The Flintstones

Season 3 Episode 19

The Surprise

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Jan 25, 1963 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • The police officer is Sgt. Sunday and one of the officers is named Slagbottom.

    • This is one of the episodes that "breaks the fourth wall" - that is, Fred turns to the "camera" and talks to the audience when he makes an announcement to the audience that Wilma is going to have a baby.

    • Fred's team is bowling against the Rockland Rockets.

    • In this episode only, Betty has an unseen, unnamed sister whose baby, Marblehead, the Rubbles are babysitting. There's no further mention of Betty having a sister again.

    • Marblehead "Sandy" Sandstone is Betty's sister's baby. This is the same baby that was mentioned in Baby Barney on Nov. 9, 1962 (which has a similar plot).

  • Quotes

    • Wilma: Oh! Isn't he darling? What's his name?
      Betty: Marblehead Sandstone, Jr. We call him Sandy for short.
      Wilma: Hello, Sandy. (tickles him) Cootchie-cootchie-cootchie-cootchie-cootchie.
      (Marblehead bites Wilma's finger)
      Wilma: Ow!
      Betty: (giggles) I forgot to tell you, he's getting his teeth.
      Wilma: Getting his teeth? I got a scoop for you, Betty. He's got them!

    • (Fred angrily leaves after Barney refuses to go bowling)
      Betty: Is something wrong, Fred?
      Fred: You are married to a nut! Nut! Nut! Nut! Nut! NUT!

    • Wilma: Fred's figured a way to stop bickering with Barney. He said from now on, he'll forgive and forget.
      Betty: That's nice.
      (Fred enters)
      Fred: Wilma, start packing! We're moving!
      Wilma: Moving?
      Betty: Uh-oh. They've only stayed buddies for five minutes this time.
      Wilma: Fred, what about forgive and forget?
      Fred: That's right. I'll never forgive myself for forgetting to stay mad at that guy. This is war and any wife of Barney's is the enemy. Out! Out! Out!
      Wilma: Fred!
      Betty: Never mind, Wilma. I'll see you later.
      (Betty leaves)
      Wilma: Fred Flintstone, we are not moving, and that's that. Stay mad at Barney if you want to, but I'm still friends with Betty, get it?
      Fred: Yeah, I got it...traitor.
      (Wilma leaves)

    • Fred: If anyone ever mentions a baby again, I'll...
      (Wilma starts crying)
      Fred: Wilma, what's the matter?
      Wilma: (sobbing) Oh, Fred, I don't know how to tell you.
      Fred: Tell me what?
      Wilma: (pulls out a knitted baby sock) This! I know how you hate them.
      Fred: I don't hate them, I like them. (wears the sock on his nose) It's just that I never had a nose snoot before.
      Wilma: (cries harder) It's not for you! It's for our baby!
      Fred: (takes the sock off) That's good. I wouldn't have worn it anyway. Boy, am I beat. Good night, Wilma.
      (Fred rests for a while, then wakes back up)
      Fred: Baby? No.
      (Fred goes back to sleep, then wakes again)
      Fred: A b-b-b-baby?! Wilma, d-did you say--?
      Wilma: Yes, I said your baby.
      Fred: YABBA DABBA DOO!!!
      Wilma: You're not mad at me, Fred?
      Fred: Mad at you?! I'm mad about you, sweetheart!

    • Fred: (excitedly; to the audience after hearing Wilma's great news) It's true, folks. The Flintstones are gonna have a baby. And I want everybody in the whole wide world to know it! YABBA-DABBA-DOO!!!
      (he does a victory dance)

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