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NBC (ended 1975)





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  • a good clasic verity show

    the flp wilson was a verity show back in the 70s and it was very funny i did not grow up in the 70s bought caought alot of the shows repeats on the tv land. but it featured alot of diffrent skits with politics and other things that made people laugh. there was alot of good moments that made laough alot alot of things that were funny mostly things about the times back then but since i am a history major i knew alot about the things that happend in the 70s.any way i thought this show was really good tobad flip wilson died. it was a really good show.
  • Classic Variety show where comedian Flip Wilson would do skits with famous people of the time. He would also dress in "drag" to play Geraldine, the UGLY woman who was always all over men. You couldn't tell Geraldine she wasn't gorgeous!

    No one could beat Geraldine, Flip played that part to the T (even down to that annoying voice)! This show was a classic, and beyond hilarious all in all! You can watch the scenes over and over again and still laugh each time. Flip Wilson truly was a great comedian who has been lost in time. I'm only 23, born a good decade after this show was taken off the air, but I thank my parents (and a TV Land marathon) for introducing me to this mans talents. Hopefully the world will start giving him his just dues one of these days.
  • Flip was a master showman. Great humor and great guests. From Bobby Darin to Bob Hope. It was sad to see him fade away and not be around alot until his untimely death. I miss you Clero (His real Name)

    Famous sayings from Flip...
    What you see is what you get!
    Columbus is going to find Ray Charles!
    The Devil made me do it!
    (As Geraldine) Don't touch me! Or Killer is going to beat you.
    I'll meet you in the resturant in the back in the corner in the dark....
    Joke told by Flip on Johnnie Carson
    Flip had a parrot and kept trying to get the parrot
    to talk. he would say to the parrot Poly want a cracker? Polly want a cracker? Polly want a cracker.
    Finally after yelling POLLY WANT A CRACKER! a hundred times the parrot said. "Ni_ _er want a water melon?!!!!
    Johnnie and the audience about died!
  • What You See Is What You Get!

    The Flip Wilson Show was a comedy/variety program that ran on NBC in the early `70s. Although musical guests ranging from Perry Como to Ray Charles appeared regularly,the main emphasis was on comedy. Funny people like George Carlin, Richard Pryor, and Redd Fox would do stand-up and also work with Flip in various skits. Wilson had his own collection of stock characters he could always bring out,such as Geraldine, Reverend LeRoy, and Danny Danger. This was a very funny show.