The Flintstones

Season 1 Episode 5

The Split Personality

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Oct 28, 1960 on ABC
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Episode Summary

A conk on the head turns Fred into an aristocratic sophisticate, whose behavior manages to disrupt the entire city of Bedrock.

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  • Fred look out!

    Barney asks Wilma if he can use Freds drink.But,Wilma gave the drink to Barney without asking Fred.Fred goes to Barneys house.Notices he drunk Oil.Then a cap hit him and then he fainted.Once,Fred finally wakes up.He got a nice voice.And singing that annoys his neighborhood.And now,The neighbors start to look all over for Fred.
  • This episode was one of the very first episodes of the Flintstones I ever watched, it's very humorous, well writen, and well put together.

    This episode starts with Barney accidently clonking Barney in the head with a bottle, and then Fred makes the "err, denal deral cahhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhh noise." Then afterwords he becomes "Frederick" and starts talking in a fancy voice and acting all uptight. Hilarity ensues. Then when Wilma calls the doctor, he's unfortunitly a vet! My thoughts of this episode are that this is probably my favorite episode of the entire series and it's what got me into the show, I also enjoyed Betty's "Put a fence around Fred!" line and the dope of the vet that comes to visit. Almost anyone who watches this episode will love it.moreless
  • Fred gets conked on the head with a bottle, and it changes his personality.

    Originally recorded May 9, 1960, and aired Oct. 28, 1960. The most famous of the first-season episodes.

    1. Everyone is worried about Fred being hit on the head with a bottle. But what about his drinking the car polish? No one mentions that, and that probably affected him. No wonder his personality changed--he was probably hallucinating!

    2. Wilma talks about New Year's Eve.

    3. You learn that Barney's and Betty's full names are Bernard and Elizabeth. Their full names are never mentioned again.

    4. The 1960 theme and opening are played.

    5. Fred reads Percy Bysse Shelley's sonnets and sings a butchered version of the opera Don Pasquale.

    6. The elephant is named Trixie.

    7. The first of numerous episodes in which Wilma wants a fur coat.moreless
Alan Reed

Alan Reed

(voice) Fred Flintstone

Mel Blanc

Mel Blanc

(voice) Barney Rubble/Dino

Bea Benaderet

Bea Benaderet

(voice) Betty Rubble

Jean Vander Pyl

Jean Vander Pyl

(voice) Wilma Flintstone

Howard McNear

Howard McNear


Guest Star

Alan Reed

Alan Reed

1st Man

Recurring Role

Mel Blanc

Mel Blanc

Bird/3rd Man/Announcer

Recurring Role

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    • Barney: Get it? When Fred opens the door...Kaboink! The rock lands right on his noggin.
      Wilma: I suppose it has to be done, but is it necessary to use such a hard rock?
      Barney: Fredrick has a hard head, you know.

    • Frederick: How about reading Shelley's sonnets to you again?
      Wilma: I've heard Ode to a Lark so many times I could build a nest and lay eggs.

    • Betty: What's wrong with him, Wilma?
      Wilma: I...I don't know, but he'll snap out of it in a minute.
      Fred: Ah, there's my sweet, adorable wife looking charming as usual. How are you my dear?
      Wilma: See? He's all right, he knows me.
      Betty: Are you kidding?
      Fred: And there's Elizabeth, Bernard's wife, a vision of loveliness, a delight to the eye.
      Betty: (giggling) Oh yeah, he's all right. He knows me, too.

    • Betty: Why, he's a veterinarian.
      Wilma: I must've gotten the wrong list of doctors.
      Barney: Oh, I don't know, Fred eats like a horse.

    • Betty: What happened to Fred?
      Barney: Well, I know this sounds stupid, but Fred hit himself on the head with a bottle. He knocked himself cold.
      Betty: Oh, dear. I'd hate to tell that story to Wilma.
      Barney: What do you mean, Betty?
      Betty: Well, I mean...I mean, think how embarrassed Fred would feel if Wilma found out.
      Barney: Well...Uh...Maybe we can sneak him into his house and put him on his sofa and she'll think he's asleep.
      Betty: Sneak him into the house? Well, that's like sneaking an elephant into a telephone booth.

    • Wilma: Fred's a diamond in the rough, but even diamonds can stand polishing.

    • Betty: (after hearing a strange nasty sound) Some poor Mastodon is caught in the tar pit. They ought to put a fence around the tar pit.
      Barney: That's not a Mastodon. That's Fred singing.
      Betty: They ought to put the fence around him.

    • Fred: (angry) We are finished. I'm returning your lawn mower, your rake, your hedge shears and your hose.
      Barney: My power tools too?
      Fred: Yes, your power tools too.
      Barney: Gee, this is serious. You never returned my power tools before.

    • Fred: (angry) I'll give him a piece of my mind.
      Wilma: Not to big a piece, Fred. You haven't any to spare.

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