones

Season 2 Episode 6

The Rock Quarry Story

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Oct 20, 1961 on ABC



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    • Barney: Hey, Fred, Fred! There's a boulevard stop coming up!
      Fred: Barney, my eyesight is as good as yours, and I can see that stop sign as plain as you. So I'll ask you to stop being a back-seat driver, or I'll--
      (Fred, not paying attention, drives through the stop sign and hits Rock Quarry's car)
      Fred: What's the matter with you, mister?! Why don't you put your hand out when you're making a left turn?!
      Rock Quarry: A left turn? I was going straight.
      Fred: Look, Buster, you're at fault, and I can prove it. I got a disinterested witness neighbor and best friend, Barney Rubble. Tell him, Barney buddy. Tell him just how it happened.
      Barney: You drove through a boulevard stop, Fred, and hit that man's car.
      Fred: What did I tell you? Right through the boulevard stop and--(realizes what Barney just said)
      Barney: And you hit that man's car.
      Fred: (chuckles nervously) I-I don't understand. It, uh...It, uh...It wasn't there yesterday. Heh, heh. It could happen to anyone.

    • Fred: You must be a stranger around here, fella. I've never seen you before. What's your name?
      Rock Quarry: Uh...Gus. Gus Schultz. (thinking) He doesn't know me. I didn't think it was possible. This is great. (to Fred) Uh...and what is your name, mister?
      Fred: I'm Fred Flintstone, and this is my ex-buddy and false friend Barney Rubble.
      Barney: You went right through the stop sign.
      Fred: I'm in the market for a new best friend. Are you gonna be in town long, Gus?
      Barney: Right through the stop sign! Pow!
      Fred: You'll get "pow!" if you don't keep quiet! Sorry, Gus. What were you saying?
      Rock Quarry: Well, I just quit a job, and I could stay here. It seems like a nice, friendly little town.
      Fred: Friendly? Gus, I'll show you how friendly it is. You're coming home with me for dinner.
      Barney: Stop sign. Car. Rrr! (crashes two bottles together) POW!
      (Fred angrily stares)
      Barney: Well, that's the way it happened, Fred.

    • Fred: You'll like Wilma, Gus. She's a lot of laughs.
      Rock Quarry: You're sure she won't mind?
      Fred: Listen, Gus, we've got the continental system in my house. The man is boss. It's my domain, and I am king.
      Barney: You ought to be, Fred. You've been crowned enough times!

    • Fred: Hey, Gus, instead of eating cold cuts, what do you say we grab a bite out, like, uh...down at the bowling alley?
      Rock Quarry: Swell. Maybe we can bowl a few games.
      Fred: Ok. Loser pays for dinner and bowling. What's your average?
      Rock Quarry: Well, not too hot. The last league I bowled in, my average was 197.
      Fred: (drops dishes in shock) 197? Well, I see we'll have to get Barney to come along with us.
      Rock Quarry: I thought you were mad at him.
      Fred: Mad at Barney? No. How could I stay mad at him? He's the only guy I know I can beat every time at bowling. And a bowling pigeon is hard to find.

    • Fred: Hey, Barney, get your bowling ball. We're gonna roll a few games.
      Barney: Quiet, Fred! I got an important call going here.
      Fred: Oh. I'm sorry, Barney. Take your time.
      Barney: (on the phone) Oh, excuse me, Joe. Someone just walked in. Uh, like I was saying, Joe, we were driving along, and we come to this boulevard stop, see? But do we stop? We do not. Fred drives right through the stop sign, and pow! Right into another car! Yeah, that's right. He didn't even slow down. Just POW! Right smack into another car!
      (Fred storms over, grabs Barney, and carries him away)
      Barney: (still on the phone) Well, I got to go now. Be seeing you, Joe. My regards to the missis. (drops the phone) So long, Joe!

    • Barney: (after Fred falls down trying to hit him) WHALE ON THE BEACH! WHALE ON THE BEACH! WHALE ON THE BEACH!

    • (After finding out too late that Gus Schultz was Rock Quarry)
      Betty: Wilma, we had Rock Quarry right here, all to ourselves. And he'd still be here except for...
      Wilma: Fred and Barney!
      (The girls grab their husbands and carry them outside)
      Fred: Wilma, what are you doing? Put me down!
      Barney: Hey, what did I do? What did I do?!
      (The girls throw Fred and Barney into the pool and storm back into the house)
      Barney: Why did the girls throw us in the pool, Fred?
      Fred: I don't know, Barn, but something tells me we ought to stay here for a while.

    • (The girls are still upset about Rock Quarry leaving)
      Wilma: Aren't we the ones? Once in our lifetime we meet a movie star, and we kick him out of the house.
      Betty: We should have our heads examined.

    • Betty: Oh, it's wonderful talking to you like this, Mr. Granite.
      Gary Granite: It's my pleasure, ladies.
      Wilma: We had Rock Quarry here, and we didn't even know it.
      Betty: Oh, can you imagine?
      (The phone rings, Wilma answers)
      Wilma: Flintstone residence. Yes, he's here. It's for you, Gary. Here.
      (Wilma holds the phone near Gary, who is tied up to a chair)
      Gary Granite: (on the phone) Oh, hello, Ingrid. Huh? Uh, sorry, I can't. I'm all tied up at the moment.
      Wilma: He's not kidding, Betty, and it could be for a long moment.
      Betty: Right. We're not letting this one go!

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